SCM Legend - Hot Programs


Cop of the town

2017.10.16(Mon) 10:20PM

  Ricky and Romeo are both veterans working in an elite police squad but cannot work well with new female inspector.


Fight back to School III

2017.10.15(Sun) 10:00PM

  Stephen Chow returns as Chow Sing Sing, the obnoxious undercover cop who seems to get into all sorts of trouble, only this time he doesn’t go back to school. Instead, 


Peking Opera Blues

2017.10.14(Sat) 10:00PM

  Tsui Hark's movie milestone with Brigitte Lin, Cherie Chung and Sally Yeh forging a unique alliance during the 1911 revolution.


Security Unlimited

2017.10.12(Thr) 10:30PM

  Michael uncovers America's most outrageously portioned meals. He tastes the colossal and fluffy 14-inch pancakes of Waikiki's M.A.C. 24/7 that many have unsuccessfully tried to finish.


Lord of East China Sea

2017.10.10(Tue) 08:00PM

  Ray Lui excels as the King of Gangsters in old Shanghai, scheming, killing, and loving his way through the Roaring '20s.


Cause We Are So Young

2017.10.09(Mon) 07:00PM

  Paul, Chuen, and Choi are three young guys who share an apartment and an assortment of girl troubles that challenge their maturity.


The Legend of Zu

2017.10.08(Sun) 08:10PM

  Between the heaven and the Earth exist the Zu's mountain range, where live the immortals of Omei, the highest mountain of Zu, but the kingdom is in danger by Amnesia, a renegade immortal what wants to rule Zu and the entire world. White Eyebrows, Zu's leader, call to his most experts fighters for to…


Four Loves

2017.10.07(Sat) 10:00PM

  Nina Li, Pauline Wong, Carina Lau, and Crystal Kwok become sworn sisters in this nostalgic drama set in 1950s Hong Kong.


A Chinese Odyssey I

2017.10.05(Thr) 08:35PM

  Fantasy adventure about the arrival of Buddhism in China. When the Goddess of Happiness tosses the Longevity Monk and his disciples out of heaven (because the Monkey King tried to attain immortality), the Monkey King is reincarnated as the Joker. so-fareast-language: ZH-TW'>


The Top Bet

2017.10.03(Tue) 10:20PM

  Anita Mui plays the sister of the Saint of Gamblers, and also possesses supernatural gambling abilities. However, she chooses not to use her powers. She decides to come to Hong Kong to retrieve her brother and bring him back to China.


Fat Choi Spirit

2017.10.02(Mon) 08:40PM

"Mahjong Master" Andy once incurred huge debts and the hatred of his younger brother Louis due to his relentless passion for the game. Years later, when Louis gets cheated out of all his money in a game of mahjong with con artists Ching Wan and Cherrie, Andy avenges him by defeating Ching Wan on the…


A Man Called Hero

2017.10.01(Sun) 10:00PM

Episodic saga from the first half of the 20th century follows Hero Hua from an ill-omened June day in his youth to a showdown 17 years later with a disaffected member of his martial-arts school, a Japanese named Invincible. cii-根據漫畫家馬榮成繪製的漫畫《中華英雄》為基礎而改編的武俠故事。華英雄在同村好友生奴的陪伴下,拜武林高手金傲為師。同一時間,見錢眼開的錢無義帶一班洋鬼子來找英雄母,連累全村人慘死在洋鬼子的火槍下。


An Autumn’s Tale

2017.09.30(Sat) 10:00PM

  The story deals with two people from different social backgrounds that begin the unlikeliest of romances in a land far from home. With Cheung's meticulous direction, there is an almost fairy-tale like quality to this film. Chow Yun Fat's "Boat Head" and Cherie Cheung's Lee Kay defined romance for years, and the song played…


Aces Go Places II

2017.09.29(Fri) 09:00PM

  The orders come from Henry Kissinger, and the assassin is the nefarious Black Glove, who happens to look just like Clint Eastwood AND wears his costume from his famous Spaghetti Westerns, too! Unfazed by their new popularity, King Kong and Kodojak continue to pal around, find romantic misadventures, annoy the returning Inspector "Hot Tongue"…


The Adventurers

2017.09.28(Thr) 10:05PM

  The story tells that as his parents are murdered by their good friend Ray (Raul Chiang) , Andy (Andy Lau) has been determined to take a revenge for them after he grows up