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Monster Fish S3 River Invasion

2017.08.13(Sun) 10:30PM

  Dr. Zeb Hogan faces swarms of Big-Head and Silver Carp in the Mississippi River. He investigates why these fish are spreading and how to stop them.


Incredible Fish

2017.08.11(Fri) 10:30PM

  These Monster Fish break all convention. 


World’s Deadliest Predator Superpowers

2017.08.10(Thr) 10:30PM

  World's Deadliest focuses on the fantastic, these creatures take everyday abilities to the extreme.


Tiger Man Growing Pains

2017.08.09(Wed) 10:30PM

John’s favorite tiger, Julie, is about to give birth again, 8 months after abandoning her previous litter.


Wild 24 Africa’s Savannah

2017.08.08(Tue) 10:30PM

  From the apex carnivore to the humble meerkat, this film charts 24 hours of life here, through day and night, revealing their incredible behaviors.


Dr. K’s Exotic Animal ER S2.5 Operation ...

2017.08.07(Mon) 10:30PM

  A pair of Amazons who were viciously attacked by a dog are rushed into the clinic.


Monster Fish S3 Danger Down Under (aka Murray Cod)

2017.08.05(Sat) 10:30PM

  Dr. Zeb Hogan goes Down Under to the Murray-Darling Basin in pursuit of an ancient apex predator, the Murray Cod. 


Wild Congo (2017)

2017.08.04(Fri) 10:30PM

  The Congo: more powerful and dangerous than any other river. 


World’s Deadliest Pack Hunters

2017.08.03(Thr) 10:30PM

  World's Deadliest looks at twelve different species that use teamwork to hunt more effectively than they otherwise would be able to.


Tiger Man Baby Steps

2017.08.02(Wed) 10:30PM

  John is joyful to witness a rare genetic tiger cub joining his tiger family. Yet, it is soon dashed by the death of another cub. 


A Wild Dog’s Tale

2017.08.01(Tue) 10:30PM

  This is the amazing true story of a lonely female African wild dog.


Rescue Ink No Bull

2017.07.31(Mon) 10:30PM

  Rescue Ink receives some complaints about a breeder that may be selling sick puppies and gets a call for help from a local shelter that’s been robbed.


Monster Fish S6 Red, White And Huge!

2017.07.30(Sun) 10:30PM

  Zeb encounters ancient white sturgeon, enormous alligator gar and more freshwater giants on his tour across the US in search of the American monsters. 


Monster Fish S6 World Class Giants

2017.07.29(Sat) 10:30PM

  On a six-continent journey around the globe, Zeb encounters the fascinating fish species that call some of the world’s strangest corners home.


Wild Dolphins

2017.07.28(Fri) 10:30PM

  New Zealand's waters are home to some of the most determined, athletic, and charismatic dolphins on the planet.