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Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey The World Set Free

2016.07.28(Thr) 10:00PM

  Our journey begins with a trip to another world and time, an idyllic beach during the last perfect day on the planet Venus.


Engineering Connections S3 Space Shuttle

2016.07.27(Wed) 08:00PM

  Richard Hammond reveals the surprising engineering connections to NASA's Space Shuttle – the world's first reusable space craft.


Hazen’s Wild Survival Guide Desert

2016.07.25(Mon) 10:00PM

From finding water to staying safe to dressing right, this will be the guide to desert life using ancient skills of the local indigenous people.


Hubble’s Cosmic Journey

2016.07.24(Sun) 10:00PM

Hubble was launched in April 1990 onboard Space Shuttle Discovery. 


Explorer Battle For Virunga

2016.07.23(Sat) 08:00PM

  Explorer ventures into Congo's Virunga National Park to take an intimate, compelling look at how Emmanuelle de Merode, a Belgian prince and the fearless new warden there, is fighting poachers to save his park.


Mygrations Into The Unknown

2016.07.22(Fri) 10:00PM

  In Africa, 20 elite Americans attempt to take on nature and win, as they join the mammal migration to cross 200 miles of the deadly Serengeti.


Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey The Lost Worlds of ...

2016.07.21(Thr) 10:00PM

  Join us on a journey through space and time to grasp how the autobiography of the Earth is written in its atoms.


Laverstoke Mill Building the Impossible

2016.07.20(Wed) 07:00PM

  A struggle to turn a derelict paper mill into a new gin distillery encounters a problem when ambitious vision and real world engineering collide.


Card Shark

2016.07.19(Tue) 09:00PM

  Drummond Money-Coutts takes us on a mission to explore the secrets behind advanced card play and card magic.


Ultimate Survival Alaska S3 Savage Waters

2016.07.18(Mon) 07:00PM

  Teams are dropped on the banks of the Tazlina River and tasked with building log rafts.


Mission Pluto (aka Pluto Encounter)

2016.07.17(Sun) 10:00PM

  Pluto’s extraordinary story from discovery to revelation – 85 years of mystery and intrigue – will soon be complete.


Mega Factories S3 Pyrotechnics

2016.07.16(Sat) 10:00PM

Australia's Howard and Sons have been making fireworks for almost 100 years, now the reigns have been handed down to a new generation and they are breaking with tradition. Andrew and Christian Howard along with show designer Stuart Bensley are competing in the 2011 International Festival des Feux in Montreal with a new pyro musical,…


Breakout S2 Southsider Gang

2016.07.15(Fri) 07:00PM

  Dangerous gang members Tommy Valdez, Johnathon 'Snoopy' Rodriguez and Arturo Torres plan to escape from Grant County Detention Center in New Mexico. They discover a pipe chase that they hope will lead them to freedom. Inside, they slowly cut their way through the prison's roof. The escapees evade the police and make their way…


Machine Impossible Ep 1 Machines At Work

2016.07.14(Thr) 09:00PM

  This time on Machine Impossible, Max McMurdo and Mischa Pollack go on a global road trip to uncover some of the world’s hardest working gadgets. They’ll encounter gargantuan logging machines in Germany, a robot exhibition in Japan, learn a thing or two about teamwork from drones in the USA, and discover how an incredible,…


Inside: Reinventing Taipei

2016.07.13(Wed) 10:00PM

  From cutting edge skyscrapers to highly efficient subway, Taipei is known as one of the most burgeoning and vibrant megacities in Asia. Being an ever evolving capital, the 130-year-old city is now planning for a bigger dream to reappear its ancient glory by bringing back the splendor of the historic North Gate. However, the…