NatGeo Wild

Great White vs. Tiger Shark

Program Highlights 2023.02.13(mon) 08:30PM

  The two biggest of the BIG THREE most dangerous sharks – great whites and tiger sharks. And they get BIG – up to 20 feet and 18 feet respectively. But where can we find the world’s biggest? And what is it like to meet these massive creatures face-to-face? Join two teams of shark experts…


Magic of Disney’s Animal Kingdom S2 Giraffic ...

Program Highlights 2023.02.12(sun) 08:30PM

  Giraffes on the savannah hold up guest traffic in a ploy to get more food from keeper Rory; Tolstoy the 100+ year old Loggerhead sea turtle undergoes treatment to help him eat properly; a new hippo Rosie attempts to make friends with the rest of the bloat; and an aging Collared Brown lemur celebrates…


South Africa Land of The Giants

Program Highlights 2023.02.11(sat) 09:30PM

  The Eastern Coast of South Africa offers an astonishing panorama, where the largest land mammal, the fastest cat and the utterly unimaginable stake their claim in the corner of this fascinating continent. From mangrove bayous to the rocky coastline and the treacherous depths, life thrives in its own unique way.


Snakes in the City S2 Mamba In My Closet!

Program Highlights 2023.02.10(fri) 09:30PM

  Simon and Siouxsie’s passion is not only to catch snakes, but also to release them back into the wild. In this episode the couple arrives at a suburban home and faces a deadly forest cobra that is hiding out in a tree, before they are called by a terrified citizen who has spotted a…


Wild Hunters Weasels And Raccoons

Program Highlights 2023.02.09(thur) 09:30PM

  Among the wide variety of wild hunters on planet Earth, one group stands out for its opportunism, inventiveness and versatility. Genets, for example, are stealthy and cautious, moving between branches and rocks, not unlike a spirit of the dusk. Genets, and their relatives the mustelids, like weasels and raccoons, are armed with disproportionate ferocity…


The Wild Life of Dr Ole Grin and Bear It

Program Highlights 2023.02.08(wed) 07:30PM

Doc Ole helps a fellow vet near Phoenix treat a grizzly bear for an uncommon leg wound and vaccinate jittery juvenile giraffes. Back at the clinic he operates on a red-tail hawk’s torn wing and spays a ferret named Chomper. He also treats K9 search and rescue dogs for the Apache nation while visiting their…


Ark of Stone – The Voyage of Sardinia

Program Highlights 2023.02.07(tue) 07:30PM

  No other body of water on the globe has seen a mixing of climates and ocean currents, eco-systems, peoples, cultures, ideas and genes as intense, continuous and massive as the coasts and islands of the Mediterranean. Over 40 million years ago, Sardinia broke away from Europe’s southern rim, heading towards Africa. Along its eventful…


Shark Attack Files Best Ofs Vacation Nightmares

Program Highlights 2023.02.06(mon) 08:30PM

  For beachgoers, what lurks beneath the waves is the stuff of nightmares… and sometimes nightmare become reality. Why are sharks attacking beachgoers so close to shore? What is behind a string of shark attacks on diving cages? This episode explores vacation fun gone horribly wrong, investigating why this is happening to keep vacationers out of…


Magic of Disney’s Animal Kingdom S2 Giant ...

Program Highlights 2023.02.05(sun) 08:30PM

  A critically endangered antelope is losing weight fast and needs urgent surgery, a baby rhino takes her first steps out on the savannah to meet her extended family for the very first time, a dig-happy warthog gets the perfect piggy pedicure, and a beloved manatee struggles with a toothache – time to visit the…


Sri Lanka: Leopard Dynasty

Program Highlights 2023.02.04(sat) 08:30PM

  Sri Lanka’s lowlands are home to one of the highest leopard populations on earth. It’s in these lowland jungles the Sri Lankan Leopard – the apex predator of the country – resides.


Aussie Snake Wranglers Python Spectacular

Program Highlights 2023.02.03(fri) 08:30PM

  After attempting to capture a large Eastern Brown Snake Stuart and Chris get inundated with Carpet Python calls all over the coast. Including some in the same street as each other! But it’s not all peace and zen when they get the call to remove a mystery intruder from a yoga studio.


Pop Goes The Vet with Dr Joya Tiny Tim’s Pop ...

Program Highlights 2023.02.02(thur) 08:30PM

  Bobo the Pit Bull mix reveals a booboo during a competitive allergy test, Tiny Tim the adorable hot dog provides some satisfying pops, sweet Snuggles the elderly Maltipoo has a mysterious lump on his face that requires closer inspection, plus some stinky surprises grosses out most of the team!


Savage Kingdom S4 Line of Fire

Program Highlights 2023.02.01(wed) 09:30PM

  As Mombo burns, lioness Thata risks everything to save her pride, but it comes at a terrible price.