Talent Talk

MCTV iNews 2020.05.23(sat) 08:00PM

During class suspension caused by the epidemic, the Education and Youth Affairs Bureau (DSEJ) provided diversified measures for students to study at home in collaboration with schools. Representatives of DSEJ invited by Talent Talk to discuss the related matters. Talent Talk streams May 23 on MCTV Channel 2.


Guardian of Spring 2020

MCTV iNews 2020.05.23(sat) 08:30PM

Guardian of Spring 2020, a documentary series produced by Zhuhai Media Group, highlights remarkable stories regarding people in Zhuhai fighting against COVID-19. All six episodes streams May 23 on MCTV Channel 2. 


Lone Star Law(S4):Wildcat Garage

Animal Planet 2020.05.22(fir) 09:55PM

  Deer season is well underway across Texas.


Body Bizarre(S6):Dad With No Limbs

Discovery Channel 2020.05.22(fir) 09:00PM

  Alex from England was 33 when he suffered cold symptoms that rapidly led to septicaemia and the amputation of all four limbs and the loss of his lips.


City Hunter

SCM Legend 2020.05.22(fir) 08:20PM

  A self-indulgent private investigator winds up on a cruise ship full of rich patrons, gorgeous women, murderous terrorists, and scarce food.



Cinemax 2020.05.22(fir) 10:00PM

  The threat of a thermonuclear war as plotted by Sebastian Shaw and his villainous mutants leads Charles and Eric to scramble a team to fight for humanity.



HBO 2020.05.22(fir) 09:00PM

  When a skyscraper is suddenly ablaze, a war veteran who is on assignment to assess the security of the building finds himself framed for it.


Members Forum

MCTV iNews 2020.05.22(fir) 07:30PM

  Chief Executive Ho Iat Seng’s 2020 Policy Address focused on social welfare, job creation and institutional reform. Institutional reform has been a hot topic for months. How’s the plan of this topic? Lawmaker Song Pek Kei was invited by Members Forum to discuss the related matters. Members Forum streams May 22 on MCTV Channel…


Wild Frank In Australia(S1):Episode 6

Animal Planet 2020.05.21(thr) 09:55PM

  Frank travels from the Natural History Museum in London to Australia to find out more about Darwin's tortoise.


Wheeler Dealers: Dream Car(S1):Jesss Dream Vw Golf ...

Discovery Channel 2020.05.21(thr) 09:00PM

  Supremo car dealer Mike Brewer pairs up with a multi-skilled mechanic to take on his toughest mission yet.


Till Death Do we Scare

SCM Legend 2020.05.21(thr) 08:25PM

  The ghosts of the deceased husbands of three-time widow Olivia Cheng try to break the curse by fixing her up with Alan Tam.



Cinemax 2020.05.21(thr) 10:00PM

  A hard-drinking PI takes on a straightforward missing person case that later reveals itself to be a complex interwoven web of crimes, suspects, and dead bodies.


HELLBOY (2019)

HBO 2020.05.21(thr) 10:00PM

  Caught in a clash between the supernatural and the human, Hellboy is hell-bent on stopping a resurrected vengeful sorceress without triggering the end of the world.



FOX Movies Premium 2020.05.21(thr) 09:00PM

  After he reconnects with an awkward pal from high school through Facebook, a mild-mannered accountant is lured into the world of international espionage.


Wild But True(S1):Gecko – Climbing And ...

Animal Planet 2020.05.20(wed) 09:55PM

  The kids investigate how geckoes manage to climb smooth, vertical surfaces and how wallabies naturally cool down.