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Africa’s Deadliest S2 Giant Killers

2015.12.10(Thr) 07:00AM

  There is no peace in Africa for natures giant killers. Hippo, elephant, buffalo and others battle it out to become Africas deadliest. If theyre not being targeted by gangs of lions, hyenas or other predators then theyre fighting amongst themselves. And if theyre not fighting amongst themselves then theyre battling against humans. Sometimes offense…


Africa’s Deadliest S2 Ganglands

2015.12.09(Wed) 05:55PM

  You want to up the odds of success, up the numbers. The more attackers there are the better their chances and the bigger the prey. A single lion cant take on a giraffe, but a pride will pull it down. A wild dog has no chance against a wildebeest, but a pack will rip…



2015.12.08(Tue) 05:55PM

A furloughed convict and his partners track down a dangerous cybercrime network.


72 Dangerous Animals Australia Cruel Creatures

2015.12.07(Mon) 06:50PM

  The 72 Dangerous Animals 'State of Play' is holding tight… Will the playful sea lion, toxic stonefish or furry fruit bat get much of a look in?


Wild Cambodia

2015.12.06(Sun) 09:35PM

  Cambodia is a mystical land, shaped by the monsoon and the mighty Mekong river. An ancient land, once ruled by a great empire, which thrived in walled cities, surrounded by temples and water. It's this water that dominates the country and has created some of the most unique ecosystems on the planet


Tigers of the Snow

2015.12.05(Sat) 09:35PM

  Only about 500 Siberian tigers, one of the worlds greatest cats, are thought to exist in the wild. Without human intervention to protect these animals from environmental changes, poaching and the encroachment of humankind, they may become extinct in our lifetime. Travel into the field with a Russian-American scientific team which documents the natural…


Amazonia Battle In The Treetop

2015.12.04(Fri) 01:20PM

  Stealthy jaguars prowl, army ants swarm and tarantulas bring down rodent prey when seasonal flooding gives way to the dry season and millions of miles of rain forest habitat is revealed.


When Sharks Attack S2 Gulf Coast Killers

2015.12.03(Thr) 05:00PM

  With over 49 species of shark swimming up and down the Gulf of Mexico its not uncommon for locals and tourists to spot one swimming nearby. More often than not they stay away from humans. But in 2005 all of that changed. When a 14-year-old girl is killed by a shark in the usually…


Animal Fight Club S2 Grizzly Bears, Guanacos, ...

2015.12.02(Wed) 07:45PM

  "Animal Fight Night 2: The Americas" reveals what happens when the Americas' wildest animals turn on their own kind and brings you closer than ever before to the toughest and meanest fights on the Americas' unforgiving battleground. From a grizzly bear's audacious robbery gone bad, to a starling defending her home to the death,…


Unlikely Animal Friends S4 Doggy Deerest

2015.12.01(Tue) 02:15PM

  Never doubt the power of friendship. Unlikely Animal Friends documents heartwarming tales about special friendships an animal forms with either an animal of a different species or a human being. Some stories show that animals of different species, with nothing else in common, bond in the most unexpected ways. Or sometimes man's best friend is not who…


Bizarre Dinos

2015.11.30(Mon) 11:25PM

  We discover the life, death, combat, sex and the evolution of the world's most bizarre Dinosaurs.


Freaks & Creeps Weirdest Monkey Alive

2015.11.29(Sun) 03:10PM

Lucy Cooke is on a one-woman mission to show why the ugly, weird and overlooked animals of the world can be cute, cuddly and deserving of attention.


Leopard Queen

2015.11.28(Sat) 06:50PM

  Manana is a wild leopard. But she allows the tiger to join her as a hunter — a privilege rarely bestowed on fellow leopards.


Animal Fight Club Savanna Smackdown

2015.11.27(Fri) 05:55PM

  Animal Fight Club: Savanna Smacksown reveals what happens when Africas wildest animals turn on their own kind.