Program Highlights

Chicken and Duck Talk

SCM Legend 2018.04.22(Sun) 08:20PM

Old Hui runs a restaurant specializing in roast duck. His secret duck recipe is very tasty, but customers and staff alike have to put up with the filthy shop and Hui's cost-cutting way of doing business. When ''Danny Fried Chicken'' (an American-style fast-food restaurant) opens up across the street, Hui receives a rude shock and…


MasterChef Australia

Lifetim 2018.04.22(Sun) 08:30PM

The top 3 contestants from the invention test must make a filled pasta with a matching sauce. The winner will then enter a cook off for immunity against guest chef, Jake Kellie.


My Crazy Ex

Crime Invertigation Network 2018.04.22(Sun) 07:10PM

A woman desperately tries to save her relationship when a psychic predicts it will end badly. A woman falls for a starving artist, but begins to suspect he might actually be a con artist.


Gold Rush(S8):Gold Bars And Hail Marys

Discovery Channel 2018.04.21(Sat) 09:00PM

  Todd is out of luck, and ground, until he makes a desperate play for new land. Parker's sitting pretty on a pile of gold, but pushes Rick too far.



HBO 2018.04.21(Sat) 09:00PM

  An ex-wife’s jealousy takes a pathological turn and she will stop at nothing to turn the life of her ex-husband’s fiancée into a living nightmare.


A Chinese Ghost Story

SCM Legend 2018.04.21(Sat) 10:00PM

  Compelled by a heavy rainstorm, Ning Tsai-shen trespasses on the Orchid Temple on his way to the village. Ning is awakened in the midnight and is attached to the bewitching music played by Nieh Hsiao-tsing. Ning falls in love with Nieh, in spite of the objection from a monk Yin, who lives in the…



Cinemax 2018.04.21(Sat) 10:45PM

  When a girl enters the kill zone of an anti-terrorist mission, it triggers an international dispute over the moral, political and personal implications of modern warfare.


60 Days In: Atlanta (S4) – Pissed Off

Crime Invertigation Network 2018.04.21(Sat) 10:50PM

  In I-Pod, Jaclin begins to alienate the officers, inmates and her fellow participant, Stephanie; Zone 500 is raided for contraband after Alan's roommate makes a stab.


History’s Mysteries – Secret Societies

Program Highlights 2018.04.21(Sat) 08:00PM

  Experts examine a number of clandestine organizations, including those from the past and present, and explain why so many people are convinced of their nefarious agendas.


Cry Wolfe(S2):Gone Girls

Discovery Channel 2018.04.20(Fri) 11:45PM

  A concerned dad fears the worst when his daughters go missing and the police haven’t been able to track them down. 



HBO 2018.04.20(Fri) 09:00PM

  The eighth instalment of the action movie franchise brings the crew back together to stop an anarchist from unleashing chaos on the world’s stage.


The Lunatics

SCM Legend 2018.04.20(Fri) 11:55PM

  Three years ago, Fan Kwok Sang accidentally killed his wife during a schizophrenic episode. Since then, he's been receiving treatment from Dr. Chow Ming Kit whilst under confinement at a psychiatric hospital. Convinced that Fan's been cured, Chow is now advocating for his release despite the vehement disagreement of his superiors at the hospital….



Cinemax 2018.04.20(Fri) 08:05PM

  An inspiring true story about a local boxer from Rhode Island who makes an unlikely comeback to the ring a year after an accident that left him with a severed spine.


Mountain Monsters(S2):Episode 7

Animal Planet 2018.04.20(Fri) 10:50PM

  For generations, the Appalachian Mountains have had more sightings of mysterious creatures than anywhere else in the United States.


Cold Case Files

Crime Invertigation Network 2018.04.20(Fri) 09:00PM

  With the help of modern forensic science, new witnesses and criminal psychology, the cops revisit cold cases in order to try to solve them.