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The Pack Wild Dogs

2016.01.22(Fri) 05:55PM

  We take an inside look at how wild dogs operate as group hunters, analyzing everything such as instinctive strategy and tactics.


Snakes In The City Ep 2

2016.01.21(Thr) 04:05PM

  Simon, Nadine and snake-catcher in training Mike struggle through a sea of trash to rescue a deadly Black mamba, go for a pool party with a Burmese python and saves a rare, pregnant Green mamba from laying her eggs where they are not wanted.


Animal Mega Moves Elephant Herd

2016.01.16(Sat) 02:15PM

  A team of specialist animal movers attempts to capture and move a herd of several dozen elephants 250 miles across Africa to a special reserve. It's a huge challenge. The team uses helicopters to locate the herds in the bush, darts them to tranquilize them, then uses cranes to carefully lift them onto trucks…


Monster Fish S4 Green Goliath

2016.01.15(Fri) 09:35PM

  The Pacific Northwest is known for things that are BIG … the giant redwoods, sweeping coastlines, and massive runs of salmon. But Zeb Hogan is looking for a goliath so elusive, that he'll scour every nook and cranny of the rivers here to find it. He's after the green sturgeon – a monster fish…


Snakes In The City Ep 1

2016.01.14(Thr) 04:05PM

  After a quiet winter, snake bounty hunters, Simon and Nadine Keys are desperate for work. Its a shaky start to the snake season as Simon is attacked by a cobra and wrestles with a huge Black Mamba


Deadly Instincts Blood Lines

2016.01.13(Wed) 02:15PM

  Every species has a secret weapon, a primal instinct that defines them – and it's not always as obvious as it seems. These are stories of the planet's incredible killers, extraordinary lovers, amazing heroes, soldiers and savages. Personal stories of animals who, driven by instinct, have perfected the most astonishing and sometimes bizarre ways…


Man v. Monster S2 Winged Assassin

2016.01.12(Tue) 06:50PM

Adventurer Richard Terry travels to a remote Indonesian island chain to investigate reports of a flying creature that is said to attack humans.


Madagascar’s Legendary Lemurs

2016.01.11(Mon) 07:45PM

Among its stone forests, spiny groves and lush jungles, on the mystical island of Madagascar live over 100 species of endemic lemurs. In isolation for over 88 million years, these ancient primates have evolved into the remarkable creatures they are today. From the aye-aye with its extended twig-like hunting finger to the leaping sifakas and…


Dangerous Encounters With Brady Barr S3 Blind ...

2016.01.10(Sun) 06:50PM

  Something is blinding American Crocodiles living in Costa Rica's Tarcoles River and National Geographic herpetologist Brady Barr is on the case. Turns out– the Tarcoles River is one of the most polluted waterways in South America. Could deadly pollutants be the smoking gun or is something even more sinister at work? To solve the…


Lost Sharks of Easter Island

2016.01.09(Sat) 05:00PM

  This hour special begins with high seas adventure as shark expert Enric Sala and his team of scientists and explorers set out from Chile and brave the tempestuous Southern Pacific Ocean. First stop, Easter Island -a land of mammoth ancestral stone statues and a population of people with a cultural memory full of catastrophes….


1000 Days for the Planet S1 Peril at Sea

2016.01.08(Fri) 08:40PM

  Episode two reveals the unsustainable exploitation of our oceans by the fishing industry. Aboard a long-liner, the crew of the Sedna IV films the daily lives of these fishers, who catch sharks and other large ocean predators. Today, this industry depends on the lucrative Asian shark fin market, which is threatening shark populations worldwide….