History HD Channel

Modern Marvels – Welding

Program Highlights 2018.03.28(wed) 07:05PM

  Spark up the torches and get an inside look at how welding has helped to create the world we live in and how it continues to shape the future.


Modern Marvels – Atlantic Wall

Program Highlights 2018.03.21(wed) 07:05PM

  Explore the Atlantic Wall, 3000 miles of shore fortifications along occupied European coastline. Learn about the logistics of construction, and the types of fortifications in the wall used by the Germans.


Modern Marvels – Grease

Program Highlights 2018.03.14(wed) 07:05PM

  Deep into the places most people never see, grease is keeping the world in motion. Discover how its made, its uses and its advances.


Modern Marvels – Environmental Tech

Program Highlights 2018.03.06(tue) 07:05PM

  Follow us as we see the 21st Century's 'green' technologies in action. We'll see how human ingenuity takes on our most daunting environmental crises, from global warming to nuclear waste. 


Built To Last

Program Highlights 2018.03.05(mon) 07:05PM

  For centuries, man has strived to defy both natural and man-made disasters by creating stronger, more long lasting shelters, machines, containers, materials and packaging to help defy the test of time.


Evolve – Eyes

Program Highlights 2018.02.28(wed) 10:45PM

Discover how dinosaur's evolved eyes helped them become successful hunters and learn how primates evolved unique adaptations to see colors helped them find food.


Modern Marvels – Made In The USA

Program Highlights 2018.02.27(tue) 07:05PM

Modern Marvels – Commercial Fishing

Program Highlights 2018.02.26(mon) 07:05PM

Seafood is a popular dish, no matter how you serve it. Americans consume more than 5 billion pounds of fish each year and it takes more than a rod and reel to fill that multi-billion dollar order.


Italian Dinner

Program Highlights 2018.02.23(fri) 07:05PM

  The host visits New Mexico and North Carolina to learn about the ingredients in pasta sauces. Later, he learns how one type of bacteria makes both vinegar and wine. 


Shootout! – Swat Team Shootouts

Program Highlights 2018.02.22(thur) 09:50PM

Follow SWAT as they plan to rescue hostages held at gunpoint in a bar and track their strategy as they get ready to lay siege to an electronics store held captive by four armed men.


Evolve – Skin

Program Highlights 2018.02.21(wed) 10:45PM

From the delicate membranes that encased the earliest animals to the leathery hides that protected dinosaurs, how skin has changed and adapted to any challenge throughout history is explored.


History’s Lost & Found – ...

Program Highlights 2018.02.20(tue) 09:50PM

Explore the story of Thomas Edison and the first electric chair, the  axe Lizzie Borden used to butcher her parents and the guillotine blade that beheaded Marie Antoinette.


Win, Lose Or Fail – Step Outside

Program Highlights 2018.02.19(mon) 08:00PM

A man shows the expertise to save a family from a swarm of bees; a rip current drags a diver deep into an ocean; a skier's body temperature drops 40 degrees below normal after a fall.


How To Be A Ballbuster

Program Highlights 2018.02.16(fri) 07:30PM

  Terry must count more than 1,000 baseballs in an hour or less; then build a pyramid based on a complex equation. 


Human Weapon – Passport To Pain

Program Highlights 2018.02.15(thur) 08:00PM

  The hosts recount the nastiest fights, toughest fighters, strangest encounters and wildest training sessions in their quest to experience the greatest martial arts of the world.