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Forbidden City Cop

2019.09.30(Mon) 08:35PM

  In Ancient China, Ling Ling Fat is an Imperial agent whose inventive genius and lack of actual kung-fu skills makes him initially unpopular with the Emperor. But Fat's way with inventions gives him an edge on the invaders from the Gum province. The bad guys send numerous deadly assassins after the Emperor, only to…


The Lion Roars

2019.09.29(Sun) 10:00PM

  This is the Chinese adaptation of Shakespeare’s TAMING OF THE SHREW. In Sung Dynasty, beautiful Liu is known to scare away all potential suitors with her spoiled brat personality. Enters handsome and struggling poet Chan and they fall in love immediately. When Chan is seduced by the princess, Liu is ordered by the Emperor…


For Your Heart Only

2019.09.28(Sat) 10:00PM

Disc jockey Piggy Chan, mechanic Sapi, and cousin Hayden formed a trio: Lovebusters. Piggy falls in love at first sight with Jane Yu. He tears down all obstacles to win her heart. With the victory, he resumes his inclination to flirt around. His friends and relatives are very upset to see him deserting Jane. On…


Tiger Cage 2

2019.09.27(Fri) 08:35PM

  An ex-cop and divorce lawyer team up with a gangster to clear their names after getting involved in a dirty money scheme led by a vicious money launderer.


City War

2019.09.26(Thr) 10:00PM

  Idealistic cop Chow Yun-fat and jaded veteran Ti Lung team up to stop a vicious criminal intent on destroying them both.


Driving Miss Wealthy

2019.09.25(Wed) 08:25PM

  A man is hired to look after a spoiled rich girl, but is then pulled into a scheme meant to re-evaluate her life.


When Fortune Smiles

2019.09.24(Tue) 10:20PM

  This early star vehicle for Stephen Chow displays the undisciplined form that would make him HK’s greatest comic actor. The head of a rich family dies and in his will leaves his fortune to his daughter. His son is enraged and uses a rubbish collector who looks the same as his sister to steal…


Eighth Happiness

2019.09.23(Mon) 08:50PM

  As usual, the plot line is just an excuse for a series of comic routines, but provides a number of laughs as it tells the story of three brothers, the mincingly effeminate Fang Chien Lang, cartoonist Chien Sang, and their middle-aged older sibling, Chien Hui. Chien Lang romances both a stewardess and a hedonistic…


Prince Charming

2019.09.22(Sun) 10:00PM

Wah is an unkempt, uneducated and undiplomatic guy who is doomed to be a loser of love. Bok Ping is a stylish Shanghai girl with a tycoon father. But Bok Ping decides to go to Hong Kong to seek her mother. She encounters Wah in the process and lives a simple life with Wah's mother….


Last Ghost Standing

2019.09.21(Sat) 11:35PM

On New Years Eve 2000 the cinema on the 666 King's Road presents its last show before closure. A horrible, gory bloodbath starts out, including a soccer match with a decapitated head and a nasty faeces monster.


The Legend of Wisely

2019.09.20(Fri) 08:40PM

  Working in Nepal, science fiction writer / adventurer Wisely (or Wai Si-lei, the hero of several novels written by the prolific Ngai Hong) is enlisted by enigmatic billionaire Howard Hope to locate the former's childhood friend, David Ko. The diminutive David steals an oversized golden "Dragon Pearl" from a group of Buddhist monks, who…


The Goofy Gang

2019.09.19(Thr) 10:20PM

  Wai is a waiter in a country club. One day at work he is humiliated by the wife of a millionaire Harry Tse; and in order to get even, he and his gang plan kidnap Mrs. Tse. His gang includes Jacky Chong, Sly Sze and Martha. The kidnapping goes wrong from the beginning. Instead…


Till Death Shall We Start

2019.09.18(Wed) 10:20PM

  Anthony Chan stars as David, one of those unfortunate bachelor ghosts, who must find a woman to get married with  in order to be eligible for reincarnation.



2019.09.17(Tue) 10:00PM

  Frankie Chan is a smooth-talking car salesman who meets his match when he encounters bumbling private eye Josephine Siao.


Project A II

2019.09.16(Mon) 10:10PM

  Dragon Ma is assigned to a corrupt police precinct, and brings a squad of righteous officers with him to clean up the territory. But the influence of corrupt Superintendent Chun runs deep, and some of the pirates who threatened Ma in Project A are back looking for revenge. It means numerous opportunities for chases,…