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Double Tap

2017.05.22(Mon) 10:15PM

What begins as an innocuous entry into a gun competition eventually steers Rick towards a path of fatal rivalry. With extensive training, Rick emerges as one of the finest shooters in town. Three years down the line, four members of a G4 unit have been murdered; the suspects clear out any possible evidence. A top…


Sworn Brothers

2017.05.21(Sun) 10:00PM

A tough look at the Hong Kong underworld with Andy Lau and Cheung Kwok-keung two pals who stand on different sides of the law.


92 Legendary La Rose ...

2017.05.20(Sat) 10:00PM

  Children's novel writer Butterfly Wong (Maggie Shiu) is unsuccessful in her career and relationship. One time, while attempting suicide, a couple nearby mistaken her for a robber. Wanting to return items left behind by the couple, Butterfly heads to the couple's home, accompanied by her friend, Chow Wai-kuen (Teresa Mo). There, they witness an…


My Loving Trouble 7

2017.05.19(Fri) 10:00PM

  James, a director of TV commercials who becomes infatuated with Julia, a mysterious woman he happens to notice walking across the street one day. She is actually a high-tech industrial spy, and plans to quit the service after completing one more mission, with the help of her new partner Candy. When the women realize…


The Way of Dragon

2017.05.18(Thr) 10:00PM

  The Way of the Dragon co-stars popular starlet Nora Miao, and is a true tour-de-force for Bruce Lee. Not only did he star in the film, but he also wrote, produced, and directed. The results of his labor are a wildly entertaining martial arts film that's sure to make kung-fu fans of all ages…


The Other Side of Gentleman

2017.05.17(Wed) 10:20PM

  Alan Tam falls for Brigitte Lin not knowing she's merely using him for a psychological experiment conducted by her fiance.


Kuei Mei, A Woman

2017.05.16(Tue) 10:00PM

  To escape the Chinese Civil War in the 1950s, Kuei Mei flees on her own to Taiwan. She marries a good-for-nothing, takes a job as a waitress and overcomes all kinds of setbacks, such as a cruel boss and uncontrollable children. Her life symbolizes many of the mainlanders who leave for Taiwan and illustrates…


The Prodigal Son

2017.05.15(Mon) 10:05PM

  Leung is a plotted Kung Fu victor by his doting father. His lover in a troupe is killed by the prince. He revenges her and becomes a real master.


Happy Ghost IV

2017.05.14(Sun) 10:00PM

  Hong Sum Kwai (Raymond Wong) is enjoying a second life in metropolis Hong Kong. His girlfriend, Annie (Pauline Yeung), is oblivious to the fact that her former incarnation was the village girl who perished the Sheriff to eternal suffering.


Bullet In The Head

2017.05.13(Sat) 10:00PM

John Woo classic set in Saigon and Hong Kong in 1967, an epic test of love and loyalty between Tony Leung and Jacky Cheung.


Lee Rock II

2017.05.12(Fri) 10:00PM

  The film directly continues with Lee Rock, with a few minute recaps of the main details of its predecessor. In 1959, Yau Ma Tei foreign detective Reeve retires, which leads to a competition between Lee Rock and Ngan Tung for the position as Yau Ma Tei's chief detective. Ngan Tung does not hesitate to…



2017.05.11(Thr) 10:20PM

  Policeman Chow Yun-fat falls in love with illegal immigrant Joey Wang, who feigns amnesia to escape from her unsavory past.


Heart To Hearts

2017.05.10(Wed) 10:15PM

  Popular singer George Lam gets caught in a love triangle in Heart to Hearts, a hit romantic comedy from director Gordon Chan that went on to spawn two sequels! George Lam is Alex, a music producer who moonlights as a choir teacher. He takes a shine to one of his students, but her overprotective…


Long Arm of the Law 2

2017.05.08(Mon) 10:05PM

  Suspecting that a mastermind is behind the sudden crime wave, the Royal Hong Kong Police Force sends in three undercover cops to bust the crime ring.


Dragon Town Story

2017.05.08(Mon) 10:15PM

  Story begins on the wedding day of Lanjuan whose marriage is put on hold when gunmen kill her entire family.