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Challenger Disaster: Lost Tapes

2016.01.24(Sun) 10:00PM

  The Challenger Disaster Tapes follows the story of the Space Shuttle Challenger and it's crew, specifically Christa Mcauliffe, the first civilian to be launched into space. Mcauliffe was a teacher from Concord, N.H., She was chosen from thousands of applicants to expand the understanding of the nation's school children about space and the next…


Inside Cocaine Wars Cocaine Crackdown

2016.01.23(Sat) 08:00PM

  American DEA Special Agents put the ultimate crackdown on billion dollar drug cartelserican streets.


Primal Survivor Cannibal Legend

2016.01.22(Fri) 05:05PM

  Hazen Audel embarks on a personal quest – to reach a former headhunting village.        


Breakout S2 Keys To Success

2016.01.21(Thr) 05:05PM

  Desperate for freedom, Tim Jenkins builds wooden keys in an escape attempt from a high security prison in South Africa. Matthew Williams fashions keys out of metal to try and escape an island prison in the UK.


How To Win At Everything

2016.01.16(Sat) 09:00PM

  In this exciting episoide of How to Win at Everything we learn about the science behind high speed parallel parking and see it domonstarted by a world class expert. We learn how to perform the legendary table cloth pull and what to do what not to do if you want to avoid smashing your…


Dog Whisperer

2016.01.15(Fri) 07:00PM

  Sabrinas Welsh Sealyham terrier Maxwell has a pompous attitude. Can Cesar help dethrone Maxwell and reinstate Sabrina to her rightful place as pack leader?


Building Wild Moveable Beast

2016.01.14(Thr) 09:00PM

  Former Navy SEAL Brendan has purchased a huge tract of land in Vermont with his best friend John. These two outdoorsmen share one rugged dream: to build an ultimate military-inspired getaway they can share with friends – a "man camp" where soldier and civilian can come together to share survival and orienteering skills. Brendan…


A World Unseen

2016.01.13(Wed) 09:00PM

  A parallel documentary to the film "The Revenant", takes the journey into the world of 19th century America, uncovering the true story of the original Mountain Men and the birth of Capitalism. The documentary will aim to explore the correlation between those early ideals and their lasting current realities, as they affect humanity and…


Big Fish, Texas Clash of The Guindons

2016.01.12(Tue) 09:00PM

When Nick learns that he's 10,000 pounds short on a snapper order, he turns to Hans and Kenny for help. Kenny has been Katie's Seafood's go-to guy for years, but his cocky nephew Hans claims to be the best fisherman in the family. The two decide to split the order, and settle the score by…


Inside The Mega Twister

2016.01.11(Mon) 08:00PM

The tornado that struck El Reno, Oklahoma, on May 31, 2013, defined superlatives.  


Inside The Mega Twister

2016.01.10(Sun) 10:00PM

  The tornado that struck El Reno, Oklahoma, on May 31, 2013, defined superlatives. It was the largest, one of the fastest, and-for storm chasers-the most lethal twister ever recorded on Earth. Among those it claimed was Tim Samaras, revered as one of the most experienced and cautious scientists studying tornadoes. But this storm was…


Inside Korea’s Garden of the Gods

2016.01.09(Sat) 08:00PM

  South Korea possesses forty incredible royal tombs that some say rival the Egyptian pyramids and ancient Chinese burial sites. Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site, these structures hold the kings and queens from one of the most influential periods in Korean history. These tombs give scientists insights into the rich history of the…


Bugging Hitler’s Army

2016.01.08(Fri) 05:05PM

  In 1939 British Intelligence turned a stately home outside London into a POW camp for captured German officers. All the critical rooms in the camp were bugged so that every conversation between the prisoners could be listened to and the most sensitive, unguarded soldiers talk recorded. Now, 60 years later the chilling and totally…


Time Scanners Egyptian Pyramids

2016.01.07(Thr) 01:25PM

  The team travel to Egypt to scan the pyramids – the tombs of the mighty Pharaohs. They want to find out how simple mud-brick structures evolved into some of the most impressive buildings in the ancient world.


Beyond Magic with DMC Torn Apart

2016.01.06(Wed) 08:00PM

  In this episode DMC (Drummond Money-Coutts) magician, illusionist and card shark, reattempts a major feat of escapology that almost cost him his life two years ago. This time, however, he recreates it on an epic scale whilst exploring the physical, mental and psychological disciplines required in the dangerous world of Escapology. The episode culminates…