Program Highlights


FOX Movies Premium 2015.12.21(Mon) 09:00PM

  Average teenager Peter Parker is transformed into an extraordinary super hero after he is accidentally bitten by a radioactive spider.


Legend of The Dragon

SCM Legend 2015.12.21(Mon) 08:45PM

  Steven Chow plays a country hick whose prowess with the pool cue and Bruce Lee-style righteousness take Hong Kong by storm.


72 Dangerous Animals Australia Seeing Red

NatGeo Wild 2015.12.21(Mon) 10:30PM

  The 72 Dangerous Animals line-up is shaping into an incredibly intimidating list. But a run-in with an unlikely threat this episode can have devastating consequences as this animal buzzes into the top ten!



HBO 2015.12.21(Mon) 11:05PM

  An established city lawyer reconnects with his estranged family when he return home to help clear his father who is suspected of murder.



Cinemax 2015.12.21(Mon) 10:00PM

  When an authority in structural-security gets set up and incarcerated in the world's most secure prison, he uses his skills to escape with help from the inside.


Exploring Macau With Julian Davison

National Geographic Channel 2015.12.20(Sun) 08:00PM

  Julian Davison – historian and anthropologist – is on a mission to uncover the true face Macau. Known to many as the "Monte Carlo of the East", Macau is the world's number one in the casino industry. But beneath the allure of the bright lights lies Macau's true charm. 442 years as a permanent…



FOX Movies Premium 2015.12.20(Sun) 07:10PM

  A live-action feature inspired by the classic fairytale that brings to life the timeless masterpiece


Dream of Desire

SCM Legend 2015.12.20(Sun) 08:20PM

  Dream of Desire revolves around the complicated love affairs between two guys and three girls.


Top Cats

NatGeo Wild 2015.12.20(Sun) 03:10PM

  They are the embodiment of grace and power and spectacular top predators. From pussy cats to Siberian tigers, this special brings together dramatic predation footage from a cheetahs sprint, to the death struggles of a jaguar and caiman. It shares intimate moments in the lives of cats and portrays the excitement and danger of…



HBO 2015.12.20(Sun) 10:35PM

  An Ouija board game goes wrong when a group of friends unleashes real evil from the dark.



Cinemax 2015.12.20(Sun) 07:50PM

  While negotiating to save the life of a man in South America, a hostage negotiator falls in love with the wife of the hostage.


Inside Korea’s Garden of the Gods

National Geographic Channel 2015.12.19(Sat) 08:00PM

  South Korea possesses forty incredible royal tombs that some say rival the Egyptian pyramids and ancient Chinese burial sites. Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site, these structures hold the kings and queens from one of the most influential periods in Korean history. These tombs give scientists insights into the rich history of the…



FOX Movies Premium 2015.12.19(Sat) 09:00PM

  A spy organization recruits an unrefined, but promising street kid into its training program.


The Top Bet (aka Queen of ...

SCM Legend 2015.12.19(Sat) 10:00PM

  Sing and his sister Mui both possessed supernatural power. But Sing used his power in gambling which Mui strongly disagreed. Mui decided to come to Hong Kong to get her brother back to China. Mui’s uncle asked Mui to assist in an international gambling competition, but was turned down. Uncle then discovered a person…


Original Fight Club

NatGeo Wild 2015.12.19(Sat) 06:50PM

  There are many reasons animals fight, but they rarely fight without good reason. Whether defending territory, securing a meal, or attracting a mate, each species has its own weapons and rules of combat. For all creatures no matter how great or small, life can be a struggle-and with so many reasons for warfare, for…