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The Adventurers

2017.09.28(Thr) 10:05PM

  The story tells that as his parents are murdered by their good friend Ray (Raul Chiang) , Andy (Andy Lau) has been determined to take a revenge for them after he grows up


Heart To Hearts

2017.09.27(Wed) 10:00PM

  Popular singer George Lam gets caught in a love triangle in Heart to Hearts, a hit romantic comedy from director Gordon Chan that went on to spawn two sequels! George Lam is Alex, a music producer who moonlights as a choir teacher. He takes a shine to one of his students, but her overprotective…


All The Wrong Clues

2017.09.26(Tue) 08:40PM

A private investigator and a police inspector team up to pursue a notorious mobster, who is plotting to milk an old millionaire out of his highly-valued stocks and bonds. Along the way, the investigator crosses paths with a femme fatale and silly gangsters.


The Haunted Cop Shop

2017.09.24(Sun) 10:00PM

  A Hong Kong police station used to be a clubhouse of the Japanese at the time of their occupation of the city during World War II. However, at the end of the war, many of the Japanese committed haka kiri in the clubhouse. In the present time, after thief Sneaky Ming (Billy Lau) was…


Love For All Seasons

2017.09.23(Sat) 10:00PM

  Millionaire Tiger Hung (Louis Koo) is told to find cure at the mysterious all-women martial arts sect Omei, and there he meets Omei's young master May (Sammi Cheng). The healing process moves smoothly until May's big sister Misery (Li Bing-Bing) shows up and challenges May into a duel. Misery has lost her mind and…


Running On Karma

2017.09.22(Fri) 10:00PM

  Lau portrays a former Buddhist monk who returns to the ordinary world to track down the killers of his friend. He soon makes acquaintance with charming policewoman Li Feng Yi (Cecilia Cheung) who arrests him for a strip performance in front of a public audience. His Buddhist training enables him to sense the past…


Chocolate Inspector

2017.09.21(Thr) 10:15PM

  The Chief assigning his own daughter, inexperienced woman Detective Constable Anita in Chocolate's care. He then sends them on the investigation of a case, Inspector Chocolate and his assistants plunged into a series of blundering adventures……


City War

2017.09.20(Wed) 10:15PM

  Idealistic cop Chow Yun-fat and jaded veteran Ti Lung team up to stop a vicious criminal intent on destroying them both.


This Love of Mine

2017.09.19(Tue) 10:00PM

  Liang is married for nine years and she has two children. She worries about everything which may destroy her family. The housewife whose life only revolves her husband finds herself being cheated. She becomes angry and neurotic and can't accept the fact at all. Finally, she realizes that the only choice she has is…


Will Of Iron

2017.09.18(Mon) 10:35PM

  Maggie returns Hong Kong to accompany her grandmother to Canada. She also takes this opportunity to visit her old friends, Carol \& Jacky. Little does she know that Jacky has become a drug addict. More surprising, the drug dealer is Maggie's boy-friend, Michael.


Young and Dangerous 3

2017.09.17(Sun) 10:00PM

  The Hung Hing boys welcome Chicken back into their fold. Chan Ho Nam tends to girlfriend Smartie, who was injured last time out, while Chicken flirts with the minister's foul-mouthed daughter Shuk Fan. Ho Nam continues to rise in the triad, and is even promoted to branch leader of Causeway Bay by Hung Hing…


Market Romance

2017.09.16(Sat) 10:00PM

Market fishmonger Kudzu is tops in her trade but has greater aspirations for her teenage sister, Bean. When her friend Gary discovers that he has a long lost brother, she believes that the evidence points conclusively to her favorite popstar Alex. Kudzu's other sister, Mud Carp, has studied to be a lawyer and has a…



2017.09.16(Sat) 10:00PM

What starts off as a typical day on the streets of Seattle soon becomes a terrifying bloodbath, when a great white shark devours an alien space probe.


My Little Sentimental Friend

2017.09.15(Fri) 10:15PM

  Having been dumped by his wife, Eric Tsang moves into his friend's home and falls for his friend's wife.


Born To Gamble

2017.09.14(Thr) 10:05PM

  Nat Chan is a gambler who gives it all up for his anti-gambling fiancee Joyce Godenzi. But her gambling dad has other ideas.