SCM Legend - Hot Programs


Young and Dangerous 3

2015.12.13(Sun) 10:00PM

  Tung Ying, one of the “leading” syndicate, has just made chan Ho Nam (Ekin Cheng) the “keeper” of Causeway Bay. At the same time Crow and Tiger, ‘elite’ members from another mafia Dong Ying Club, open a karaoke club opposite to Chan’s, sticking a foot into his territory.


Born To Gamble

2015.12.12(Sat) 10:00PM

  Nat Chan is a gambler who gives it all up for his anti-gambling fiancee Joyce Godenzi. But her gambling dad has other ideas.


Three Against the World

2015.12.11(Fri) 08:20PM

  Detective Andy Lau must protect a priceless Koran against the schemes of gunman Norman Tsui Siu-keung and thief Teddy Robin.


The Good The Bad & The Beauty

2015.12.10(Thr) 08:25PM

  A clever stewardess tries to double-cross an international smuggling ring by sneaking their loot into a hiding place.


My Lucky Stars (1985)

2015.12.09(Wed) 08:30PM

  Action comedy with cops Jackie Chan and Yuen Biao aided by childhood chums Sammo Hung and Richard Ng to catch a Tokyo criminal.


Chasing Girls

2015.12.08(Tue) 12:55PM

Robert, a typical playboy, finally finds his true love with an ordinary waitress after so many so-called love experiences.  


Farewell China

2015.12.07(Mon) 06:50PM

  Clara Law's award-winning drama, with Tony Leung an illegal immigrant in search of missing wife Maggie Cheung in New York.


Prison On Fire II

2015.12.06(Sun) 10:00PM

  In Ringo Lam's stark sequel, Chow Yun-fat is a virtuous prisoner who does his utmost to survive rival gangs and sadistic guards.


The Magnificent Butcher

2015.12.05(Sat) 03:30PM

  Lam Sai Wing, Master Wong Fei Hung's eldest disciple, is falsely trapped and accused by Ko who schemes to rape Lam's sister-in-law. What a trick!


The Legend of Speed

2015.12.04(Fri) 06:45PM

  Sky, underground drag car racer king. After winning yet another race, Sky was framed by his rival's brother Hung .


For Your Hearts Only

2015.12.03(Thr) 10:00PM

  Leslie Cheung radiates charisma as a girl-chasing disc jockey who learns the true meaning of love from teenage Loletta Lee.


Love Unto Wastes

2015.12.02(Wed) 07:05PM

  Chow is assigned to investigate a murder case. He discovers the complicated relationship among 4 suspects. And then something happens to him.


Picture Of A Nymph

2015.12.01(Tue) 07:00PM

  Atmospheric tale of ghost Joey Wang hiding in a portrait to evade an evil demon, with warrior Yuen Biao coming to the rescue.


The Twins Effect

2015.11.30(Mon) 07:00PM

  It's said which vampire absorbs all six Vampire Princes' blood opens the dark bible Day For Night.


The Evil Cult

2015.11.29(Sun) 08:15PM

Kung-fu master Jet Li is on a quest for 2 magic swords with the power to vanquish an evil sect threatening the martial arts world.