SCM Legend - Hot Programs


Faithfully Yours

2016.03.04(Fri) 08:40PM

  A farcical comedy about a cheating husband on a trip to Japan and tailed by a tabloid. All hell breaks loose when the wife shows up as well.


Fumbling Cops

2016.03.03(Thr) 08:40PM

  Richard Tai had already given up stealing as his profession and became famous in advertisement modeling, but he found that someone was using his name to do his old job. He discovered that his nephew Chi-wai was in a desperate desire to take over his skills of stealing…


Troublesome Night 2

2016.03.02(Wed) 04:05PM

  The second Troublesome Night is a collection of 3 comedy-horror tales connected by the 3 DJs of a midnight radio show.


Crazy Romance

2016.03.01(Tue) 07:20PM

  A star-studded comedy about an odd couple. The man is a kind-hearted small-time thief, while the woman is an imperious prison officer.


Fantasy Romance

2016.02.29(Mon) 10:25PM

  Leung Chiu Wei and Willy were cartoonists. One day when they were on the way to office, they knocked down a lady-ghost Joey Wong. Joey's spirit was thus thrown into the human world. Joey knew nothing as it was the first time she came to a mundane of environment. At this time, she met…


King of Beggars

2016.02.28(Sun) 10:00PM

  Steven Chow hilariously plays an impoverished Ching Dynasty playboy whose power base rivals that of the emperor.


Tiger Cage

2016.02.27(Sat) 10:00PM

  After a detective is ambushed and killed during a narcotics operation, his fiancee joins hands with the police to fight gangster boss.


Aces Go Places V

2016.02.26(Fri) 06:55PM

  Wacky adventures of Sam Hui and Karl Maka, framed by thieves Leslie Cheung and Nina Li Chi for the theft of a priceless treasure.


Truant Heroes

2016.02.25(Thr) 08:40PM

  The war against organized crime in Hong Kong has opened a new front: the school. And police Commandant Wong orders officer Kin to go under cover as a school teacher. Kin's assignment: to stop the infiltration by Taiwan's underworld. Kin's girl friend Hyun has jilted him. Once in school, Kin falls madly in love…


Seven Years Itch

2016.02.24(Wed) 08:50PM

Living together for 7 years, Raymond has been faithful to Sylvia. But he is eager to having an affair after being teased by his colleagues. On his business trip to Singapore, he is being used by a charming girl, Siu Hung to smuggle some stolen jewelry.



2016.02.23(Tue) 02:15PM

Sylvia Chang performs in a tragic but romantic love story between two women and a man successfully. It brings Chang the Best Actress Award.


Let’s Sing Along

2016.02.22(Mon) 12:45PM

  Chu Wai Tak (Anita Mui), a timid and shy office lady, is embarrassed by her ex-boyfriend by enrolling her in a singing contest. Tak is in trouble as she can't sing when someone else is round.


Iron Monkey

2016.02.21(Sun) 10:00PM

  A chivalrous robber, Iron Monkey (Yu Rong Guang) who robs the rich and gives to the poor in Zhejiang province.


Sea Wolves

2016.02.20(Sat) 10:00PM

  This time the fighting ground has moved to the sea and Cynthia continues to exhibit her martial art talent. Madam Yeung is assigned to investigate a serial murder in a Philippine Cargo ship which anchors at Hong Kong.


Love On A Diet

2016.02.19(Fri) 10:15PM

  Andy Lau and Sammi Cheng play a pair of 300 lb fatties in this light-hearted romantic comedy about the skin-deep nature of love.