Job Opportunities



Macau Cable Television is a multicultural company with various offices in Macau and Taipa that employs in a wide area of ranges including Accounting/Finance, Customer Service, Engineering, Information Technology, Production, Multimedia, Design and Communication. 


We are actively developing our business and we invite you to send us your CV.


Macau Cable Television in currently recruiting for the following positions:


1. Network maintenance technician (1 vacancy)

IT Department:
The scope of work:
  1. Responsible for the company's internal network daily management, maintenance.
  2. Computer system troubleshooting.
  3. The company internal computer system maintenance ( software and hardware ).
  4. The company network fault solution.
Job requirements:
  1. Skilled Windows operating system management, maintenance.
  2. Proficient in a variety of network protocols, skilled troubleshooting network.

2. Web page Designer (3 vacancies)

IT Department:
The scope of work:
  1. Responsible for web page program development ( see web page design and web page art), software development.
Job requirements:
  1. The computer or art universities related majors or above.
  2. Can be independently completed the design and production of all working procedures such as web page script.
  3. On the web page, software development experience.

3. Computer programmer (1 vacancy)

IT Department:
The scope of work:
  1. System software development, data monitoring, product development.
Job requirements:
  1. Bachelor degree or above, computer related professional, more than two years experience in database development.
  2. Familiar with Oracle or SQL Server and other large database deployment and management.
  3. Fluent in standard SQL language, master the large database design principle and method, have rich experience in SQL programming.
  4. The MIS system database design experience, familiar into annul put, CRM, SCM, OA business content, rules and procedures.

4. Department of graphic design (2 vacancies)

Production Department:
The scope of work:
  1.  Responsible for the publicity of graphic design, interior design.
Job requirements:
  1. Design related professional degree or above
  2. Understand the graphic design, interior design. Skilled use of AI, Photoshop, Cordldraw, Adobe Illustrator and other design software.
  3. Creative, quality.

5. Film and television production staff (1 vacancy)

Production Department:
The scope of work:
  1. Familiar with the television production process.
  2. Active enterprising, have strong interest to television production, creative, with filming and editing experience.
  3. See Photoshop, Illustrator and After effect and other software, or with relevant professional qualifications is preferred.
Job requirements:
  1. With editorial experience and college graduate degree ( with news, communication or broadcast television related preferred ).

6. Electronic magazine editor (3 vacancies)

Production Department
The scope of work:
  1. Responsible for the company's publications typesetting, editing, typesetting by.
  2. Assist the cover design, layout design and related graph and text modification.
Job requirements:
  1. Graphic design, computer and other related professional college education, understand PS picture processing.
  2. Using photoshop word page maker illustrator reehand typesetting software graphic layout and layout of proofreading.
  3. Creative advertising or publicity experience.

7. Engineering Technician (2 vacancies)

Engineering Department:
The scope of work:
  1. Responsible for managing Satellite Earth Station daily operation , hardware maintenance, television programming.
Job requirements:
  1. Konwledge on satellite receiving station operation and related computer hardware maintenance.

8. Sales Personnel (2 vacancies)

Sales & Marketing Department:
The scope of work:
  1. Responsible for the sales of company's product and inquiry.
Job requirements:
  1. Good presentation..
  2. Strong communication skills, have good sales skills.
  3. Familiar with common office computer software.  Good in Cantonese, Putonghua and  English (oral & written).

9. Accounting Clerk (1 vacancy)

Finance Department:
The scope of work:
  1. Responsible for  daily accounting operations.
Job requirements:
  1. College degree or above, holding a LCCI intermediate or above, have accounting experience preferred.


Interested candidates, please send  detailed resume, cover letter, interested position, recent photo and expected salary to:

1) By letter : Ms Zhao at Av. Conselheiro Ferreira de Almeida, 77-A R/C, Macau

2) By e-mail :