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Today 10:00PM

The film is about a movie hero of the 60s called Black Rose, but she was actually real, and a woman in the 90s is mistaken for her because she's in the wrong place at the wrong time and …


The Saint of Gamblers

2019.04.20(Sat) 08:20PM

  'Blackie' Tat looks for a new Saint of Gamblers, and finds him in the form of a dimwitted mainlander.


The Greatest Lover

2019.04.19(Fri) 08:05PM

  Chow Chin Chun, Tall Wai and Silly Chick separate when they illegally sneak into Hong Kong. Chow accidentally meets millionaire Big Mouth Sze who is just teased by Lychee and Fei Fung. Sze invites Chow to pretend a passionate gentleman, fabricated by Image Profession Anita, to retaliate to Lychee and Fei. During the transformation…


Born Wild

2019.04.18(Thr) 10:00PM

  Tide immerses himself in Hong Kong's seedy underground boxing culture after the death of his fraternal twin brother Tan. Tide unexpectedly discovers that Tan led a wild life, full of violence and passionate emotions, and that his death shattered more than a few people. Tan's former girlfriend Sandy has been left emotionally scarred, and…


Making It

2019.04.17(Wed) 10:15PM

  5 young men who form a band called “Wynners” finally get a job to perform in a nightclub. However, during their debut, Alan, member of the band, is sick and hospitalized. A Millionaire's son, Wah, is spotted by the Wynners' manager and is asked to appear with the band that night pretending as Alan…


Web of Deception

2019.04.16(Tue) 10:15PM

  Brigitte Lin is an executive blackmailed in a tense thriller whose suspects include Joey Wang, Pauline Wong, and Elizabeth Lee.


Life Line Express

2019.04.15(Mon) 10:35PM

  For the bond of brotherhood, Fat Moose is willing to pledge half of his possessions to save the life of his younger brother, Tiger.His sacrifice to a deity in Thailand revived Tiger from a coma…



2019.04.14(Sun) 10:00PM

The ghost of a courtesan who died in 1934 returns to Hong Kong fifty-three years later, seeking to reunite with the man she loved.


The Wrong Couples

2019.04.13(Sat) 10:00PM

  Award-winning comedy-drama with spinster Josephine Siao and sailor Richard Ng an odd couple forced to live under the same roof.


Till We Meet Again

2019.04.12(Fri) 08:20PM

  In World War II Shanghai, Tony Leung is torn between his duty to China and his love for nightclub singer Anita Mui.


A Chinese Ghost Story III

2019.04.11(Thr) 10:00PM

  Buddhist Bai Yun and his disciple Fong journey through a small town to transport a golden idol of Buddha. However, local thieves thwart their journey, sending them to take shelter at the ghostly Orchid Temple. There, Fong encounters Lotus, a female ghost at the evil bidding of the awakened Tree Devil.


Cop Busters

2019.04.10(Wed) 08:50PM

  Big Bear and Big Mouth were raised in the same orphanage. They were assigned to tow cars by their division commander; but on the first day of their assignment they mistakenly picked up a little girl. ickup.


The Happy Ghost

2019.04.09(Tue) 10:15PM

  A group of girls go on a camping trip and take shelter from the rain in an abandoned temple. One of them, Bonnie, takes a rope she found in the temple back with her not knowing that in the rope lies the soul of a fallen scholar from the Ching Dynasty. The ghost, BindeyePik,…


Triads the Inside Story

2019.04.08(Mon) 10:25PM

  Chow Yun-Fat inherits the triad life in this tepid gang drama and poor excuse for a Chow Yun-Fat film. When his dad (a big triad kingpin) dies, Chow is drafted to lead the gang, which consists of such triad film luminaries as Roy Cheung and ShingFui-On…


City on Fire

2019.04.07(Sun) 10:00PM

An undercover cop infiltrates a gang of thieves who plan to rob a jewelry store.