SCM Legend - Hot Programs


Prison On Fire II

2015.12.06(Sun) 10:00PM

  In Ringo Lam's stark sequel, Chow Yun-fat is a virtuous prisoner who does his utmost to survive rival gangs and sadistic guards.


The Magnificent Butcher

2015.12.05(Sat) 03:30PM

  Lam Sai Wing, Master Wong Fei Hung's eldest disciple, is falsely trapped and accused by Ko who schemes to rape Lam's sister-in-law. What a trick!


The Legend of Speed

2015.12.04(Fri) 06:45PM

  Sky, underground drag car racer king. After winning yet another race, Sky was framed by his rival's brother Hung .


For Your Hearts Only

2015.12.03(Thr) 10:00PM

  Leslie Cheung radiates charisma as a girl-chasing disc jockey who learns the true meaning of love from teenage Loletta Lee.


Love Unto Wastes

2015.12.02(Wed) 07:05PM

  Chow is assigned to investigate a murder case. He discovers the complicated relationship among 4 suspects. And then something happens to him.


Picture Of A Nymph

2015.12.01(Tue) 07:00PM

  Atmospheric tale of ghost Joey Wang hiding in a portrait to evade an evil demon, with warrior Yuen Biao coming to the rescue.


The Twins Effect

2015.11.30(Mon) 07:00PM

  It's said which vampire absorbs all six Vampire Princes' blood opens the dark bible Day For Night.


The Evil Cult

2015.11.29(Sun) 08:15PM

Kung-fu master Jet Li is on a quest for 2 magic swords with the power to vanquish an evil sect threatening the martial arts world.


Project A 2

2015.11.28(Sat) 06:25PM

  Jackie Chan is back as action hero Dragon Ma, fighting corruption in early 20th century China with revolutionary Maggie Cheung.


Game of Death

2015.11.27(Fri) 08:35PM

  Lee plays Billy Lo, a successful movie star, who is shot for refusing to join an international management syndicate. He fakes his own death as an opportunity to pursue the gang in secret.


I Love Maria

2015.11.26(Thr) 10:05PM

  In this HK-edition ROBOT COP, set in Asia, Apollo Gang controls a giant robot to rob. Al decides to leave the evil gang and is traced by fembot Maria.