History HD Channel

Evolve – Sex

Program Highlights 2018.05.30(wed) 09:50PM

  In the history of life on earth, sex is the ultimate survival skill, as the bottom line is reproduce or die. This driving force of life comes in many forms. How will sex evolve in the future?


History’s Mysteries – Alamo Scouts

Program Highlights 2018.05.26(sat) 08:00PM

  The experts explore Alamo Scouts, a group of less than 50 handpicked volunteers, who endured a secret training program that turned them into some of World War II's most specialized troops.


Judo: Samurai Legacy

Program Highlights 2018.05.23(wed) 11:40PM

  Jason and Bill visit Japan to learn Judo techniques; a world champion judoka gives the hosts match-winning tactics; a samurai descendant describes how judo and ju-jitsu differ.


History’s Mysteries – Bounty Hunters: ...

Program Highlights 2018.05.19(sat) 08:00PM

  Experts trace centuries of legal history supporting bounty hunters, from medieval tradition to English common law, from slave catchers to lawmen of the Wild West.


Evolve – Shape

Program Highlights 2018.05.16(wed) 09:50PM

  The pressure to survive has resulted in changing shapes. Explore the evolution of animal shape and how a slight alteration of a leg or head can mean the difference between life and extinction.


Evolve – Communication

Program Highlights 2018.05.09(wed) 09:35PM

  Humans are not the only species that can communicate. Simple organisms like bacteria can communicate a strategy that lets them cooperate to take down creatures much bigger than them.


History’s Mysteries – FBI’s Ten ...

Program Highlights 2018.05.05(sat) 08:00PM

Experts examine the most interesting cases, from the famous to the odd, and highlight the changes in the type of outlaw in the FBI's Ten Most Wanted list.


Evolve – Eyes

Program Highlights 2018.05.02(wed) 09:50PM

  Discover how dinosaur's evolved eyes helped them become successful hunters and learn how primates evolved unique adaptations to see colors helped them find food.


History’s Mysteries – Secret Societies

Program Highlights 2018.04.28(sat) 08:00PM

  From the Appalachian hills arose America's most famous family fued, which allegedly began in 1878 with the theft of a hog. Experts examine the case.


Mankind The Story Of All Of Us – Plague

Program Highlights 2018.04.25(wed) 08:55PM

  Genghis Khan sweeps south from Mongolia into China and leaves 40 million dead, but a greater killer known as the Plague stalks mankind, the greatest biological disaster in history.


History’s Mysteries – Secret Societies

Program Highlights 2018.04.21(sat) 08:00PM

  Experts examine a number of clandestine organizations, including those from the past and present, and explain why so many people are convinced of their nefarious agendas.


The Tech Effect – Hollywood Bank Shootout

Program Highlights 2018.04.18(wed) 08:25PM

  Examine the technology of three AK-47s, an M16, an HK 91 sniper rifle, two handguns, and 3,000 rounds of ammo that were used in a robbery a Bank of America branch in North Hollywood, California.


History’s Mysteries – The True Story ...

Program Highlights 2018.04.14(sat) 08:00PM

  Using information from the newly uncovered Rasputin file, a report originally prepared by the Russian secret police reveals the truth about the rise of the Mad Monk.


The Tech Effect – Hiroshima

Program Highlights 2018.04.11(wed) 08:25PM

  Examine the technology that led to the dropping of an atomic bomb on Japan's Hiroshima on 6 August 1945 and how the US scientists and government executed 'The Manhattan Project' secretly.


Weird Us – Strange But True

Program Highlights 2018.04.04(wed) 09:50PM

  The hosts expose the story of a man who was hung and then turned into wallets in 1833. They then examine the case of people claiming to descend from the American aboriginals.