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Engineering Connections S2 Millau Sky Bridge

2019.04.16(tue) 07:00PM

  Richard Hammond reveals the Engineering Connections behind the tallest road bridge in the world, the Millau Viaduct in France.


Lost Treasures of Egypt Tomb Raiders

2019.04.15(mon) 07:00PM

  Egyptologist Don Ryan works against the clock to examine the contents of Tomb 49 – and make a dramatic discovery.


Giant Carnivorous Bats

2019.04.14(sun) 07:00PM

National Geographic Explorer Anand Varma teams with Dr. Rodrigo Medellin in search of two large, rare, and carnivorous bat species in southern Mexico.


Egypt With The World’s Greatest Explorer ...

2019.04.13(sat) 09:00PM

  Actor Joseph Fiennes joins his cousin Sir Ranulph Fiennes as he recreates his first ever expedition to Cairo along the River Nile.


How to Win at Everything Ep 7

2019.04.12(fri) 08:00PM

  Find out the secret behind powerful punches and learn juggling with bottles like a professional showman.


Do or Die Deadly Ocean Pull

2019.04.10(wed) 08:00PM

  Disaster could strike at any minute. What would you do to escape the deadly ocean current that sucks you down into the abyss?


Engineering Connections S2 Hms Illustrious

2019.04.09(tue) 07:00PM

  Richard Hammond unravels the Engineering Connections in the DNA of the mighty aircraft carrier HMS Illustrious.


Lost Treasures of Egypt Cleopatra’s Lost ...

2019.04.08(mon) 07:00PM

  Follow archaeologists hunting for Queen Cleopatra's lost tomb and a team of underwater archaeologists exploring the ruins of ancient Alexandria.


Monster Fish S4 600 Lb Goldfish

2019.04.07(sun) 08:00PM

Zeb Hogan travels to Thailand where he catches a giant carp of the size of a cow and has a competition to see who can catch the biggest fish.


Route Awakening S4 Remote Communities

2019.04.06(sat) 07:00PM

  From joss stick making, from the highest bridge to a volunteer-built passage, Harry discovers the importance of bridges to remote communities in China.


How to Win at Everything Ep 5

2019.04.05(fri) 08:00PM

  Learn how to bounce like a pro on a slack line, avoid getting shot when playing paintball, and make candles using tuna fish.


Machine Impossible Man vs Machine

2019.04.04(thur) 07:00PM

  Max and Mischa play Ping-Pong with a crafty robot that is good at the forehand and backhand techniques. Also, Mischa has a date with Nadine, a woman robot.


Brain Games S4 Left vs Right

2019.04.02(tue) 08:00PM

  We’re going to put you through a series of games and experiments designed to find out whether or not one side of your brain dominates the other.


Lost Treasures of Egypt Hunt For The Pyramid Tomb

2019.04.01(mon) 07:00PM

  Why did the great pharaohs of Egypt abandon the pyramids of Giza and choose a secret cemetery in the Valley of the kings as their burial ground?


Save the Titanic with Bob Ballard

2019.03.31(sun) 07:00PM

  Follow Dr. Robert Ballard to retrace the path of the Titanic, meet the families of victims and survivors, and examine threats to the ship’s future.