SCM Legend - Hot Programs


City War

2018.02.23(Fri) 10:10PM

  Idealistic cop Chow Yun-fat and jaded veteran Ti Lung team up to stop a vicious criminal intent on destroying them both.


Law With Two Phases

2018.02.22(Thr) 10:10PM

Policeman Danny Lee has self-doubt after accidentally killing an innocent kid during s shoot out.


The White Dragon

2018.02.21(Wed) 10:25PM

A beautiful noblewoman turns the tables on the crown prince when she falls for the very man she was sent on a mission to capture in this period martial arts comedy starring Hong Kong Film Award winner Cecilia Cheung. When the crown prince takes notice of the lovely and deadly White Dragon, he sends the…


Kung Hei Fat Choi

2018.02.20(Tue) 10:25PM

A classic Chinese New Year comedy starring Alan Tam as the Money God who descends to earth to perform good deeds.


Dances with Dragon

2018.02.19(Mon) 10:00PM

In this romantic comedy from Jing Wong, a tycoon goes incognito and finds love in a life very different from his own. After chance leads Lone Ka-Chun to take a job at a grocery store, he falls in love with the store owner's daughter, Moon. But his bliss will be short-lived. As shifty business schemes…


It’s a Mad MadMad ...

2018.02.18(Sun) 11:35PM

  The Biu Family collects their lottery winnings in Canada and returns to Hong Kong to start a new life together, minus the second daughter due to a family quarrel of her involvement with her boyfriend. After Mrs. Biu shows off her money to her old friends at her bank, she loses it all in…


The Magnificent Scoundrels

2018.02.17(Sat) 11:40PM

  Stephen Chow plays a loser who's girlfriend has run off to get married, she mets a very lousy con-artist, thanks to her he's in trouble with a local mob boss. Meanwhile another low life is in trouble with the same boss, he's ordered to rob a rich man's house and he'll split whatever he…


92 The Legendary La Rose Noire

2018.02.16(Fri) 11:55PM

  The film is about a movie hero of the 60s called Black Rose, but she was actually real, and a woman in the 90s is mistaken for her because she's in the wrong place at the wrong time and …


My Lucky Star (2002)

2018.02.15(Thr) 10:00PM

  Yip is attractive but for some strange reason, no man has ever been interested in her. Yip meets Lai, a famous feng shui expert and she thinks that Lai can change her luck. But Duen, also a famous feng shui expert continually cast all kinds of spells on Yip. A fierce battle of feng…


C’est la Vie, Mon Cheri

2018.02.14(Wed) 10:15PM

  A jazz musician who has problems in both his life and career, and moves into a poor neighborhood. There, he meets a gir, who started being interested in him as of his saxophone skills.


The Contract

2018.02.13(Tue) 08:20PM

  Michael, Sam, and Ricky Hui run riot in a TV studio, with Michael using a laughter bomb" to out-maneuver a fraudulent contract." 


Dream of Desire

2018.02.12(Mon) 07:10PM

Dream of Desire revolves around the complicated love affairs between two guys and three girls. 


The Lion Roars

2018.02.11(Sun) 08:15PM

This is the Chinese adaptation of Shakespeare’s TAMING OF THE SHREW. In Sung Dynasty, beautiful Liu is known to scare away all potential suitors with her spoiled brat personality. Enters handsome and struggling poet Chan and they fall in love immediately. When Chan is seduced by the princess, Liu is ordered by the Emperor to…


My Dad is Jerk

2018.02.10(Sat) 08:10PM

  Lee Lap Cheung is a immature slacker who is going nowhere. His ex-wife Yip Ting has become a powerful woman in the business world within a few years. Cheung in a moment of anger requests Yip Ting to allow him and his son Jason to spend some time together. Jason is an free, innocent…


Aces Go Places V

2018.02.09(Fri) 10:10PM

  The terracotta warriors and the sword of Qin Emperor, being on exhibition in Hong Kong, are stolen by the White Gloves and the "New Best Partners" respectively. But the original Best Partners are framed for the heist, so they have no choice but to come out of retirement to clear their names. Pursued by…