Hotel TV Service

Hotel TV Service

Macau is one of the top growing touristic destinations in the world and as the city continues to grow into a World-famous tourist city, more and more luxurious hotel groups establish their operations in Macau. 


Macau Cable Television is the ideal partner for these luxurious hotels, providing them with services that combine the most famous and featured video channels in the world with a superior quality customer service.


In a city with innumerous entertainment attractions and facilities, hotels face a tough competition when it comes to in-house entertainment. In order to raise their competitiveness in the entertainment market Macau Cable Television provides the video-on-demand service to hotels and entertainment groups in Macau.


Macau Cable Television’s video-on-demand service brings the advantages of different international video-on-demand systems together, in an easy-to-operate system, with local support services, that completely fulfill the market’s demand. Our service is definitely the entertainment choice for hotels in Macau. 

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