About Us


Macau Cable TV (MCTV) was launched on July 8, 2000 as the only pay-TV provider in Macau. Today, after more than one decade, we offer nearly 100 different channels from China, Asia and all around the globe. Our channels are categorized as follows:

  • Local Channels
  • Asian Channels
  • International Channels
  • Sports Channels
  • Movie Channels
  • Educational and Documentary Channels
  • Cartoon, Series and Drama Channels
  • Music and Fashion Channels
  • Adult Channels
  • Variety Channels

MCTV broadcasts its services through a Digital Video Broadcasting (DVB) system. This broadcasting system ensures the provision of top quality television services to our customers all year-round.

At Macau Cable Television, we are keen to provide the utmost diversity of content and programming to our customers and to offer them with a vast variety of choices.

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