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Year Million Homo Sapien 2.0

2017.08.27(Sun) 10:00PM

  90Advances in neuroscience and engineering are bringing us closer toward a reality which artificial intelligence may surpass human intelligence.


Supercar Megabuild S2 Jaguar Dragster

2017.08.26(Sat) 10:00PM

  Shane and Dan are on a mission to make a drag racing Jaguar that can compliment one of the most celebrated aeroplanes of all time.


Diamonds, Gold And Guns: Explorer XL

2017.08.25(Fri) 10:00PM

Investigative immersion into the world of illicit sales, heists and sting operations.


Big Fix Alaska Kill Drill

2017.08.24(Thr) 10:00PM

Jim and Austin are on a mission in Beaver, AK to repair two blown-out generators that the entire village relies upon for their power supply.


JFK- Seven Days that Made a President

2017.08.23(Wed) 10:00PM

We piece together the formidable character of one of the most enduring and renowned political figures.


Wicked Tuna S6 Who Needs A Captain?

2017.08.22(Tue) 10:00PM

For the third consecutive week of tuna fishing season, Pinwheel leads the fleet with its first returning mates from a previous season.


Highway Thru Hell S4 War Zone

2017.08.21(Mon) 10:00PM

When a lumber truck and diesel tanker collide the flaming wreckage becomes the biggest recovery of Colin's career.


Alaska Fish Wars Game On

2017.08.20(Sun) 10:00PM

Our veteran captains Wes and Dan, along with the young but eager Gavin, are feeling optimistic about this year’s salmon season. pt;"新細明體","serif";老船長韋斯和丹,再加上年輕又有衝勁的蓋文船長,都對今年的鮭魚季滿懷希望,甚至認為這會是幾十年來最豐收的一次。但希望很快就轉為挫折感,其中一個老船長越界捕魚被阿拉斯加州警抓包了。於此同時,新手船長蓋文則捕到大魚,穩坐第一天的冠軍寶座。第二天的天氣是海灣這幾年來最糟的一次。


Supercar Megabuild S2 Audi R8 Drifter

2017.08.19(Sat) 10:00PM

On this episode, expert mechanics Shane and Dan need to try to convert an Audi R8 into a Gymkhana Grid contender.


Explorer S2 S2 Ep 15

2017.08.15(Tue) 08:00PM

  Join host Ted Danson as Explorer investigates the world's growing black market fish trade with totoaba, an endangered fish known as "aquatic cocaine."


Highway Thru Hell S4 Saved On Preachers Corner

2017.08.14(Mon) 10:00PM

  Jamie's new BC crew struggles with a badly mangled trailer on a dangerous blind corner. 


Continent 7: Antarctica Race To Escape

2017.08.13(Sun) 10:00PM

  As winter approaches, most people finish up their science and leave the continent but not the skeleton crew remaining during the cold months.


Supercar Megabuild S2 DeLorean Reboot

2017.08.12(Sat) 10:00PM

  The owner of the DeLorean Motor Company wants Shane and Dan to make his 80s classic and bring it back to the future.


World’s Deadliest Gangs

2017.08.11(Fri) 10:00PM

  Investigative immersion into some of the most vicious gangs in the world.


Big Fix Alaska Treading Water

2017.08.10(Thr) 10:00PM

  Jim confronted the problems of payroll deficit and warranty repair. Will Jim come up a solution?