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Daddy Father & Papa

2017.03.15(Wed) 10:20PM

  Hong Kong retread of the French comedy "Les Comperes." When her unruly son is kidnapped by gangsters after accidentally witnessing a hit, a desperate mother convinces her two old flames that the boy might belong to either of them and persuades them to help her find him.


A Bite of Love

2017.03.14(Tue) 10:25PM

  Duke Lee is a world-weary vampire who's given up on attacking human beings, and concerns himself with finding alternatives to his former blood-sucking exploits. He meets Anna, a triad boss' daughter who seeks out Duke Lee to use his blood as a potential life-saving elixir for her father. The plan to save his life…


Survive The Wild Nature’s World Wide Web

2017.03.14(Tue) 10:30PM

  Some animals have developed techniques that allow them to share information, and the power of communication proves advantageous for their survival.


Black Cat

2017.03.13(Mon) 10:25PM

 Jade Leung is explosive as the Hong Kong equivalent of La Femme Nikita, a sleek killing machine who yearns to start a new life.


The Hitman

2017.03.12(Sun) 10:00PM

Fu is an ex-solider whose honesty and goodness is a little unusual for someone so adept at acrobatic kung-fu fighting. When a low-rent triad discovers Fu's fighting prowess, he entreats the gentle tough guy to help him score a 100 million dollar bounty placed on the "King of Assassins”. But with such a large sum…


To Be Number One

2017.03.11(Sat) 10:00PM

In 1962, Hou escaped from the despotic terrors in the Mainland China and came to Hong Kong, threw himself into the lap of Boss Kun.


Tiger Cage 2

2017.03.10(Fri) 10:15PM

 Cop Donnie Yen, lawyer Rosamund Kwan, and ex-mob attorney David Wu fight for their lives against a vicious money laundering gang.


Yes, Madam

2017.03.09(Thr) 10:15PM

Yeoh and Rothrock are two cops trying to retrieve a missing piece of microfilm from the bad guys.


Happy Din Don

2017.03.08(Wed) 10:20PM

A guitarist disguises as a woman and joins a girls' band to Thailand to ward the drug gang and creditors. He falls for the leading singer on the trip.


Kawashima Yoshiko

2017.03.07(Tue) 10:05PM

  Anita Mui was tailor made for the title role, a princess who became a Japanese spy and played a pivotal role in 1930s politics.


Perfect Match(1991)

2017.03.06(Mon) 10:15PM

  The renowned conductor Koo Shu-lam (George Lam) is invited to perform in Hong Kong. While he is enjoying his glamorous moments being overwhelming by the crowd, he also becomes the hunting target of two good-for-nothing kids? Philidonna (Vivian Chow) and Jacky (Jacky Cheung). They try to blackmail him. By chance, Koo has the chance…


Aces Go Places III

2017.03.05(Sun) 10:00PM

  King Kong is enlisted by Queen Elizabeth and a faux James Bond to steal the crown jewels from the HK Police. However, the job is really an elaborate scam, and it pits King Kong against "Best Partner" and pal Kodojak. As if King Kong's betrayal wasn't enough of a problem, Kodojak has to deal…


From Beijing With Love

2017.03.03(Fri) 10:25PM

  After a giant dinosaur skull is stolen, the head of the Chinese secret police decides to assign the case to the force's most incompetent reject: a rural butcher who stands around all day drinking martinis (shaken, not stirred). With a trunk load of insanely useless gadgets and a contact who constantly tries to kill…


The Bachelor’s Swan Song

2017.03.02(Thr) 10:10PM

  Kenny and Maggie, lovers of long standing, have been scrimping and saving for their marriage. One day Maggie suspects that she is pregnant, and suggests an early wedding. Kenny is thunder struck as he has just lost his every cent in the stock market. But he has to agree. He borrows money from a…



2017.03.01(Wed) 10:05PM

  Ha is an elite member of the Criminal Investigation Division (CID) of the Royal Hong Kong Police Force. One time while arresting a criminal, Ha accidentally humiliates Chief Inspector Tin, whom is demoted as a result. Lui Kung, another CID officer, causes Tin's wife to give birth prematurely in a car accident while chasing…