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Police Story III – Super Cop

2017.07.03(Mon) 10:15PM

  When a dangerous undercover mission is required to put a high-powered drug lord out of commission, the job goes to the one man fearless enough to take on the task of infiltrating the biggest crime and narcotics syndicate in the Pacific Rim–Detective Kevin Chan. Chan's assignment begins in a prison labor camp where he's…


The Ghost Informer

2017.07.02(Sun) 10:00PM

  Fire Unicom was killed by Tei Po under his violent fist. The spirit of Fire Unicorn discovered there would be illegal transaction between the gangsters. He informed inspector Tang this clue. After a fierce fight between he police and gangsters, the whole gang including Tei-po were being captured. Accidentally, Tang met Sally a model….


The Inspector Wears Skirts II

2017.06.30(Fri) 10:05PM

  Police Academy meets Private Benjamin when the all-girl Banshees competes with the all-boy Flying Tigers to nab a criminal gang.


To Err is Humane

2017.06.29(Thr) 10:25PM

  A comedy of errors ensues when Sammo Hung tries to kidnap his boss but ends up with Joey Wang, who is then snatched by Kenny Bee.


Kiss Me Goodbye

2017.06.28(Wed) 10:10PM

  Romance about aspiring musician Anthony Wong Yiu-ming and girlfriend Loletta Lee whose dreams of stardom might tear them apart.


Fist of Fury

2017.06.27(Tue) 08:30PM

  As the dejected citizens of Shanghai cower in fear of the Japanese occupation, Chen Jun joins the Jin Wu Martial Arts Academy in hopes of refining his skills and striking back at his oppressors. When Chen's master is poisoned by the leaders of the Japanese occupation, the furious student puts his skills to the…


Love For All Seasons

2017.06.25(Sun) 10:00PM

Millionaire Tiger Hung (Louis Koo) is told to find cure at the mysterious all-women martial arts sect Omei, and there he meets Omei's young master May (Sammi Cheng). The healing process moves smoothly until May's big sister Misery (Li Bing-Bing) shows up and challenges May into a duel. Misery has lost her mind and she…


Running Out of Time 2

2017.06.24(Sat) 10:00PM

  Sang has been promoted to a dull desk job, but when Ken, a suave art thief with talent for magic tricks and an array of heist plots up his sleeve, draws Sang into a hostage situation, the chase is on all over again. The bulk of the film is a high-stakes cat-and-mouse game, with…


Happy Go Lucky (2003)

2017.06.23(Fri) 10:20PM

  Inspirational tale of blind Gillian Chung's friendship with mentally disabled Kent Cheng and cerebral palsy victim Wayne Lai.


His Fatal Ways

2017.06.22(Thr) 10:00PM

  Alfred Cheung plays a cop from Mainland China who has super-natural power and is sent to Hong Kong to capture a pair of dangerous criminals. 


Millionaires Express

2017.06.21(Wed) 10:20PM

  comedy hit of 1986 has kung-fu master Sammo Hung involved with officials, concubines, merchants, and conmen in old China.


Out of the Blue

2017.06.20(Tue) 10:00PM

  Ho, a twenty-years old boy, is to meet a girl Called Dommy who brings a child with her. Three years ago, Ho  failed in the entrance exam. And his family was in a misery condition. Then, he met Dommy who went to cram school nearby, and they had a memorable time together. One day…


Game of Death (SCM)

2017.06.19(Mon) 10:20PM

  Legendary screen icon Bruce Lee stars as Billy Lo, a burgeoning martial arts star drawn into a web of corruption in Game of Death! On the verge of becoming a martial arts screen star, Billy Lo is approached by an evil group called The Syndicate to join their illicit endeavors. What does Billy do?…


Double Fattiness

2017.06.17(Sat) 10:00PM

  Siu Fung, an owner of a pizzeria, unexpectedly succumbs to a heart attack. However, her spirit was unable to cross over to the other side, thus, she resurrects into the body of a young woman. Afterward, she reunites with her family and tries to convince them that she is alive. Yet, the plot thickens…


Love Is Love

2017.06.16(Fri) 10:20PM

  Shi Jinshui and Wu Daidi were raised in the countryside and are childhood sweethearts, but Wu Daidi's father is against their marriage. They elope from their hometown and live in urban areas. Shi Jinshui falls in love with his superior and break up with his wife Wu Daidi. Two years later, Shi Jinshui finds…