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Funny Triple

2016.01.21(Thr) 04:10PM

  Once there are two detectives in the police force, Fatty and Lanky, they have been very, very good friends, that until the day Gigi comes to their department for work. Fatty and Lanky immediately go after her skirt. Fatty and Lanky must find Boss Sin. They try to get information from Sin's man Fairyman…


One Husband Too Many

2016.01.20(Wed) 10:25PM

  Romantic comedy in which Kenny Bee and Anthony Chan, recently dumped by wives Anita Mui and Pat Ha, both fall for Cherie Chung.


It Takes Two

2016.01.19(Tue) 08:45PM

  Two club entertainers run into trouble with a gangster when they try to raise money to help a pair of twin sisters.


IN THE LINE OF DUTY 5 – Middle Man

2016.01.18(Mon) 10:25PM

Super cop Cynthia Khan and US Navy sailor David Wu fight global spies in Part 5 of this popular gals-with-guns movie series.  


Needing You

2016.01.17(Sun) 03:00PM

Kinki is a dutiful yet moody executive assistant in the company. She is transferred to Andy's division due to "office politics". The new comer cannot cope with the new environment: Rumors have it that her new boss Andy is womanizer and Kinki is unwilling to work with the womanizer! However, the relationships are changing…


The Saint of Gamblers

2016.01.16(Sat) 10:00PM

  Eric Kot is a country bumpkin turned gambling ace who under the tutelage of Ng Mang-tat gets involved with high stakes gangsters.


Shanghai Grand

2016.01.15(Fri) 11:55PM

  Epic of old Shanghai with Leslie Cheung a patriot seeking revenge against the Japanese and Andy Lau an up-and-coming gangster.



2016.01.14(Thr) 05:20PM

  Policeman Chow Yun-fat falls in love with illegal immigrant Joey Wang, who feigns amnesia to escape from her unsavory past.


The Perfect Wife

2016.01.13(Wed) 10:00PM

  A playboy lawyer decides to settle down and finds a girl from China to have a makeover and become the perfect wife.


Growing Up

2016.01.12(Tue) 10:20PM

Hou Hsiao-hsien co-wrote this nostalgic and socially observant New Taiwanese Cinema classic that Golden Horse Awards for Best Feature Film, Best Director and Best Adapted Screenplay.


The Top Bet (aka Queen of Gamblers)

2016.01.11(Mon) 02:20PM

Sing and his sister Mui both possessed supernatural power. But Sing used his power in gambling which Mui strongly disagreed. Mui decided to come to Hong Kong to get her brother back to China. Mui’s uncle asked Mui to assist in an international gambling competition, but was turned down. Uncle then discovered a person who…


Royal Tramp II

2016.01.10(Sun) 03:40PM

  The story followed the scenario of the last episode with the disguised Mother of the King failing to take the reign and ran back to the base of Dragon God Cult for confession. Her dying leader then ordered her to return to her real identity, Lung Yee.


The Conman

2016.01.09(Sat) 10:00PM

  King, the Con Man, is regarded as the successor of God of Gamblers.Dragon opts for gambling and approaches King, hoping to learn gambling tricks from him. They really take to each other and become good partners. On a gambling ship, King meets Ma Kau Man, the grand gambling banker who can affect results of…


Happy Ghost V

2016.01.08(Fri) 05:20PM

  When a dog saves Happy Ghost (now working in a pet store) and his shrine from burning, the reward is a temporary human form.


Aces Go Places IV

2016.01.07(Thr) 05:45PM

  Assisted by the scientist's daughter Sally Yip, King Kong escapes to Hong Kong with the prism.