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Expedition Mars

2016.11.06(Sun) 10:00PM

  EXPEDITION MARS brings to life one of the greatest sagas of the Space Age – the epic struggle to get the Spirit and Opportunity rovers safely to Mars.


Facing… Facing Trump

2016.11.05(Sat) 10:00PM

  Facing Trump is an unabashed look at the 2016 Republican presidential nominee, real estate mogul and TV personality as told by those who know him best


Big Fix Alaska Long Gone On The Yukon

2016.10.31(Mon) 10:00PM

The shop receives a distress call from a Landing Craft operator stranded on the Yukon River.


A Year In Space

2016.10.30(Sun) 10:00PM

A year in space has been described as the epitome of extreme, with extraordinarily high physical stakes.


Mega Factories Armored Troop Carrier

2016.10.29(Sat) 10:00PM

  The Iveco Light Multirole Vehicle 4×4 truck, or LMV, was developed to reduce threats posed by improvised explosive devices and landmines and is designed to permit the installation of a cargo platform, an ambulance and a weapon carrier and is currently used in Afghanistan.


To Catch A Smuggler S1 Cavity Courier

2016.10.28(Fri) 10:00PM

  In the case of a suspect wearing shoes filled with cocaine, two special agents confront an unexpected problem finding out the suspect's real name.


Disappeared: The Search for Cody Dial Into The ...

2016.10.27(Thr) 10:00PM

  Carson enlists the help of two locals to record a conversation with Pata's uncle, who later admits that Cody was murdered and dumped into the river.


Explorer Call of The Wild

2016.10.26(Wed) 10:00PM

  Have you ever felt overpowered by a technological barrage?


Wicked Tuna: North vs. South S3 Underdog Day ...

2016.10.25(Tue) 10:00PM

  An underdog captain takes a stand against the cocky reigning champion who underestimates him, forcing the fleet to take notice.


Yukon Gold S4 Grit, Guts & Glory

2016.10.24(Mon) 10:00PM

  The episode features the most emotionally dramatic and explosive content from across 4 seasons to know what it takes to be a Yukon Gold Miner.


Earth From Space (2hour)

2016.10.23(Sun) 10:00PM

  Earth from Space takes you on a quest to discover the invisible forces and processes that sustain life on our planet and, see them in action in their natural environment in vivid detail.


Mega Factories Super Chopper

2016.10.22(Sat) 10:00PM

The hand built AW139 is a state-of-the-art medium class helicopter made near Milan, Italy at the AgustaWestland Factory. Today the plant is thriving but 20 years ago it was struggling to survive.


To Catch A Smuggler S1 Hidden Heroin

2016.10.21(Fri) 10:00PM

  Officers narrow down two men from different continents.Only an x-ray will determine if they are hiding anything internally or if they are just nervous


Disappeared: The Search for Cody Dial Prime ...

2016.10.20(Thr) 10:00PM

 Roman is convinced his son could handle the jungle. Later, the team learns the U.S. Embassy has Cody Dial's backpack. ��的確回過小鎮,被目擊與當地人口中的「鸚鵡腳」同行。。


Explorer Legend of The Monkey God

2016.10.19(Wed) 10:00PM

Explorer examines man's obsession to uncover ancient civilizations.