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MasterChef Australia

2017.11.28(Tue) 08:00PM

  Contestants must work in teams to recreate two of Dominque Creen's signature dishes. Dominque is a Michelin-starred chef & was recently voted the World's Best Female Chef.


High School Lover

2017.11.25(Sat) 07:25PM

  Kelly, a teenager, is smitten with a much older Christian Booth, a prominent Hollywood personality. But as his love for her becomes obsessive and she learns about his past, peril awaits her.


My Haunted House (S3) – Camp & ...

2017.11.24(Fri) 10:00PM

  Terrifying things begin to happen as a couple renovates an abandoned summer camp. A newly divorced woman takes in a stray dog with some terrifying baggage.


MasterChef Australia (S8) – #43

2017.11.19(Sun) 08:30PM

  In tonight's challenge, Heston inspires the contestants to create a three-course dessert spread using only the food of the Gods: chocolate. The least impressive team will face the elimination challenge. 


My Haunted House (S2) – The Hanover Hunting

2017.11.17(Fri) 10:00PM

  For the first time, our cameras step inside an actively haunted house to hear two victims' terrifying testimony of paranormal activity.


I Said Straight, You Gorilla!

2017.11.14(Tue) 10:00PM

  The teams are heading to Buenos Aires, Argentina, where racers start at the Plaza Canada Totem Pole, before tripping up on the field in a game of blind soccer.


MasterChef Australia (S8) – #41

2017.11.13(Mon) 08:00PM

  Heston Blumenthal returns to MasterChef Australia in the biggest week ever. In a world first, the top 10 contestants open four Heston inspired & supervised MasterChef Australia pop-ups in four days. 


The Stepchild

2017.11.11(Sat) 11:00PM

  Plagued by fragmented memories of her father's murder, Ashley suspects her father's friend, John, who is now living with her and her stepmom, is guilty. 


My Haunted House (S2) – Sympathy & The ...

2017.11.10(Fri) 09:00PM

A couple is mysteriously poisoned on their first night in a new home. A woman fears the horrifying activity in her home could be related to an antique her fianc purchased.


So Sharp (S1) – For The Love Of Todd

2017.11.07(Tue) 09:00PM

  Todd Sharp, coach of the University of Louisville Ladybirds dance team, wants his team to again become the national champions. But he knows that his team needs a wake-up call.


Hoarders (S8) – Sandy / Len

  Sandy's sister decides it is time to confront Sandy about her hoarding. Len lives in a home stuffed full of garbage bags where he keeps all his belongings.


The Amazing Race Canada

2017.10.31(Tue) 10:00PM

  Season 3 of 'The Amazing Race Canada' kicks off in Quebec City with 12 teams vying for a chance to win almost $1 million in cash and prizes, the largest prize in Canadian television history.


The Pop Game

2017.10.30(Mon) 07:00PM

Timbaland and other renowned musicians train five young aspirant vocalists whose goal is to get a record contract with a prominent label. Nelly Furtado presents a challenge to the youngsters.


Man Vs Child: Chef Showdown (S2) – Home ...

2017.10.26(Thr) 07:00PM

  Our child chef prodigies take on Executive Chef Eli Kirshstein in a battle based on home cooking. Our talented chefs will feature canned foods, reinvent the TV dinner and finally, cook a deep South trio.


MasterChef Australia

2017.10.22(Sun) 08:30PM

With immunity up for grabs, contestants will work in pairs to create a savoury & sweet jaffle in 45 minutes. The winning pair will then need to out cook professional chefs to secure an immunity pin.