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All Night Long

2016.07.27(Wed) 10:15PM

  Black comedy with Dodo Cheng as a mousy teacher whose life is changed after an unwitting encounter with a corpse and $40 million.


Fractured Follies

2016.07.26(Tue) 08:35PM

Chow Yun-Fat is Joe, an aimless taxi driver who hits May (Joey Wong), a sweet girl who*s afflicted with a rare problem. It seems one of her legs is one inch longer than the other. In sympathy, Joe decides to help May's family and their new grocery store, which is a run-down work-in-progress. Love blooms…


The Lost Souls

2016.05.27(Fri) 08:40PM

Like many Hong Kong people, the Ling family are hoping to immigrate to Canada – but then they all die in a gas poisoning accident. Something wimpy like dying isn't going to stop them from their Canadian dreams, but it turns out migrating in the next life takes money, too. In order to raise funds…


Only Fools Fall in Love

2016.07.24(Sun) 10:00PM

A little rich boy in the 1920s who loses his memory and intelligence during an accident and subsequently finds out the meaning of life and true love.


Pom Pom

2016.07.23(Sat) 10:00PM

  Police know very well Ha is behind the crime syndicate smuggling and trafficking in drugs. Police also know Ha keeps every detail of his criminal transactions in a book which is kept by his mistress. Plainclothesmen Beethoven and Achioo are ordered to investigate and crack Ha's crime empire…


Chinese Odyssey II

2016.07.22(Fri) 08:35PM

  When we last left Joker, he'd just used the Pandora's Box to go back in time five hundred years, finding himself in the company of Zixia the immortal .


Faithfully Yours

2016.07.21(Thr) 10:20PM

  A farcical comedy about a cheating husband on a trip to Japan and tailed by a tabloid. All hell breaks loose when the wife shows up as well.


The Big Boss

2016.07.20(Wed) 10:05PM

  This is the film that established Bruce Lee as an international star.


Peony Pavilion

2016.07.19(Tue) 10:00PM

  High school girl Lily always has the same dream every night in which she falls in love with a scholar. When infamous singer Mui moved into Lily’s apartment, she always got the same dream as Lily.


Winners and Sinners

2016.07.18(Mon) 10:05PM

  The five friends are released from jail after serving time for different petty crimes. They decide to go straight and together they set up the Lucky Stars cleaning company.


God of Gamblers 3 – The Early Stage

2016.07.17(Sun) 10:00PM

  Leon Lai takes over from Chow Yun-fat in this prequel, playing a punk who overcomes the odds to become king of the gamblers.


Dances With Dragon

2016.07.16(Sat) 10:00PM

Andy Lau is a tycoon mistaken for an illegal alien in a Pretty Woman-inspired comedy with a hilarious performance by Deanie Yip. (MCTV 40) FOX Movies Premium at 21:00—SATURDAY BLOCKBUSTER PREMIERE: STANDOFF Carter is a troubled veteran who gets a chance at redemption by protecting a 12-year-old girl from a deadly assassin after she witnesses…


Born To Gamble

2016.07.15(Fri) 09:50PM

  Nat Chan is a gambler who gives it all up for his anti-gambling fiancee Joyce Godenzi. But her gambling dad has other ideas.


My Family

2016.07.14(Thr) 08:45PM

  Wacky family shenanigans with gynecologist dad Richard Ng, lawyer mom Bobo Fung, and kids Lui Fong, May Lo and Pauline Kwan.


The Champions

2016.07.13(Wed) 08:20PM

  Charismatic Yuen Biao stars as Lee Tong, a country kid whose natural athleticism becomes his ticket to the world of professional soccer. Unfortunately, Lee's first act upon arriving in Hong Kong is to offend the sport's number one player, King (Dick Wei), who uses Lee's initiation into the soccer world as an excuse to…