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All’s Well End’s Well 97

2016.06.09(Thr) 06:45PM

  The story of three brothers, living with their father. When the two older brothers play a prank on the youngest brother , wackiness ensues.


Needing You

2016.06.08(Wed) 08:25PM

  Kinki is a dutiful yet moody executive assistant in the company. She is transferred to Andy's division due to "office politics". The new comer cannot cope with the new environment: Rumors have it that her new boss Andy is womanizer and Kinki is unwilling to work with the womanizer! However, the relationships are changing…


The Lion Roars

2016.06.07(Tue) 12:45PM

  Cecelia Cheung is a spoiled rich girl and Louis Koo the scholar who tames her in this Sung Dynasty Taming of the Shrew.


The Evil Cult

2016.06.06(Mon) 07:25PM

  Kung-fu master Jet Li is on a quest for 2 magic swords with the power to vanquish an evil sect threatening the martial arts world.


Chinese Odyssey II

2016.06.05(Sun) 05:10PM

When we last left Joker, he'd just used the Pandora's Box to go back in time five hundred years, finding himself in the company of Zixia the immortal .


Diary of a big man

2016.06.04(Sat) 08:30PM

  The problem for Chow Ting-Fat (Chow) is that he loves both women equally and cannot say no to either as both bring the proposal of marriage to him. Wife number one is Joey Wong, a boutique owner who loses Ah Fat when he goes to take care of the European stock market. Wife number…


Young and Dangerous

2016.06.03(Fri) 11:30PM

  Tung Ying, one of the “leading” syndicate, has just made chan Ho Nam (Ekin Cheng) the “keeper” of Causeway Bay. At the same time Crow and Tiger, ‘elite’ members from another mafia Dong Ying Club, open a karaoke club opposite to Chan’s, sticking a foot into his territory.


Profiles Of Pleasure

2016.06.02(Thr) 08:30PM

  In 1930s Hong Kong, Officer Adam tries to enforce a ban on prostitution but falls for Rosamund Kwan and Carina Lau instead.


Iron Monkey

2016.06.01(Wed) 10:00PM

  A chivalrous robber, Iron Monkey (Yu Rong Guang) who robs the rich and gives to the poor in Zhejiang province.


Double Fattiness

2016.05.31(Tue) 11:50PM

  A supernatural comedy in which the soul of deceased pizzeria owner Lydia Shum occupies the body of young Maggie Cheung.


The Conman

2016.05.30(Mon) 10:00PM

  King, the Con Man, is regarded as the successor of God of Gamblers.Dragon opts for gambling and approaches King, hoping to learn gambling tricks from him. They really take to each other and become good partners. On a gambling ship, King meets Ma Kau Man, the grand gambling banker who can affect results of…


The Magnificent Scoundrels

2016.05.29(Sun) 03:10PM

  Ching Sing is a mediocre con artist who crosses paths with Teresa Mo, a fellow con artist. Together they impersonate various people and creates numerous schemes to make money.


The Duel

2016.05.28(Sat) 06:25PM

  From the director of The Storm Riders comes this stunning, incredible special effects swordplay epic blockbuster in the tradition of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and The Matrix!


Games Gamblers Play

2016.05.27(Fri) 03:45PM

  Petty conmen Michael and Sam Hui try every scheme imaginable to make a fortune through gambling, with hilarious results.


Okinawa Rendez-vous

2016.05.26(Thr) 08:25PM

  A slick adventure-romance-comedy about ace thief Leslie Cheung, would-be ace cop Tony Leung, and moll-on-the-run Faye Wong.