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Locked Up Abroad S12 Caribean Coke King

2019.03.12(tue) 08:00PM

  A friendship that pulled a man out of depression soon leads to a life of crime and a Dominican prison sentence.


Hitler’s Supergun

2019.03.11(mon) 07:00PM

  This documentary examines an attempt by the Nazis to create a supergun that could reach London from the shores of France, and why it failed.


Monster Fish S4 600 Lb Goldfish

2019.03.10(sun) 08:00PM

  Zeb Hogan travels to Thailand where he catches a giant carp of the size of a cow and has a competition to see who can catch the biggest fish.


Air Crash Investigation: Special Report Missing ...

2019.03.09(sat) 09:00PM

Three horrifying accidents capture the world's attention. Investigators are pushed to the limit to uncover the hidden clues of these deadly mysteries.


Explorer S3 Space Race

2019.03.08(fri) 09:00PM

  Reports from the Paranal Observatory in South America, on how Lemurs can help human’s ambitions to travel to Mars and with the Flat Earth Movement.


Headhunters of WWII

2019.03.07(thur) 09:00PM

  In 1945, as WWII rages, an eccentric British Army officer revives the ancient custom of headhunting in his campaign against the Japanese.



2019.03.06(wed) 09:00PM

  Using never-before-seen footage, the film tells the story of Jane's groundbreaking field work and the chimpanzees that were the subject of her study.


Locked Up Abroad S12 Greek Border Bust

2019.03.05(tue) 08:00PM

  David and Tom start small smuggling marijuana to Hawaii but when they graduate to a grander scheme, things go wrong and they face 20 years in prison. 


Ghosts of Pearl Harbor

2019.03.04(mon) 07:00PM

  NGC examines moment-by-moment how this day thrust the United States into World War II and changed America forever.


Wicked Tuna: North vs South S5 Blood, Sweat And ...

2019.03.03(sun) 09:00PM

Only the strong survive but who has what it takes in the battle between man and nature? Only the strong survive but who has what it takes in the battle between man and nature?


Scam City S1 Buenos Aires

2019.03.02(sat) 08:00PM

  Common scams here involve pickpocketing, clip joints, vice girls and taxi scams but the most prevalent one is the problem with counterfeit money.


The Big Picture With Kal Penn Born To Be Wired

2019.03.01(fri) 07:00PM

  Don't be fooled – the internet isn't wireless. Kal deconstructs how we are all connected in the virtual world and unveils surprising revelations.


Fish Tank Kings S2 There’s A Tree In My ...

2019.02.27(wed) 07:00PM

  Allpets is opening a new store and has asks Living Color to create a unique centerpiece. Meanwhile Living Color is building a new quarantine facility. nd Castaway Science MacGyver Andy Quitmeyer has just a backpack filled with everyday tech gear to help him survive the wilderness.


Wild Mongolia: Land of Extremes Kingdom Above The ...

2019.02.26(tue) 09:30PM

  Mongolia's Altai Mountains are a golden backdrop to some of the most iconic and elusive animals in the world.


Science of Stupid S5 Ep 9

2019.02.21(thur) 07:00PM

  In this episode we learn how many ways there are to injure and humiliate yourselfunicycling off-road, mounting a segway or arm-wrestling.