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Papa Can You Hear Me Sing

2018.05.10(Thr) 08:35PM

  Suen Yuen plays a scrap collector who raises an abandoned baby girl to become a singer. When she reaches top, he dies and won't hear her sing anymore.


A Family Affair

2018.05.09(Wed) 07:15PM

  It's The Parent Trap with Hong Kong characters when two cute kids plot to reunite parents Sam Hui and Olivia Cheng.


Cop of the town

2018.05.08(Tue) 08:45PM

  Ricky and Romeo are both veterans working in an elite police squad but cannot work well with new female inspector. One day, Annie, a model, complains of being harassed by her former friend, Ricky. Romeo, who likes to flirt with pretty girls, takes up the case. It leads to a various serious confrontation between…


Eighth Happiness

2018.05.07(Mon) 08:45PM

  As usual, the plot line is just an excuse for a series of comic routines, but provides a number of laughs as it tells the story of three brothers, the mincingly effeminate Fang Chien Lang, cartoonist Chien Sang, and their middle-aged older sibling, Chien Hui. Chien Lang romances both a stewardess and a hedonistic…


Happy Ghost II

2018.05.05(Sat) 11:35PM

The ghost of Scholar Stewart Pik reincarnates and is now a high school teacher named Hong Sam Kwai. Being the first male instructor of an unruly class that has exhausted more women teachers deemed possible, Kwai becomes a victim to endless pranks by his students until he is able to counteract with his gift of…


It’s a Mad Mad Mad World 3

2018.05.04(Fri) 08:25PM

  The Biu Family collects their lottery winnings in Canada and returns to Hong Kong to start a new life together, minus the second daughter due to a family quarrel of her involvement with her boyfriend. After Mrs. Biu shows off her money to her old friends at her bank, she loses it all in…


Dream of Desire

2018.05.03(Thr) 11:35PM

  Dream of Desire revolves around the complicated love affairs between two guys and three girls.


Millionaires Express

2018.05.02(Wed) 10:00PM

  The #1 comedy hit of 1986 has kung-fu master Sammo Hung involved with officials, concubines, merchants, and conmen in old China.


Mr. Coconut

2018.05.01(Tue) 08:20PM

  Mr. Coconut, who arrives in town from Hainan China where he lived with his coconuts. Here in the sophisticated urban jungles of Hong Kong. Mr. Coconut has finally reunited with his family, as he endures Hong Kong Streets of the late 1980s, filled with stock and property gamblers, heavy mobile phones and everything.


Perfect Match(1991)

2018.04.30(Mon) 08:25PM

The renowned conductor Koo Shu-lam (George Lam) is invited to perform in Hong Kong. While he is enjoying his glamorous moments being overwhelming by the crowd, he also becomes the hunting target of two good-for-nothing kids? Philidonna (Vivian Chow) and Jacky (Jacky Cheung). They try to blackmail him. By chance, Koo has the chance to…


My Lucky Stars (1985)

2018.04.29(Sun) 10:00PM

  A corrupt Hong Kong cop flees to Tokyo to join his fellow mobsters. Two loyal cops, Ricky and Muscle, travel there to apprehend him, but Ricky is kidnapped in a fight. Muscle goes into hiding and calls his supervisor to send help. The supervisor agrees and collects the five friends, who are all either…


Double Fattiness

2018.04.28(Sat) 08:20PM

  Siu Fung, an owner of a pizzeria, unexpectedly succumbs to a heart attack. However, her spirit was unable to cross over to the other side, thus, she resurrects into the body of a young woman. Afterward, she reunites with her family and tries to convince them that she is alive. Yet, the plot thickens…


Royal Tramp

2018.04.27(Fri) 09:55PM

  The story of Wai Siu Bo, a lecherous wimp who after saving Chan, the leader of the Heaven and Earth society, a revolutionary group, is made a member. After a botched first assignment for the group, he is made a servant to the Emperor, the very person the Heaven and Earth society wants to…


Sweet Surrender

2018.04.26(Thr) 10:10PM

  Shirley has rebellious nature, she realized she was no longer able to tolerate her parents and she reckoned it was about time for her to explore the outside world. After she sneaked away from home she went to find her brother-in-law. Frankie, for she believed that he might be able to help her financially….


The Lion Roars

2018.04.25(Wed) 10:15PM

  This is the Chinese adaptation of Shakespeare’s TAMING OF THE SHREW. In Sung Dynasty, beautiful Liu is known to scare away all potential suitors with her spoiled brat personality. Enters handsome and struggling poet Chan and they fall in love immediately. When Chan is seduced by the princess, Liu is ordered by the Emperor…