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The Conmen in Vegas

2018.09.24(Mon) 08:20PM

  This time, master gambler King and his sidekick Dragon have got a new partner in the latter's swindler cousin Nat. Together, the trio successfully cons a huge fortune from the underground casino owned by Brother Man. The vicious gang boss sends his henchmen after them, and Dragon gets taken. Meanwhile, King and Nat are…


The Magnificent Scoundrels

Today 10:00PM

Stephen Chow plays a loser who's girlfriend has run off to get married, she mets a very lousy con-artist, thanks to her he's in trouble with a local mob boss. Meanwhile another low life is in trouble with the same boss, he's ordered to rob a rich man's house and he'll split whatever he steals…


The Canton Godfather

2018.09.22(Sat) 07:55PM

  Kuo Cheng-Wah, a kindhearted country boy who is quickly cheated out of all his money when he arrives in Hong Kong. Depressed and destitute, he encounters Madame Kao (Ah Lei Gua), a poor woman selling flowers on the street; she urges him to buy a red rose, saying it will bring him luck. He…


A Better Tomorrow II

2018.09.21(Fri) 11:45PM

  John Woo returned to direct the film, and once again stars Chow Yun Fat, this time as the twin brother of the character he played in the first film. The sequel sees Tse-ho working together with brother Tse-kit to help the police break a counterfeit syndicate. They discover Lung is in danger of being…


Master Q 2001

2018.09.20(Thr) 08:40PM

  Comic book characters Master Q and Potato meet Nicholas Tse and Ceclia Cheung in a dazzling mixture of animation and live action.


Lee Rock I

2018.09.19(Wed) 09:55PM

  Andy Lau shines in this action-packed biography of Lee Rock, a powerful and corrupt police officer of the 1950s-1960s. At the beginning, he does not like what Hong Kong police do. They are corruptive. But after the sarcasm of his girlfriend’s dad, he becomes one of them as he wants to become rich. At…


Sweet Surrender

2018.09.18(Tue) 08:20PM

  Shirley has rebellious nature, she realized she was no longer able to tolerate her parents and she reckoned it was about time for her to explore the outside world. After she sneaked away from home she went to find her brother-in-law. Frankie, for she believed that he might be able to help her financially….


Dances with Dragon

2018.09.15(Sat) 08:10PM

  In this romantic comedy from Jing Wong, a tycoon goes incognito and finds love in a life very different from his own. After chance leads Lone Ka-Chun to take a job at a grocery store, he falls in love with the store owner's daughter, Moon. But his bliss will be short-lived. As shifty business…


Play Catch

2018.09.14(Fri) 08:25PM

  Alan Tam is mistaken by snakehead Eric Tsang as a rich kid and is kidnapped. Reporter Olivia Cheng comes to his rescue.


Those Merry Souls

2018.09.13(Thr) 10:20PM

  A supernatural kung-fu comedy with Yuen Biao as a stuntman who reluctantly takes up the family profession: collector of dead souls.


The Intellectual Trio

2018.09.12(Wed) 08:35PM

  Wong Kar-wai co-scripted this comedy about cops Leslie Cheung and Billy Lau who encounter pickpockets Sandy Lam and Joyce Ngai.


I am Sorry

2018.09.11(Tue) 10:05PM

  Carina Lau was nominated for Best Actress for her role as a kept woman torn between her rich married lover and a younger beau.


Till We Meet Again

2018.09.10(Mon) 08:35PM

  In World War II Shanghai, Tony Leung is torn between his duty to China and his love for nightclub singer Anita Mui.


Front Page

2018.09.09(Sun) 08:25PM

  Hui, an owner of a Hong Kong tabloid magazine company, hires martial artist Bill Lee to help him get a good headliner for a magazine story to, hopefully, save his failing business. In the process, Bill meets San and pursues her in order to get the scoop about her life. After thinking that San-San…


A Chinese Ghost Story II

2018.09.08(Sat) 08:15PM

  Following the events of A Chinese Ghost Story, Ling Choi Sin returns to his hometown and, while fleeing from cannibals, gets himself imprisoned. With the help of his cell mate, scholar Elder Chu, Sin escapes and then finds himself crossing paths with rebel sisters Moon and Windy, who bears a strong resemblance to his…