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Tiny House Hunting (S1) – Luxury Micro ...

2018.01.25(Thr) 10:50PM

  Bostonians Gus and Kyle are always on the go juggling busy careers and social lives. They crave a tiny, vacation home along the shores of Lake Superior where they can escape their hectic lifestyles.


Monster Croc Wrangler Busting Free

2018.01.23(Tue) 10:00PM

  Mick Jacobi manages a cattle station 70 miles south of Darwin.


Safari Brothers Raging Bull

2018.01.22(Mon) 10:30PM

  The Safari Brothers are back in the bush, where every success is earned through hard work.


Unlikely Animal Friends: Bark-Tacular

2018.01.18(Thr) 08:40PM

  Our favorite canine companions from the series everyone loves.


Ultimate Animal Countdown VenomAnimal ER S2 Down ...

2018.01.15(Mon) 11:25PM

  The vets treat an Catahoula with a severely broken and infected leg.


Ultimate Animal Countdown Venom

2018.01.12(Fri) 08:40PM

We're analyzing the venom of ten lethal injections, counting down to find the creature with the most dangerous venom on the planet.


Animal Fight Club S4.5 Winner Takes All

2018.01.09(Tue) 08:40PM

  In the wild, beasts of all sizes clash: From love-struck Grizzlies, to raging buffalo, to a snake's mistaken identity and a double dose of gang warfare. This is nature stripped down: These are the battles of the bravest, with claws on show and venom in flow we see greed, revenge, love, hate & piracy:…


Man v. Monster S2 African Werewolf

2018.01.07(Sun) 07:45PM

  Richard Terry heads to Tanzania, where locals have made disturbing reports of a human-like beast attacking farmers on full moon night.


Jobs That Bite! The Hog Fixer

2018.01.06(Sat) 09:35PM

  Working at a free-range hog farm, Jeremy encounters his worst job yet: pig castration.


Ultimate Animals Compilations Elephants and ...

2017.11.07(Tue) 08:40PM

  The elephant is strong enough to push a two-ton truck, the orangutan has the strength of seven men, and they are both super smart.


Going Wild On The Rocks

2017.11.06(Mon) 07:45PM

  Troubled couple Kym and Michael come to Tim with an open mind to save them from going through divorce once again. Tim leads them on a canyoneering expedition in the Owyhee Canyon lands where they're forced to rely on each other and, hopefully, learn to love one another once more. To survive the next…


Snakes in the City S2 Mamba In My Closet!

2017.11.03(Fri) 09:35PM

  Simon and Siouxsie’s passion is not only to catch snakes, but also to release them back into the wild. In this episode the couple arrives at a suburban home and faces a deadly forest cobra that is hiding out in a tree, before they are called by a terrified citizen who has spotted a…


Tiger Shark Terror

2017.11.02(Thr) 05:00PM

  Every diver has been warned: sharks feed at night. Is this simply a myth, or does the truth lurk somewhere deep beneath the waves? 


K-9 Border Wars To Sniff & Protect

2017.10.21(Sat) 09:35PM

  The dogs work to stop the flow of illegal contraband.


World’s Weirdest Animal Faces Compilation

2017.10.16(Mon) 09:35PM

  Majestic animals we deem beautiful are well documented.