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Cesar To The Rescue S3 The Goat Slayer

2016.05.08(Sun) 05:05PM

  Cesar's first call comes from Damian and his daughter Amanda about his wife Shannon's dog Gio, who is causing a rift in the family. Shannon rescued Gio and brought him home to live with their family and five other dogs. But Gio has viscously attacked the other dogs and their daughter Amanda. Cesar sees…


Seconds From Disaster S6 Nagasaki- The Forgotten ...

2016.05.07(Sat) 04:10PM

  The use of the atomic bombs in World War II still excites controversy, particularly the necessity for the second bomb on Nagasaki.


Kung Fu Motion Man Juggling

2016.05.06(Fri) 08:00PM

  Harry arrives in Jinan, the capital of the Shandong Province and home of the famous Shandong Acrobatic Troupe. Under Master Yao Jian Guo, the Troupe has won an international reputation for its Man Juggling act. This stunt requires the juggler to toss, flip, and flick his team mates high into the air, using leg…


Engineering Connections Taipei Tower

2016.05.05(Thr) 08:00PM

  Richard Hammond travels to Taipei and discovers the secrets of one of the worlds tallest buildings, Taipei 101. This modern marvel of engineering stands at a jaw dropping 1671 feet. Built right next to a seismic fault line and in a typhoon hotspot its height is all the more impressive. Richard discovers just what…


Cameramen Who Dare Shark Swarm

2016.05.04(Wed) 07:00PM

  Join the wild advetures from behind the lens as cameramen get dropped into shark infested waters to capture wildlife's award-winning shots. ^


Maneater Manhunt Wolf Hunt

2016.05.03(Tue) 06:00PM

  Wolf attacks on people are extremely rare; in the entire recorded history of North America there have been only two incidents where autopsy has confirmed wolf attacks as the cause of death. For Gordon Buchanan, with years of experience encountering large predators in the wild, wolves have never been a cause for concern. However…


Highway Thru Hell: Canada The Avalanche Zone

2016.05.02(Mon) 02:20PM

When traffic starts backing up in avalanche zones, highway authorities decide to close the road.  


Mine Kings Explosives And Emeralds

2016.05.01(Sun) 07:00PM

  On the fringes of Zambia's industrial 'Copperbelt' is a vein of some of the richest emeralds in the world. But the area is notoriously filled with illegal mining and smuggling. To protect this rich gem fields the whole area is secured by armed guards within a cordoned off military zone. Sentries with AK47's control…


I Wouldn’t Go In There Japan: Lost Souls of ...

2016.04.30(Sat) 05:05PM

  Rumors of homicide, child ghosts and samurai warriors on horseback are the first leads Blogger/Urban Explorer Robert Joe (R.J.) has as he investigates a concentration of paranormal stories at an American military outpost, Kadena Air Base in Okinawa, Japan. Tracking down the origins of these mysterious stories sends RJ deep into Okinawas past, where…


Somewhere In China Silk Road

2016.04.29(Fri) 08:00PM

  Jeff and Peter Hutchens begin their China journey in Chinas westernmost province, Xingjiang. Populated by locals known as Uyghars, the brothers try to learn the ways of these rough people. They begin their journey in the city of Kashgar. Located near the only passes through the nearly impassible Pamir mountains, Kashgar was the last…


Man V. Viral Leaf-Blower Swivel Chair

2016.04.28(Thr) 12:30PM

  Using Tim Shaws engineering skills and Buddy Munros gutsy physicality the duo take on the chaotic forces of a jet-powered rodeo ride. Determined to be the best in the business they build a world beating, twin-engined swivel chair, and they try and find out if a German Soccer squad executed a mind-boggling trick shot…


Megastructures Eco-Ark

2016.04.27(Wed) 05:05PM

  The Eco Ark pavilion is hailed as a new benchmark for the future of green buildings. It is also a spectacular showpiece.


Maneater Manhunt Tiger At Large

2016.04.26(Tue) 06:00PM

  The tiger: rare, elusive, and beautiful, but sometimes deadly. As their habitat shrinks and their wild prey declines, the tigers of Chitwan National Park in Nepal are increasingly hunting humans for meat.1 Over the last quarter of a century 88 people have been killed by tigers in and around the park.2 One particular tigress…


Highway Thru Hell: Canada No Tears in Towing

2016.04.25(Mon) 02:20PM

  Jamie isnt the only tow guy on the Coq. Lone wolf Al Quiring is a tough as nails wrecker and Jamies main rival. Their dads did battle a generation ago, now Jamie and Al are fighting it out for the title -"King of the Coq". When the Rotator lands in the shop during an…


The Story of God with Morgan Freeman Who is God?

2016.04.24(Sun) 11:35AM

The Story of God is Morgan Freeman's epic exploration and intimate reflection on God. Each episode will center on one big question about the divine: from the mystery of creation, the true power of miracles, to the promise of resurrection. These timeless and universal mysteries impact everyone from every faith. Morgan will immerse himself into…