Service Charges

Service Charges


Intitial Charges

Charges Item MOP
Installation Fee(The First Decoder) 288
The Second Decoder 198
Smart Card Decoder(Each) 300






Charges Item MOP
Reconnection Fee 188
Replacement of Smart Card 150
Additional Outel 198
Late Payment Charge 14(Monthly)

Decoder Charges

Charges Item MOP
Rental: HD Decoder 30 (Monthly)

Monthly Service Charges

Charges Item MOP
Basic Package
    1st Basic Package
    2nd Basic Package
    3rd Basic Package & Onwards

Premium Channels
(additional charges per channel package in addition to the basic package)

P1 HBO + Cinemax 60
P2 HITS Movies + HITS 40
P3 Adult Channel:
Butterfly Channel + Happy Together Channel
P4 HITS Movies + HITS + HBO + Cinemax 88
P5 Football Channel + Sports Channe 88
P6 ROCK Entertainment + ROCK Extreme 28
P7 Golf Channel 100
P8 CCM + Thrill 28
P9 Adult Channel: Adult 2 88
P10 Adult Channel: 
Adult 2 + Butterfly Channel + Happy Together Channel
P11 Adult Channel: Butterfly HD 128
P12 Edge Sports + Eurosport 98

Football Channel + Sports Channel + Edge Sports +Eurosport 










  • The Smart Card Deposit will be refunded to customer upon return of the Smart Card are in good condition and the customer has no debts to MCTV.
  • If the customer does not return the Smart Card to MCTV within 30days after the contract is terminated. MCTV has the right to charge the customer the total value of a newSmart Card.

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