SCM Legend - Hot Programs


Spiritual Love

2016.07.09(Sat) 10:00PM

Chow Yun-fat is caught in an otherworldly triangle when ghost Cherie Chung comes between him and his conniving girlfriend.


The Inspector Wears Skirts

2016.07.08(Fri) 10:15PM

  Jackie Chan produced this female version of Police Academy, with cop Siblelle Hu heading an all-girl commando training camp.


Mr Smart

2016.07.07(Thr) 10:20PM

  Mr Smart, actually a silly fat guy, opens a fast-food shop at Wong's suggestion. The business goes up and down, just like the lady he is courting.


The Legend of Wisely

2016.07.06(Wed) 10:15PM

  An adventurous scholar travels to the Himalayas in search of his missing friend Professor Kwan in this big-budget science-fiction adventure.


Crazy Romance

2016.07.05(Tue) 10:05PM

  A star-studded comedy about an odd couple. The man is a kind-hearted small-time thief, while the woman is an imperious prison officer.


Goodbye Darling

2016.07.04(Mon) 08:45PM

  Tai (Raymond Wong), a loving and caring husband and Josephine (Cherrie Chung), his sweet and darling wife, are a young, merry couple. Tai has a close lawyer friend, funny but kind-hearted Choi Sum (John Sum) who often offers his help whenever Tai needs it. Tai works in a De Luxe hotel's top management. He…


Crime Story

2016.07.03(Sun) 10:00PM

  Based on an actual kidnapping case, Crime Story represents Jackie Chan's most serious work to date. Here, Jackie Chan portrays a hard-boiled, serious cop who's excellent at his job, but cannot take the consequences of his work emotionally.


Fight Back To School ...

2016.07.02(Sat) 10:00PM

  Madcap mayhem results when inept cop Stephen Chow goes undercover to thwart the terrorists who have taken over a school.


The Duel

2016.07.01(Fri) 08:30PM

From the director of The Storm Riders comes this stunning, incredible special effects swordplay epic blockbuster in the tradition of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and The Matrix! 


Porky’s Meatballs

2016.06.30(Thr) 08:20PM

  Its a fairly pleasant teen comedy about a school where the boys and girls are originally at odds and they play practical jokes on one another.


3 Days of a Blind Girl

2016.06.29(Wed) 10:20PM

  Psycho Anthony Wong enters the home of blind Veronica Yip and fills her sightless existence with terror.


Carry On Pickpocket

2016.06.28(Tue) 08:45PM

  Pickpocket Sammo Hung falls for policewoman Deanie Yip and is convinced to steal for her. But Deanie is not what she seems to be.


Heroes Shed No Tears

2016.06.27(Mon) 10:25PM

  John Woo's first action film, an Apocalypse Now-type tale of CIA-recruited commandos battling drug lords in the Golden Triangle.


Love For All Seasons

2016.06.26(Sun) 08:25PM

  Playboy Louis Koo and innocent kung-fu ace Sammi Cheng form an odd couple who learn the true meaning of love and martial arts.


Iceman Cometh

2016.06.25(Sat) 08:05PM

  Ming Dynasty warrior Yuen Biao falls into a glacier and is defrosted in modern Hong Kong, where he meets prostitute Maggie Cheung.