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Keeping Up With The Joneses: The Wrong Nemesis

today 10:00PM

  With new husband Webb now deceased, Robin stands to inherit a fortune – with a little help from Sheldon, the family's lawyer.


Keeping Up With The Joneses: The Wrong Blackmail

2024.02.22(thur) 10:00PM

  When stepmother and family matriarch Robin is returned after being kidnapped, the Jones women face their hardest challenges yet to keeping their business and their family intact.


An Amish Sin

2024.02.21(wed) 10:00PM

  Rachel refuses to obey her parents' command to marry the man who abused her. She is sent to "rehab" for girls who don't follow the rules. Managing to escape, she must learn to find her place in world.  


Keeping Up With The Joneses: The Wrong Letter

2024.02.20(tue) 10:00PM

  Robin Jones and her four stepdaughters have just survived several attempts on their lives by a family member. Moving on from the ordeal, they realise that their problems haven't disappeared.


Keeping Up With The Joneses: The Wrong Family

2024.02.19(mon) 10:00PM

  For generations, the wealthy Jones family has dominated life in and around the seaside town of Pacific Hills. Now someone is coming after the family, trying to beat them at their own game.


Engaged To Be Murdered

2024.02.18(sun) 10:00PM

Amanda Finley will stop at nothing to keep her son Jackson from marrying Olivia, who she suspects of being after his money.


The Wrong Blind Date

2024.02.17(sat) 10:00PM

Recently divorced Laura is encouraged by both her therapist and her daughter to get back into the dating game. She meets Kevin, but is there a sinister motive behind his kind gestures?


A Professor’s Vengeance

2024.02.16(fri) 10:00PM

  When Nicole Atkins returns to graduate school, a previous affair with a married professor is the last thing on her mind. But someone else on campus has his eye on Nicole; someone who knows all her secrets.


Murder on Maple Drive

2024.02.15(thur) 10:00PM

  In an effort to 'keep up with the Joneses', a couple stretch their finances to buy a home in an upper-class neighbourhood. But after they move in and befriend a neighbour, strange things begin to happen.


Killer Cheer Mom

2024.02.13(tue) 10:00PM

High school junior Riley has moved to a new town with her dad and stepmum. She decides to try out for the cheer squad, but then several cheerleaders are expelled or injured under suspicious circumstances.


Designed for Death

2024.02.12(mon) 10:00PM

After revamping a home, beautiful interior decorator Ava becomes madly obsessed with the handsome owner. She sets out to eliminate his family and live in the house she created with the man she loves.


Dating Hell

2024.02.11(sun) 10:00PM

Hannah uses a dating app to find the wonderful Daniel. Soon after, Hannah's babysitter is murdered and Hannah herself barely escapes. Someone wants her dead for certain, but what if it's not Daniel?


Your Boyfriend Is Mine

2024.02.10(sat) 10:00PM

  A man agrees to take a job as the live-in servant to a wealthy businesswoman, but soon realises he has made a deal with the devil.


Bury the Past

2024.02.09(fri) 10:00PM

   Alice was married to an abusive police officer. After Alice killed him in self-defence, she fled and went into hiding. But now an old police buddy of her dead husband is on her porch.


The Wrong Cheer Captain

2024.02.08(thur) 10:00PM

  Young cheerleader Kate suspects the newly made Cheer Captain, Anna, had something to do with the mysterious death of Emma, who was her main competition. Now Kate becomes the centre of attention for Anna.