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K-9 Border Wars In Dog We Trust

2017.10.11(Wed) 08:40PM

  Puppies with promise begin their careers at the El Paso training center, where they're matched up with their human partners. Together the pairs learn tools for the job, and dogs hone their unique canine skills. While we watch the patrol teams progress in training, we witness a variety of stories as they happen in…


The Last Orangutan Eden

2017.10.09(Mon) 08:40PM

  Explore the endangered orangutans as Chris Morgan travels to the jungles of Northern Sumatra documenting the work being done to save wild apes.


Ultimate Animal Countdown Daredevils

2017.10.07(Sat) 08:40PM

  Human daredevils are addicted to adrenaline: the greater the risk, the bigger the rush. But some animals put their lives on the line every day; not for fun – but survival. We're counting down the ultimate top ten animal adrenaline junkies to find who takes the biggest risks, leaving bodies bent, broken, or dead….


The Blind Monkey

2017.10.05(Thr) 08:40PM

  China's Taihang Mountains are a tough place to be a baby monkey. ily:"Arial","sans-serif";


Safari Brothers Meerkat Madness

2017.10.02(Mon) 10:30PM

World’s Deadliest S2 Animal Ninja Warriors

2017.08.31(Thr) 10:30PM

  Never despise the nature as there are covert assassins lurking in the shadows, ready to pounce at lightning speed to fight for survival. 


World’s Deadliest Animals S3 The Deep

2017.08.30(Wed) 10:30PM

  Discover the most dangerous animals found in the deep. They are armed with keen intellect, ingenious camouflage and bone-crushing jaws.


Wild 24 Chile’s Atacama

2017.08.29(Tue) 10:30PM

  This film follows animals over 24 hours living in and around one of the driest regions on Earth: the Atacama Desert in northern Chile.


“Dr. K’s Exotic Animal ER S2.5 The ...

2017.08.28(Mon) 10:30PM

  Tazz, a 22 years old Squirrel Monkey is rushed in as an emergency.


Hooked S5 River Shark

2017.08.27(Sun) 10:30PM

  As human populations grow and bull shark habitats shrink, where and how will people and bull sharks collide?


Monster Fish: Fantastic Beasts

2017.08.26(Sat) 10:30PM

  From the waterways of Argentina to the coral archipelago of Florida. 


Untamed Americas Compilation

2017.08.25(Fri) 10:30PM

This is the story of our Americas.


World’s Deadliest Ultimate Predators

2017.08.24(Thr) 10:30PM

World's Deadliest takes a fascinating look at the biggest, baddest and most fearsome predators in the animal kingdom.


It’s A Mad Mad World 3

2017.08.23(Wed) 10:05PM

The Biu Family collects their lottery winnings in Canada and returns to Hong Kong to start a new life together, minus the second daughter due to a family quarrel of her involvement with her boyfriend. After Mrs. Biu shows off her money to her old friends at her bank, she loses it all in a…


World’s Deadliest Animals S3 Forests

2017.08.23(Wed) 10:30PM

The deadliest animals in the forest are equipped with unique adaptations for survival including deadly weaponry and cunning strategies.