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Lucky Encounter

2017.11.24(Fri) 08:15PM

  Crooks Tony Leung and Kent Cheng help 5-year-old ghost Cheng Pak-lam achieve reincarnation in this supernatural Johnny To comedy. 


Her Fatal Ways III

2017.11.23(Thr) 08:40PM

  Crack mainland policewoman Do Do Cheng is given a top secret assignment: go to Hong Kong and look after the safety of an old Mr. Chien, a member of the Communist Party's Central Committee. So, Do Do finds herself in a plane, accompanied by her regular sidekick Cheung. There is a raging storm and…


Lee Rock I

2017.11.22(Wed) 08:00PM

  Andy Lau shines in this action-packed biography of Lee Rock, a powerful and corrupt police officer of the 1950s-1960s. At the beginning, he does not like what Hong Kong police do. They are corruptive. But after the sarcasm of his girlfriend’s dad, he becomes one of them as he wants to become rich. At…


Vive L’Amour

2017.11.21(Tue) 10:00PM

  The winner of the Golden Lion at the 1994 Venice Film Festival and three Golden Horse Awards – including Best Picture – Tsai Ming Liang's second film follows three lonely strangers in modern Taipei: Suicidal salesman Hsiao Kang, real estate agent May Lin, and street vendor Ah Jung. Through the strangers' encounters with each…


Crying Heart

2017.11.20(Mon) 10:10PM

  Also known as A Dumb Boy, this Hong Kong drama is the story of a dying mother and her love for her retarded son. Mrs. Fat is slowly succumbing to cancer, but her biggest worry is her only child, the 30-year-old Bee. Possessing the mind of a toddler but the hormonal urges of a…


Truant Heroes

2017.11.19(Sun) 10:00PM

  The war against organized crime in Hong Kong has opened a new front: the school. And police Commandant Wong orders officer Kin to go under cover as a school teacher.


C’est la Vie, Mon Cheri

2017.11.18(Sat) 10:00PM

  A jazz musician who has problems in both his life and career, and moves into a poor neighborhood. There, he meets a gir, who started being interested in him as of his saxophone skills.


The Conman

2017.11.17(Fri) 10:00PM

  Previously imprisoned for an accidental killing, King has returned to the world with his gambling skills intact, but his spirit gone. Help comes in the form of Skinny Dragon, and his sexy sister Ching, who initially can't stand King, but eventually starts to warm to his undeniable charms. However, evil bad guy Handsome wants…


Chocolate Inspector

2017.11.16(Thr) 07:00PM

  The Chief assigning his own daughter, inexperienced woman Detective Constable Anita in Chocolate's care. He then sends them on the investigation of a case, Inspector Chocolate and his assistants plunged into a series of blundering adventures…… 


Affectionately Yours

2017.11.15(Wed) 08:40PM

  Alan Tam is conned into a marriage by Eric Tsang who wants to take over his flower shop. Then Alan meets a girl of his dreams.


How To Be A Billionaire

2017.11.12(Sun) 10:00PM

  Raymond Wong is a country bumpkin who learns the secret to fame and fortune but finds being rich isn't all it's cracked up to be.


Throw Down

2017.11.11(Sat) 02:00AM

  A man who gave up on himself is redeemed by unexpected challenges in this drama from Johnny To. Sze-To was once a respected judo champion, but he became jaded and lost interest in the sport. Now, Sze-To is an alcoholic who runs a night club. When Sze-To learns that the judo master who was…


Queen’s Bench III

2017.11.10(Fri) 08:00PM

Bumbling lawyer Alfred Cheung is assigned to a sensational murder case involving Tony Leung and Carina Lau with farcical results.


United We Stand

2017.11.07(Tue) 07:00PM

  Alias "Springing Gazelle", the renowned athlete Miss Chi Cheung is helping to organize a training programme and hunting for a coach.


Long Arm of the Law

2017.11.04(Sat) 10:00PM

The Dirty Rats, or Big Circles are lurk in the shadows of society. Block Head who dotes on his son and tolerates his nagging wife. Chung who is ever so kind to his grandmother. Chung who still loves childhood sweetheart Ah Sheung, now a cabaret hostess. Their leader is Tung who has a perfect plan…