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Shark Men The Hot Spot

2016.05.18(Wed) 05:00PM

It is a rough day when the Mexican authorities arrive. But once the team's paperwork is in order, they return to big fishing.


Snakes In The City S2 Into The Snake Pit

2016.05.17(Tue) 06:50PM

Durban, South Africa, home to some of the most dangerous snakes in the world.


Monster Fish S3 Himalayan Terror

2016.05.16(Mon) 05:00PM

Aquatic ecologist Dr Zeb Hogan is on a mission in the Indian Himalayas to investigate disturbing reports of a mammoth sized catfish called a Goonch – accused of stalking, attacking and killing people. Zeb enlists the help of local guide and conservationist Vinay Badola, and together they head out to investigate the crime scenes along…


Jobs That Bite! The Black Bear Catcher

2016.05.15(Sun) 04:05PM

In this episode of Jobs that Bite, host Jeremy Brandt journeys to New England to work on a farm, in the woods, and off the coast. Jeremys first stop is northern Maine, where he assists local researchers in trapping and tracking black bears. The job really begins to bite when a bear manages to injure…


Grizzly Empire

2016.05.14(Sat) 09:35PM

A horrific killing, of a kind likely never seen before on television, tears apart the family of an Alaskan brown bear cub, and determines his chances of surviving in a wild grizzly kingdom.


Incredible Insects

2016.05.13(Fri) 03:10PM

A captivating world of creepy crawlies exists all around us. And they are the biggest group of animals in the world, outnumbering humans 200 million to one. Thanks to millions of years of evolution, these invertebrates not only survive in almost every landscape known to man, but also thrive by means of fascinating, and sometimes…


Europe’s Great Wilderness Ep 1

2016.05.12(Thr) 08:40PM

  Over the last million years, our planet suffered a series of major ice-ages.


Snakes In The City S2 Snakes On A Train

1970.01.01(Thr) 12:00AM

  These are not just dangerous snakes: this coastal city is home to most of Africa's deadliest snakes.


Urban Jungle Suburbia

2016.05.10(Tue) 01:20PM

  In Episode 2, we look past the idealized images we associate with suburbia-into a world where backyards become battle zones, and houses are hotbeds for life. From Canberra to Kiawah Island, Toronto to Lake Tahoe, animals like bobcats, baboons, and bedbugs are bombarding the Edens we've built-turning terraces into turf wars, and bedrooms into…


Monster Fish S3 Danger Down Under (aka Murray Cod)

2016.05.09(Mon) 05:00PM

  Join Dr. Zeb Hogan on his quest to find and study the world's largest freshwater fish in some of the deepest rivers and most remote corners of the planet.


Jobs That Bite! The Hog Fixer

2016.05.08(Sun) 04:05PM

  In episode 5 of Jobs That Bite, host Jeremy Brandt heads to the Pacific Northwest to get his hands dirty with the craziest animal jobs the region has to offer. Jeremy learns how to horse log- but first he has to catch a horse! He's never used a chainsaw before which makes the logging…


America The Wild S4 Super Moose

2016.05.07(Sat) 08:40PM

  Casey builds a custom "Super Moose" and goes undercover to explain bizarre and unpredictable moose behavior during the peak of the mating season – when moose leave behind their solitary day-to-day existence to gather in a spectacular hormone-fueled frenzy known as a "supergroup." For Casey, the isolated figure of the lone moose has always…


Kingdom of The Oceans Sand Wars

2016.05.06(Fri) 09:35PM

  Untold and astounding multitudes are moving through the sandy plains that appear to be empty. How do they hide? We learn their secrets, as well as those of the animals which live well-protected in the tight mesh of giant seaweed underwater forests.


When Sharks Attack Florida Frenzy

2016.05.05(Thr) 05:00PM

  In spring 2012 beachgoers along Floridas Mid-Atlantic coast are under attack by what some believe to be a rogue shark. In just 24 hours, three people are savaged while surfing just off shore. Authorities try to stem the blood shed by closing beaches, but only weeks later the attacks continue and each is more…


Shark Men Big Mama

2016.05.04(Wed) 05:00PM

  After the success of catching and releasing their first Great Whites, the team sets its sites on catching a bigger shark – a female. But a couple of feisty males require some on-board redesigns and deliver a scientific surprise. And then comes Curly.