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His Fatal Ways

2018.06.19(Tue) 08:25PM

  Alfred Cheung plays a cop from Mainland China who has super-natural power and is sent to Hong Kong to capture a pair of dangerous criminals. 


The Magnificent Scoundrels

2018.06.18(Mon) 08:20PM

  Stephen Chow plays a loser who's girlfriend has run off to get married, she mets a very lousy con-artist, thanks to her he's in trouble with a local mob boss. Meanwhile another low life is in trouble with the same boss, he's ordered to rob a rich man's house and he'll split whatever he…


A Chinese Ghost Story III

2018.06.17(Sun) 10:00PM

  Buddhist Bai Yun and his disciple Fong journey through a small town to transport a golden idol of Buddha. However, local thieves thwart their journey, sending them to take shelter at the ghostly Orchid Temple. There, Fong encounters Lotus, a female ghost at the evil bidding of the awakened Tree Devil. 


A Better Tomorrow II

2018.06.16(Sat) 11:35PM

  John Woo returned to direct the film, and once again stars Chow Yun Fat, this time as the twin brother of the character he played in the first film. The sequel sees Tse-ho working together with brother Tse-kit to help the police break a counterfeit syndicate. They discover Lung is in danger of being…



2018.06.15(Fri) 11:35PM

  This is the first day of work for Yan at Sir Kau Kei Ho Charity Hospital's A&E. Yan is shocked to find that Jim, teaching her shedding job responsibility. An old man is taken to A&E after being struck by lightening. Each department dispatches him to one another but scrambling to take him after…


Crazy Romance

2018.06.14(Thr) 08:25PM

  A star-studded comedy about an odd couple. The man is a kind-hearted small-time thief, while the woman is an imperious prison officer.


The Private Eyes

2018.06.13(Wed) 08:25PM

  A small detective agency and the problems it has staying in business and out of trouble; but essentially it is a social comedy and a very penetrating comment on the human condition.


Where’s Officer Tuba?

2018.06.12(Tue) 08:25PM

  Officer Tuba and Police Detective Chow attempt to hunt down a band of blackmailers. Unsuccessful in capturing the gang, Chow is gunned down and, in his dying moment, makes Tuba promise that he will defeat the gangsters and avenge his death. When Tuba goes on another police mission with rookie Cheung and tries to…


Bullet in the Head

2018.06.11(Mon) 07:50PM

  John Woo classic set in Saigon and Hong Kong in 1967, an epic test of love and loyalty between Tony Leung and Jacky Cheung.


92 The Legendary La Rose Noire

2018.06.10(Sun) 10:00PM

The film is about a movie hero of the 60s called Black Rose, but she was actually real, and a woman in the 90s is mistaken for her because she's in the wrong place at the wrong time and …  


The Golden Girls

2018.06.09(Sat) 08:20PM

  Chun Wai, a young screenwriter who falls for aspiring actress Mei Ball, who can't find the success an actress of her caliber deserves. Instead, all the accolades go to Lulu, Mei Ball's gorgeous, but unskilled actress friend.


Shootout, The

2018.06.08(Fri) 09:45PM

  Jackie Chan produced this action thriller with Aaron Kwok a kung-fu cop involved in a daring heist at Hong Kong's Kai Tak Airport.


Kawashima Yoshiko

2018.06.07(Thr) 08:25PM

  Anita Mui was tailor made for the title role, a princess who became a Japanese spy and played a pivotal role in 1930s politics.


Brief Encounter in Shinjuku

2018.06.06(Wed) 08:25PM

  Ultimate yuppie Lawrence Cheng is caught between wife DoDo Cheng and secretary Rosamund Kwan in this witty comedy.


Lord of East China Sea

2018.06.05(Tue) 07:45PM

  Ray Lui excels as the King of Gangsters in old Shanghai, scheming, killing, and loving his way through the Roaring '20s.