History HD Channel

Brad Meltzer’s Decoded

Program Highlights 2020.04.02(thur) 06:20PM

  Brad Meltzer and his team investigate a legend of millions of dollars' worth of missing gold and silver from the Confederate treasury, which still lies hidden in places across America.


Hands On History

Program Highlights 2020.02.16(sun) 08:25PM

  The host delves into the evolution of fighter pilots and engages in several activities including flying a navy biplane and going to flight school to learn the basics of combat.


10 Things You Don’t Know About

Program Highlights 2020.02.12(wed) 10:25PM

  Sharing unbelievable innovations, bitter rivalries, spy games and even bankrupt presidents, the host challenges several preconceived notions about the founding fathers of the US.


Haunted History

Program Highlights 2020.02.12(wed) 08:00PM

  Baltimore's harbour was a defensive stronghold and ghosts still walk the USS Constellation; the Poe House hosts many strange occurrences.


D-Days In The Pacific

Program Highlights 2020.02.10(mon) 07:10PM

  In a 3-part overview of WWII Pacific storm landings, we examine the sometimes disastrous, often brilliant learning curve of the Japanese/American opponents.


Jurassic Fight Club

Program Highlights 2020.02.07(fri) 06:20PM

  Allosaurus and ceratosaurus fight each other at a prehistoric watering hole, which is the sight of many battles. Scientists discover where dinosaur species fought during the drought.


Museum Men

Program Highlights 2020.02.06(thur) 08:00PM

Creative Arts has been commissioned by the Tennessee Museum of Aviation to build the Skycycle X-2, the rocket used by Evel Knievel in his most famous daredevil stunt.


Haunted History

Program Highlights 2020.02.05(wed) 08:00PM

Philadephia is the cradle of the American Revolution, but when one roams its hallowed streets, one may encounter restless spirits strolling in the city.


Stan Lee’s Superhumans

Program Highlights 2020.02.02(sun) 09:40PM

A man attempts to jump a moving car. Next, a man swims amongst sharks. Later, a Japanese man sprints on all fours in record time.


Serial Killer Earth

Program Highlights 2020.02.01(sat) 08:00PM

  A tornado chases a family, nearly crushing them with their truck. A volcano blows its stack almost annihilating the population of the Pacific Northwest. Mother Nature continues to wreak havoc.



Program Highlights 2020.01.31(fri) 10:25PM

  In Colorado’s Rocky Mountains, a creature is preying on the elk and frightening residents. MonsterQuest’s aerial search ascends to 11,000ft, as the ground team scales Pikes Peak to hunt for the Snowbeast.


The Founding Fathers

Program Highlights 2020.01.30(thur) 10:15PM

  After undeclared war simmers for a year and peace talks fail, the Declaration of Independence is debated, written and issued. We'll look at the toll the war takes on the patriots.


America’s Book Of Secrets

Program Highlights 2020.01.29(wed) 10:25PM

  Americans may be aware of what's above ground, but do they know what's concealed beneath? We examine the tunnels, cities, and fortresses covertly constructed beneath the feet of the American public.


All You Can Eat

Program Highlights 2020.01.28(tue) 10:20PM

From the original burger to the highest stack of patties on the menu, this episode takes a 'between the buns' look at some of America's favorites. We meet a guy who can name over 100 types of sandwiches.


Human Weapon

Program Highlights 2020.01.27(mon) 10:30PM

The hosts visit Greece to explore Pankration, a martial art that originated four thousand years ago, and engage in a legal match with a six-time national champion.