Discovery HD World

Gold Rush(S8):The Viking Vs. The Mechanic

Program Highlights 2018.03.10(sat) 09:00PM

Parker battles to manoeuver a 150 foot super conveyor and Tony desperately needs dredge #1 to deliver gold but frozen ice may derail his plans.


Naked And Afraid Xl(S2):Divided We Fall

Program Highlights 2018.01.28(sun) 08:05PM

Days after the shocking arrival of a new team member, division among the remaining six survivalists deepens as Russell leads the men on a risky hunting expedition.


NASA’s Unexplained Files(S2):Lethal Weapons

Program Highlights 2018.01.21(sun) 09:55PM

How did pictures from the Hubble telescope make the comet look like a spacecraft? Has earth already been invaded by aliens? What force is smashing a asteroid to pieces?