NatGeo Wild

Asia’s Wild Secrets Nature’s Weirdest

Program Highlights 2023.02.28(tue) 10:30PM

From Sri Lanka to Indonesia and Japan, Asia's wild islands teem with some of the world's wildest creatures. Some arrived by sea, others crossed land bridges when sea levels were lower. But all of them have had to adapt in fascinating ways to their isolated lives. Discover how creatures from the slow loris to the…


World’s Weirdest Creepy Cures

Program Highlights 2023.02.27(mon) 09:30PM

If it creeps, crawls, buzzes or sheds its exoskeleton, there's a chance it could cure a major illness that's stumping modern medicine. Ride along as we explore the untapped healing properties of the animals many think are disgusting but which sometimes turn out to be lifesavers.


Magic of Disney’s Animal Kingdom S2 Gorilla ...

Program Highlights 2023.02.26(sun) 08:30PM

  A Western Lowland gorilla takes a road trip to receive pioneering hyperbaric oxygen therapy, a black rhinoceros is fitted with a fitness tracker to study his movements, the veterinary team investigates what might be causing a roan antelope to drastically lose weight, and the Galápagos tortoises celebrate their tenth birthdays with a wild party!


Wild 24 Africa’s Savannah

Program Highlights 2023.02.25(sat) 09:30PM

  The Africa savannah crosses 25 countries and is home to millions of animals. Here, herbivores and carnivores are caught in a constant struggle for survival. From the apex carnivore, the lion to the humble meerkat, this film charts 24 hours of life here, revealing their incredible behaviours.


Aussie Snake Wranglers S2 Snakes on the Move

Program Highlights 2023.02.24(fri) 09:00PM

  Stuart only has one chance to grab an eastern brown snake hiding in a garden. Mick and Adele are called in to help a trapped family and Stuart and Jess face off against a cranky python.


Pop Goes The Vet with Dr Joya I’m All Ear ...

Program Highlights 2023.02.23(thur) 08:30PM

Johnny B Good the rescue Maltese gets a healing bubble bath and rocks some new shoes, Buttercup the pup has the fight of her Husky life, Dr. Joya’s grand-dog Cooper has some wooly worms in his Labradoodle ears, Polly the Labrador Retriever mix makes a dand-ruff sandpile under her bed, plus a regal Beagle named…


Africa’s Hunters S3 The Misfit Comes of Age

Program Highlights 2023.02.22(wed) 09:30PM

The Misfit is a charismatic cub who's had a rough ride. A timid oddball once bullied by his big brothers and rejected by his mother, this plucky young lion is now a teenager. But he and his family are going through more tough times. They've lost their adult male leaders, and the pride has fragmented.


Borneo’s Secret Kingdom Forest of The Flying ...

Program Highlights 2023.02.21(tue) 09:30PM

  Kinabatangan River ranks the most species-rich area on the planet, teeming with unique animals and plants like meat-eating Pitcher. Along the meandering river, ever strangers and more unexpected life inhabit the dense jungle, from gentle giants to lethal predators, while leopards stalk primates and snakes perform death-defying leaps.


World’s Weirdest S3 Animals Behaving Badly

Program Highlights 2023.02.20(mon) 09:30PM

  Primal pranksters, indiscriminate mating and animals on the loose – when wild creatures are triggered, there’s no stopping them. Meet a male deer who desires a lot more from a girl who approaches to take a picture with him; Go on a safari where a hippo smashes into a jeep. Cameras roll as these…


Fish My City With Mike Iaconelli The Ragin’ ...

Program Highlights 2023.02.19(sun) 10:30PM

  Mike must deal with a fearsome prehistoric predator that can grow ten feet long, challenging weather conditions and unusual events happening in the city's flood control system. To complete his bucket-list he'll have to explore New Orleans' many urban waterways and revisit the scene of his most important tournament win.


The Desert Sea Going To Extremes

Program Highlights 2023.02.18(sat) 09:30PM

  The Desert Sea is a Ultra High Definition 2 part series that centres on North America's biologically diverse Sonoran Desert. In this hour explores we explore why the Sonoran is the wettest and most diverse desert in the Americas due to its unique proximity to the Sea of Cortez and the great Pacific ocean…


Snakes in the City S2 Panic In The Streets

Program Highlights 2023.02.17(fri) 09:30PM

  Simon and Siouxsie received a call from panicked residents: a southern African python is slithering around their village eating their livestock, which is a huge threat to the community. The team has to remove the snake before the frightened members of the community attempt to catch the snake or, worse, kill it. On another…


World’s Deadliest Animals S1 Australia

Program Highlights 2023.02.16(thur) 09:30PM

  We reveal in stunning detail why Australia's deadly dozen is described as one of the deadliest.


The Wild Life of Dr Ole Tundra, Teeth, and Talons

Program Highlights 2023.02.15(wed) 08:30PM

Dr. Ole performs a double root canal on a 200-pound jaguar. Back at the hospital, Ole saves a beloved pet cat in kidney failure, gets a busy puppy back on the trail after a tangle with some barbed wire and checks a tumor on a wolf’s foot.


In The Womb: Animal Babies A Wild Start

Program Highlights 2023.02.14(tue) 08:30PM

Cutting-edge imagery provides an inside look at the pregnancies of four animal moms – lion Maya, meerkat Swift, herding dog Brumby, and elephant Bisa as they embark on one of life’s most incredible journeys. Facing everything from snakes to cattle hooves, hunger to raging rivers, these moms triumph over challenges big and small on their…