History HD Channel

Evolve – Speed

Program Highlights 2018.02.14(wed) 10:45PM

  Speed, the ability to react and move, can often mean the difference between life and death in the animal kingdom. Some animals have evolved into championship fliers, swimmers and runners.


Your Bleeped Up Brain

Program Highlights 2018.02.13(tue) 08:00PM

  We trust our brains to decide what is true or false every day. Most of the time we generally think we get things right but the truth might be different. Explore how our brains separate fact from fiction.


Modern Marvels – Most Dangerous

Program Highlights 2018.02.12(mon) 07:05PM

Discover that the deadliest snakes, sports and weather events are closer and more treacherous than you think. Travel to the slopes of Mt. Rainier and find out why 100,000 people could be in trouble.


10 Things You Don’t Know About

Program Highlights 2018.02.09(fri) 08:55PM

  Columbia's most infamous drug lord, he also violated the dead, set fire to cash to keep warm, and even helped the US hunt Osama Bin Laden.


Human Weapon – Pankration: The Original ...

Program Highlights 2018.02.08(thur) 08:00PM

  The hosts visit Greece to explore Pankration, a martial art that originated four thousand years ago, and engage in a legal match with a six-time national champion.


Evolve – Sex

Program Highlights 2018.02.07(wed) 10:45PM

  In the history of life on earth, sex is the ultimate survival skill, as the bottom line is reproduce or die. This driving force of life comes in many forms. 


Gas Station

Program Highlights 2018.02.06(tue) 10:20PM

  How safe are gas stations, and the tankers that deliver gasoline? Get to the bottom of this mystery by slicing open a gas station pump, a dispenser nozzle, and a fully loaded gasoline tanker.


Food Tech

Program Highlights 2018.02.04(sun) 08:00PM

  Host Bobby Bognar travels to Washington's Yakima Valley to help farmers grow the spice of beer. In Michigan, he uncovers how a special hybrid of popcorn is vital to making Cracker Jack.


Life After People

Program Highlights 2018.02.02(fri) 08:00PM

  Geothermal power plants buckle under the strain of superheated steam, an abandoned town is overrun by 400 million animals and 50-ton minerals grow unchecked in an abandoned mine. 


Modern Marvels – Locomotives

Program Highlights 2018.01.31(wed) 07:05PM

  Zip through France at nearly 300 MPH on the TGV, ride on the little engines as they guide giant ships through the Panama Canal, watch two locomotives crash head-on on Modern Marvels.


Your Bleeped Up Brain (S1) – Superstition

Program Highlights 2018.01.30(tue) 08:00PM

  Investigate how our minds make connections and attempt to see into the future. By scouring ancient stories of conspiracies, we will reveal how we are hard wired to fall prey to all kinds of superstitions.


Only In America With Larry The Cable Guy (S3) ...

Program Highlights 2018.01.29(mon) 10:45PM

  Larry hunts for crazy critters in Florida. He follows one of the state's leading herpetologists, tracking and collecting some of the most venomous snakes in the world.


Modern Marvels – Atlantic Wall

Program Highlights 2018.01.28(sun) 08:55PM

Explore the Atlantic Wall, 3000 miles of shore fortifications along occupied European coastline. Learn about the logistics of construction, and the types of fortifications in the wall used by the Germans.


Unsung Heroes Of World War II – Rangers In ...

Program Highlights 2018.01.27(sat) 11:40PM

  After WWII, the elite Ranger battalions disappeared due to downsizing of U.S. forces. But when North Korea invaded South Korea, Army Rangers were sent in to penetrate behind North Korean lines.


Life After People (S2)

Program Highlights 2018.01.26(fri) 08:00PM

  Examine the apocalyptic fate of every home. Gas leaks turn suburbs into infernos, paint causes some homes to explode in flames. Houses fall from the world tallest apartments to the most crowded complexes.