SCM Legend - Hot Programs


He Lives By Night

2016.09.05(Mon) 10:30PM

 Cops Kent Cheng and Simon Yam enlist the help of DJ Sylvia Chang to capture a serial killer who wears lady's white net stockings.


It’s A Mad Mad Mad World

2016.09.04(Sun) 10:00PM

 This comedy shows the life style of the working class in Hong Kong.


92 Legendary La Rose Noire

2016.09.03(Sat) 10:00PM

  Children's novel writer Butterfly Wong (Maggie Shiu) is unsuccessful in her career and relationship. One time, while attempting suicide, a couple nearby mistaken her for a robber. Wanting to return items left behind by the couple, Butterfly heads to the couple's home, accompanied by her friend, Chow Wai-kuen (Teresa Mo). There, they witness an…


Funny Triple

2016.09.02(Fri) 10:25PM

  Once there are two detectives in the police force, Fatty and Lanky, they have been very, very good friends, that until the day Gigi comes to their department for work. Fatty and Lanky immediately go after her skirt. Fatty and Lanky must find Boss Sin. They try to get information from Sin's man Fairyman…


Yes, Madam

2016.09.01(Thr) 10:00PM

  Yeoh and Rothrock are two cops trying to retrieve a missing piece of microfilm from the bad guys.


Great Pretenders

2016.08.31(Wed) 10:25PM

 It's The Sting — Hong Kong style, with Tony Leung a trickster who sometimes finds himself on the verge of being scammed.


My Cousin The Ghost

2016.08.30(Tue) 10:20PM

  Kenny cousin Richard is coming to Hong Kong to search for a bride, but he is killed in an accident on his way.


Police Story III – Super Cop

2016.08.29(Mon) 10:10PM

  Jackie Chan and Michelle Yeoh perform incredible stunts as super cops undercover in China and Malaysia to bust a smuggling ring.


Lee Rock I

2016.08.28(Sun) 10:00PM

  Andy Lau shines in this action-packed biography of Lee Rock, a powerful and corrupt police officer of the 1950s-1960s.


Three (3) Wishes

2016.08.27(Sat) 10:00PM

  A century ago, Blackheart Ghost was known to all for his kindness, but he also made the world with uneven goodness and evilness.


Project A

2016.08.26(Fri) 10:05PM

  Set in early 1900's China, Project A involves the government's Marine Forces failed attempts to stopping a band of pirate-smugglers led by the evil Lo. After being forced to resign, Dragon Ma becomes frustrated over the Marines' inability to protect the innocent from the pirates.


Working Class

2016.08.25(Thr) 09:55PM

  Noodle factory worker Sam Hui romances Joey Wang and unites colleagues Teddy Robin and Tsui Hark in a fight against management.


A True Mob Story (1998)

2016.08.24(Wed) 10:00PM

  Triad member Cheung Dee (Andy Lau) earns his living as a parking attendant. Fending off an ambush by a rival gang leader, Cheung Dee blinds the leader of the rivaling gang Crazy Ball.


Rouge of the north

2016.08.23(Tue) 10:00PM

  Adapted from Eileen Chang's novel. Shanghai, 1910……..Ying-ti, 24, from a poor family, is married by a matchmaker to a rich, blind, demanding invalid. His family treats her with little respect and drives her to attempt suicide


One Husband Too Many

2016.08.22(Mon) 10:20PM

Romantic comedy in which Kenny Bee and Anthony Chan, recently dumped by wives Anita Mui and Pat Ha, both fall for Cherie Chung.