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Supercar Megabuild S2 Sub Zero Porsche

2017.07.29(Sat) 10:00PM

  When supercar dealer, Alex Prindiville, makes a promise that he can make an ice racing Porsche in just four weeks, he may have a huge problem.


Breakout: Through The Wall

2017.07.28(Fri) 10:00PM

  Breakout: Through The Wall gives the inside story behind two maximum-security prison breaks.


Inside US Border War

2017.07.27(Thr) 10:00PM

  Drugs, border, two hot commodities, an escalated battle and an increase in the arsenal of weapons and tactics.


Invasion Earth Ep 5

2017.07.26(Wed) 10:00PM

  There have been a lot of UFO sightings worldwide, which has sparked mass investigations.


Wicked Tuna: North vs South S2 Wicked End

2017.07.25(Tue) 10:00PM

  Southern boats Reels of Fortune and Fishin' Frenzy are running neck-and-neck for the top spot.


Continent 7: Antarctica Antarctic Aftermath

2017.07.23(Sun) 10:00PM

Continuing their struggle of enduring a Condition One storm, the scientists go through probably the toughest moment in accomplishing their mission.


Supercar Megabuild S2 Le Mans Maserati

2017.07.22(Sat) 10:00PM

  Jodie Kidd wants mechanics Shane and Dan to convert a family saloon Maserati Ghibli into something capable of going 200 miles an hour! 


Border Wars Beyond the Bust

2017.07.21(Fri) 10:00PM

  For some it's just another day at the office. For others it's personal. Watch to see what happens Beyond The Bust.


Restrepo: Outpost Afghanistan (1 hour)

2017.07.20(Thr) 10:00PM

  Featuring a full access to a platoon of US soldiers in Afghanistan, the film reveals the tears and the truth about fighting on the frontline.


Invasion Earth Ep 4

2017.07.19(Wed) 10:00PM

  Witnesses in Texas claim their confusing physical illnesses are due to a massive, fiery, diamond-shaped object. What was it actually?


Wicked Tuna: North vs South S2 On A Fin And A ...

2017.07.18(Tue) 10:00PM

  With only five days left to fish, the pressure is palpable, pitting boat against boat, and on one troubled vessel, captain against crew.


Primal Survivor S2 Killer Seas

2017.07.17(Mon) 10:00PM

In the seething waters of a remote volcanic island of Pongso No Tao, Hazen sets out on an epic ocean journey in a tiny traditional wooden boat.


Continent 7: Antarctica Not Fit For Human Life

2017.07.16(Sun) 10:00PM

Mega Factories S2 Ikea

2017.07.15(Sat) 10:00PM

  IKEA represents a distinct design at an affordable price with the entire contents of a home designed, manufactured and supplied.


Border Wars Cars, Cash and Stash

2017.07.14(Fri) 10:00PM

  That is the 24/7 routines from east Texas to the California coast as clever crooks try to outwit the Customs and Border Patrol.