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World’s Weirdest: Funny Farms

2016.07.09(Sat) 10:30PM

Worlds Weirdest Farms goes behind closed barn doors to reveal some of the most bizarre farms, farming methods and farmers – on the planet. From breeding edible insects to milking spiders, from the unusual to the down-right dangerous, this program shows you a side to farming that you never knew existed.


India’s Lost Worlds The Headhunters of ...

2016.07.08(Fri) 10:30PM

  Compared to the rest of the subcontinent the North East of India remains largely untouched and unexplored. Steeped in mystery and folklore, this land is a remote and beautiful sanctuary. Bordered by the mighty Himalayas and the steamy tropical jungles of Indochina, it is a convergence point for many of the regions most iconic…


Animal Fight Club S2 Warthogs, Hippos, Mongoose

2016.07.07(Thr) 09:35PM

  "Animal Fight Night 2: Land Battles" reveals what happens when the worlds wildest animals turn on their own kind and brings you closer than ever before to the toughest and meanest fights on dry land. From a badgers attempt to feed her kids gone bad, to a hippo defending his family to the death,…


David Attenborough’s Rise of Animals From ...

2016.07.05(Tue) 09:35PM

  David Attenborough uses new fossil evidence to unlock natures most extraordinary story the rise of the vertebrates. The origins of the vertebrates lie in primitive fish that once swam in ancient seas. Remarkable advances allowed them to make the radical move onto land, and then take to the skies. New fossil discoveries combined with…


Top Cats

2016.07.04(Mon) 10:30PM

  They are the embodiment of grace and power and spectacular top predators. From pussy cats to Siberian tigers, this special brings together dramatic predation footage from a cheetahs sprint, to the death struggles of a jaguar and caiman. It shares intimate moments in the lives of cats and portrays the excitement and danger of…


The Incredible Dr Pol S3 Pol’r Plunge

2016.07.03(Sun) 10:30PM

  As snow and ice blanket Weidman, theres no slowing down for Dr. Pol and his team, who battle the elements to save their clients animals.


World’s Weirdest (2015) Mutants

2016.07.02(Sat) 09:35PM

  A shambling hoard of zombies has invaded the airwaves, but they're nothing new. The animal world has been out-doing zombies since time began. In this episode of World's Weirdest Animals, we go in search of nature's finest examples of zombie-like behaviour.


1000 Days for the Planet S2 Gibbon Rescue

2016.07.01(Fri) 08:40PM

Gibbons are small tree-dwelling monkeys with no real predators. But in Indonesia where the native forests are being ravaged by oil palm production, young gibbons are often captured and kept as pets. When they reach sexual maturity, at around 7 years of age, and become aggressive they are either killed or caged in deplorable conditions….


Animal Fight Club S2 Coyotes, Crabs, Eagles

2016.06.30(Thr) 09:35PM

  "Animal Fight Night 2: Altitude" reveals what happens when animals living at extreme altitudes, from high on mountain summits to down in the ocean depths, turn on their own kind. Bringing you closer than ever before to the most awesome and adrenaline-packed fights in the unforgiving battleground of Earths highs and lows. From a…


Ultimate Animal Countdown Fighters

2016.06.29(Wed) 10:30PM

  Real rumbles in the jungle have no rules, no referee, and no one's saved by the bell. When males fight males – they're after food or females, love or land. These battles can last for minutes, hours, or even years. We're going head to head with the ultimate top ten warrior males in the…


Secret Life of Predators Exposed

2016.06.28(Tue) 08:40PM

  Where the edges of mountains, forests, rivers and oceans create limitations on hunting grounds for predators, the hunters are forced to specialize, develop unexpected strategies and display incredible fortitude. In this hour, our perception of some of the most iconic predators will be turned upside down, and we'll be introduced to a few surprising…


Cameramen Who Dare Crocodile Ambush

2016.06.27(Mon) 10:30PM

  Witness nature at its best with wildlife's top filmmakers and learn about the trials and wonders of a life lived on the edge. Sit in the heart of a hyena clan as they feast on a fresh kill, dive into one of earth's last unexplored frontiers, climb into a tropical canopy to re-discover a…


World’s Deadliest Snakes

2016.06.26(Sun) 10:30PM

  Even though some are pretty to look at, these 20+ slithers can all make you drop dead in a matter of minutes. World’s Deadliest Snakes takes a look at some of the most extreme snakes around the world, highlighting their capabilities, how long they've been around, the secrets to their successes and their many…


Killer Shots Lion Stalker

2016.06.25(Sat) 01:20PM

  Andy Casagrande is on assignment in the Serengeti, racing to film lions and cheetahs on the hunt and reveal the teeth and the tactics behind the kill. With access to innovative cameras like super slow-motion, night-vision, and remote controlled camera cars, Andy will do whatever it takes to bring home a killer shot.


1000 Days for the Planet S2 Hunting the Sperm ...

2016.06.24(Fri) 08:40PM

  The film follows the daily life of the villagers of Lamalera, Indonesia, a community of about 1500 people well known for its whale hunters. Commercial whaling is banned throughout much of the world, but subsistence whaling is permitted by International Whaling Commission regulations. But what if their practices do not correspond to what is…