Program Highlights

Year Million Beyond The Cosmos

National Geographic Channel 2017.10.01(Sun) 10:00PM

Humans have always had a drive to explore the unknown. This indomitable spirit has led us to new shores, new depths and, in the last century, to new planets. As the number of mysteries remaining on home planet decreases, how will we have to adapt ourselves biologically in order to explore farther distances in space? 



FOX Movies Premium 2017.10.01(Sun) 09:00PM

A Man Called Hero

SCM Legend 2017.10.01(Sun) 10:00PM

Episodic saga from the first half of the 20th century follows Hero Hua from an ill-omened June day in his youth to a showdown 17 years later with a disaffected member of his martial-arts school, a Japanese named Invincible. cii-根據漫畫家馬榮成繪製的漫畫《中華英雄》為基礎而改編的武俠故事。華英雄在同村好友生奴的陪伴下,拜武林高手金傲為師。同一時間,見錢眼開的錢無義帶一班洋鬼子來找英雄母,連累全村人慘死在洋鬼子的火槍下。


Strangest Bird Alive

Animal Planet 2017.10.01(Sun) 07:45PM

A fast and ferocious giant has roamed the Namibian desert for over seventy million years – the ostrich. From the moment the bird first set foot here, it has faced the challenge of choosing the right moment to breed. Discover through the story of one male that dances his way to impressing an array of…



HBO 2017.10.01(Sun) 07:00PM

The Enterprise crew explores the furthest reaches of uncharted space, where they encounter a new enemy who puts them, and all that the Federation stands for, to the test.


Tiny House Nation

FYI 2017.10.01(Sun) 07:00PM

Zack and John help a couple, Mark and Nicole, build a tiny home in Texas that brings them closer to their kith and kin and delights their beloved dog Oliver too.


Nazi World War Weird Hitler’s Meth Heads

National Geographic Channel 1970.01.01(Thr) 12:00AM

  Sam and RJ investigate the truth behind the Wehrmacht's “energy pills” which may have led to Hitler's army's downfall at the end of World War II.



FOX Movies Premium 2017.09.30(Sat) 09:00PM

  A holiday gathering threatens to go off the rails when Ned realizes that his daughter's millionaire boyfriend is about to pop the question.


An Autumn’s Tale

SCM Legend 2017.09.30(Sat) 10:00PM

  The story deals with two people from different social backgrounds that begin the unlikeliest of romances in a land far from home. With Cheung's meticulous direction, there is an almost fairy-tale like quality to this film. Chow Yun Fat's "Boat Head" and Cherie Cheung's Lee Kay defined romance for years, and the song played…


The Vet Life(S2):Not So Easy Riders

Animal Planet 2017.09.30(Sat) 09:00PM

  A health scare puts the brakes on Dr. Blue's dreams of motorcycle riding with his brother. 



HBO 2017.09.30(Sat) 09:00PM

  When a high school senior discovers a gas-guzzling creature, he embarks on a journey to reunite his new-found friend with his family.


Seven Year Switch Australia

FYI 2017.09.30(Sat) 09:55PM

  Couples in Australia whose marriages are crumbling due to myriad reasons endeavour to restore their unions by residing with a stranger for two weeks as part of an experimental marriage.


Hard Time S4 Running the Joint

National Geographic Channel 2017.09.29(Fri) 10:00PM

  Vegas Jail is a purgatory where inmates await their sentence and worry about their fate, but even in limbo life goes on.



FOX Movies Premium 2017.09.29(Fri) 09:00PM

  An ATF agent travels back in time to investigate a shattering crime and save a woman.


Aces Go Places II

SCM Legend 2017.09.29(Fri) 09:00PM

  The orders come from Henry Kissinger, and the assassin is the nefarious Black Glove, who happens to look just like Clint Eastwood AND wears his costume from his famous Spaghetti Westerns, too! Unfazed by their new popularity, King Kong and Kodojak continue to pal around, find romantic misadventures, annoy the returning Inspector "Hot Tongue"…