History HD Channel

Wealth And Power

Program Highlights 2018.07.18(Wed) 09:50PM

  Mary Pickford, Lucille Ball, Desi Arnaz, Steven Spielberg and Oprah Winfrey attained positions of wealth and power that few celebrities will ever achieve.


History’s Mysteries – The Greek Gods

Program Highlights 2018.07.14(Sat) 08:00PM

  Experts visit magnificent monuments and temples to see how the gods' changing faces reflected the advancement of the Greeks.



Program Highlights 2018.07.11(Wed) 07:05PM

  Experts probe to ascertain whether they could have survived the icy waters of Devil's Island in the middle of San Francisco Bay, which had evil spirits according to the Amerindians.


The Battle History Of The US Air Force

Program Highlights 2018.07.07(Sat) 10:45PM

  The failure of high-level raids over Japan leads to the coming of Curtis LeMay and the switch to devastating B-29 fire raids.



Program Highlights 2018.07.04(Wed) 07:05PM

  The Amityville Horror was perhaps history's most famous haunting. Investigators use new technology to prove that these demonic spirits not only exist but also have taken over a new location.


History’s Mysteries

Program Highlights 2018.06.30(Sat) 08:00PM

  Experts offer new information about the Brownsville Raid in which unknown men shot up the streets of Brownsville, Texas, killing one man and hurting another in 1906.



Program Highlights 2018.06.27(Wed) 11:40PM

  The investigators visit the Everglades of Florida where pet pythons have escaped and are multiplying and growing to huge sizes, preying on various animals, including an alligator.


Evolve – Speed

Program Highlights 2018.06.20(Wed) 09:50PM

  Speed, the ability to react and move, can often mean the difference between life and death in the animal kingdom. Some animals have evolved into championship fliers, swimmers and runners.


Evolve – Venom

Program Highlights 2018.06.13(Wed) 09:50PM

  Venom, a deadly natural weapon, has independently evolved in diverse creatures. Bryan Fry shows how the the inland taipan has converted the building blocks of its body into lethal toxins.


Evolve – Skin

Program Highlights 2018.06.06(Wed) 09:50PM

  From the delicate membranes that encased the earliest animals to the leathery hides that protected dinosaurs, how skin has changed and adapted to any challenge throughout history is explored.


Evolve – Sex

Program Highlights 2018.05.30(Wed) 09:50PM

  In the history of life on earth, sex is the ultimate survival skill, as the bottom line is reproduce or die. This driving force of life comes in many forms. How will sex evolve in the future?


History’s Mysteries – Alamo Scouts

Program Highlights 2018.05.26(Sat) 08:00PM

  The experts explore Alamo Scouts, a group of less than 50 handpicked volunteers, who endured a secret training program that turned them into some of World War II's most specialized troops.


Judo: Samurai Legacy

Program Highlights 2018.05.23(Wed) 11:40PM

  Jason and Bill visit Japan to learn Judo techniques; a world champion judoka gives the hosts match-winning tactics; a samurai descendant describes how judo and ju-jitsu differ.


History’s Mysteries – Bounty Hunters: ...

Program Highlights 2018.05.19(Sat) 08:00PM

  Experts trace centuries of legal history supporting bounty hunters, from medieval tradition to English common law, from slave catchers to lawmen of the Wild West.


Evolve – Shape

Program Highlights 2018.05.16(Wed) 09:50PM

  The pressure to survive has resulted in changing shapes. Explore the evolution of animal shape and how a slight alteration of a leg or head can mean the difference between life and extinction.