Program Highlights

My Crazy Ex

Crime Invertigation Network 2018.04.15(Sun) 07:10PM

A girl sees a perverted side of her boyfriend when she motivates him to become a ventriloquist. A man is happy to date his Dating Coach until a discovery.


Gold Rush(S8):Mighty Uppercut

Discovery Channel 2018.04.14(Sat) 09:00PM

  Todd Hoffman suspects sabotage when the crew is hit by a water crisis. Parker Schnabel battles to move his monster wash-plant Sluicifer.



HBO 2018.04.14(Sat) 07:00PM

  Matt Damon reprises his most iconic role in the latest chapter of the Bourne franchise.


Aces Go Places II

SCM Legend 2018.04.14(Sat) 11:40PM

  The orders come from Henry Kissinger, and the assassin is the nefarious Black Glove, who happens to look just like Clint Eastwood AND wears his costume from his famous Spaghetti Westerns, too! Unfazed by their new popularity, King Kong and Kodojak continue to pal around, find romantic misadventures, annoy the returning Inspector "Hot Tongue"…



Cinemax 2018.04.14(Sat) 10:45PM

  A financial TV host and his producer are put in an extreme situation when a gun-toting irate investor takes over their studio.


The First 48 (S19) – Dangerous Business

Crime Invertigation Network 2018.04.14(Sat) 07:10PM

  Explore how detectives investigate various cases of homicide by looking at the first 48 hours of their investigations when they assemble clues, evidence and interact with key suspects.


History’s Mysteries – The True Story ...

Program Highlights 2018.04.14(Sat) 08:00PM

  Using information from the newly uncovered Rasputin file, a report originally prepared by the Russian secret police reveals the truth about the rise of the Mad Monk.


Building Giants:Episode 7

Discovery Channel 2018.04.13(Fri) 09:00PM

  In Norway, engineers are constructing the longest suspension bridge ever built in the Arctic Circle. They battle surging winds to complete the 5029ft long bridge before winter.


FRIDAY THE 13TH (2009)

HBO 2018.04.13(Fri) 10:50PM

  A group of young adults go to Crystal Lake, the deadly domain of a killer and is brutally attacked. 


C’est la Vie, ...

SCM Legend 2018.04.13(Fri) 10:00PM

  A jazz musician who has problems in both his life and career, and moves into a poor neighborhood. There, he meets a gir, who started being interested in him as of his saxophone skills. 



Cinemax 2018.04.13(Fri) 10:00PM

  In this sequel of The Avengers franchise, the team of superheroes reassembles to defeat Ultron, a terrifying technological villain hell-bent on human extinction.


Mountain Monsters(S2):Bigfoot Of Putnam County

Animal Planet 2018.04.13(Fri) 10:50PM

  Appalachian Investigators of Mysterious Sightings travel to Putnam County, WV to investigate the Chupacabra, known as the West Virginia Vampire.


Cold Case Files – #5

Crime Invertigation Network 2018.04.13(Fri) 09:00PM

  With the help of modern forensic science, new witnesses and criminal psychology, the cops revisit cold cases in order to try to solve them.


Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown(S8):Rome

Discovery Channel 2018.04.12(Thr) 08:05PM

  Tony's Roman holiday takes a cinematic turn. Shot in anamorphic widescreen a first for the show this episode is an homage to Italian films of the 1960s and 1970s.



HBO 2018.04.12(Thr) 09:00PM

  As Sully was being heralded for his unprecedented feat of aviation skill, saving 155 lives, an unfolding investigation threatens to destroy his reputation and career.