Program Highlights

Big Beasts: Last Of The Giants(S1):Australia and ...

Animal Planet 2022.01.18(tue) 08:00PM

Biologist Patrick Aryee encounters whale sharks, Komodo dragons, orangutans and Giant Pandas to reveal the surprising reasons animals evolved to be giants.


Man Vs. Wild(S6):Red Rock Country

Discovery Channel 2022.01.18(tue) 08:05PM

Bear Grylls is in red rock country – southern Utah. Armed only with a lasso he descends a rock pinnacle and gets trapped in a narrow gorge.


Deception of the Novelist

Star China Movies 2021.01.18(mon) 09:30PM

Tsui is renowned as a healing author.?The public image of Tsui is a kind-hearted family man. Since a charming lady, Elaine, had moved to live in the upper floor flat of Tsui's apartment, Tsui was facing a great impact.



Cinemax 2022.01.18(tue) 10:00PM

A true story about the rescue mission during the aftermath of the World Trade Center disaster on September 11, 2001.



HBO 2022.01.18(tue) 09:00PM

One family is put to the test during a 12-hour period where crime is made legal and emergency services are suspended.



HITS Movies 2022.01.18(tue) 11:00PM

When children begin to disappear, a group of young kids have to face their biggest fears when they square off against a murderous, evil clown.


Untamed China With Nigel Marven(S1):Deserts Of The ...

Animal Planet today 08:00PM

Nigel Marven unveils creatures, scenery and customs never seen on our screens before, from tropical jewels and Tibetan treasures to fertile grasslands and bamboo forests.


Gold Rush: White Water(S4):Rookie Mistakes

Discovery Channel today 10:50PM

On a gold streak, Dustin dives deeper than ever and uncovers the largest obstacle of his career.


Missing (2019)

Star China Movies today 09:30PM

In 2005, a high-profile case of a police officer who disappeared during a forest hike spawned urban legends about the existence of a gateway into another world. Those legends are now adapted into an eerie supernatural thriller.



Cinemax today 10:00PM

A security guard and reformed alcohol smuggler must pull off one last run to protect his family.


RUN (2020)

HBO today 08:30PM

Diane has raised her daughter in total isolation, controlling every move she’s made since birth, and there are secrets that Chloe’s only beginning to grasp.



HITS Movies today 09:15AM

Tom Cruise aims high as he vies to be the best Navy fighter pilot. A classic of the 80s that made Cruise a star.


Killer Instincts(S1):Death By Venom

Animal Planet 2022.01.16(sun) 08:00PM

An in depth analysis on what makes deadly predators tick.


American Chopper(S2):Senior’s Moment

Discovery Channel 2022.01.16(sun) 09:00PM

Senior goes back to his roots, designing a throwback brand of affordable motorcycles, to sell out of the OCC Showroom.


Along With the Gods: The Last 49 Days

Star China Movies 2022.01.16(sun) 09:30PM

Su-hong and his 3 Afterlife Guardians journey through 7 hells in order for all them to be reincarnated, while a household god defies all rules to help ordinary people in the living world.