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Wild Hunters Spiders And Scorpions

Program Highlights 2023.06.15(thur) 09:30PM

  It is possible that there are no better equipped hunters on earth than the arachnids. They are endlessly surprising creatures that together form a hugely diverse group of gifted predators replete with mysterious marvels, armed with amazing weapons, possessing almost inexplicable powers. Arachnids are inveterate inventors, too: of painful, lethal poisons, and also of…


Battle of The Swamp Dragons

Program Highlights 2023.06.14(wed) 09:30PM

  South Florida is the only place on Earth that is home to both the American alligator and the American crocodile (and most recently, the Nile crocodile). But who is the baddest Florida predator? In this croc vs. gator fest, we'll compare the physical characteristics and behavior of these two prehistoric titans in the beautiful…


Wild Australia Realm of The Wombat

Program Highlights 2023.06.13(tue) 09:30PM

  In the theatric southern plains of Australia, the biggest challenge for all creatures is the environment, and the harshest season is summer. Here lives the Wombat, a species with a curious survival strategy; conserve energy and cool down by sleeping. Their survival is threatened by an invading species of Rabbits and toxic plants, as…


Monsters of the Wild: Creepy Crawlers

Program Highlights 2023.06.12(mon) 09:30PM

  Mother Nature…creator of breathtaking beauty. And it seems there’s no end to her evolutionary inspirations…or perhaps? Twisted imagination. From cunning assassins, mysterious mating rituals, and strange parenting to nautical oddballs and toxic terrors. Welcome to the bizarre world of creepy crawlers. Ridiculous…terrifying…but most of all fascinating.


America The Beautiful: The Mighty Northwest Shadow ...

Program Highlights 2023.06.11(sun) 09:30PM

  From low valley meadows to the peaks of its mountains, life around the Rockies is abundant…and resilient. Animals here face a host of challenges. Blinding blizzards, sudden floods and roasting sand dunes all play out within the shadow of the Rockies. 


America The Beautiful: The Mighty Northwest ...

Program Highlights 2023.06.10(sat) 09:30PM

  The perilous peaks of western Montana hide an ancient secret: America’s Glacier Lands. The ice-carved valleys, steep slopes, and hidden lakes make a high alpine maze for a dazzling array of wildlife. This is realm of sure-footed mountain goats, dancing dipper birds, and the grizzly bear. Snowmelt and giant glaciers provide water for all…


Snakes in the City S2 Panic In The Streets

Program Highlights 2023.06.09(fri) 09:30PM

Simon and Siouxsie received a call from panicked residents: a southern African python is slithering around their village eating their livestock, which is a huge threat to the community. The team has to remove the snake before the frightened members of the community attempt to catch the snake or, worse, kill it. On another call…


Africa’s Blood River

Program Highlights 2023.06.08(thur) 09:30PM

  In one of the most brutal migrations on the planet, ride shotgun with ZuluEcho545 and FoxtrotOne, a zebra mother and her foal. They run the gauntlet through crocodile-infested rivers and lion offensives, culminating in what could be the worlds ultimate ambush: the Mara River where the biggest crocodiles in Africa are on the attack.


Cougar vs Wolf

Program Highlights 2023.06.07(wed) 09:30PM

  Cougar expert Boone Smith tracks deep into Montana’s Bitterroot Mountains in search of evidence detailing the competition between the two biggest predators roaming this stunning winter landscape. His goal is to pinpoint the places where cougar-wolf conflicts most often occur by gathering clues about their hunting, feeding and fighting behaviors.


Wild Australia Desert of The Red Kangaroo

Program Highlights 2023.06.06(tue) 09:30PM

  In the heart of the Outback lives the largest marsupial on Earth, the Red Kangaroo. Living in such an inhospitable environment with drought, blistering heat and little food, requires bizarre survival strategies and from the energy-efficient Honeypot Ants to Budgerigars, bright green mini-parrots, all life is expertly adapted.


Hunt For The Giant Squid (2019)

Program Highlights 2023.06.05(mon) 09:30PM

  Antarctica is the coldest place on Earth. It's too harsh for most life forms to survive on land. But underwater life is totally different. Using deep-sea submersibles equipped with state-of-the-art cameras, marine biologists set out to explore one of the world's most exotic places. The Southern Sea is home to bizarre and sometimes gigantic…


Equator’s Wild Secrets Galapagos

Program Highlights 2023.06.04(sun) 08:30PM

Seven hundred miles off the coast of Ecuador lies a collection of volcanic islands that harbor some of the strangest living things to ever exist. These are the Galapagos Islands. Emerging from beneath the ocean more than 20 million years ago, life here has evolved in isolation to give rise to an astonishing variety of…


America The Beautiful: The Mighty Northwest Under ...

Program Highlights 2023.06.03(sat) 09:30PM

  The snowy crests of The High Cascades conceal the most active volcanoes in the Lower 48. Foxes thrive on their slopes, tailed frogs mate in rocky streams, and pine martens hunt in the alpine forests. But the mountains have a violent past and an uncertain future. These sleeping giants have the potential to erupt…


Snakes in the City S2 Mamba In My Closet!

Program Highlights 2023.06.02(fri) 09:30PM

  Simon and Siouxsie’s passion is not only to catch snakes, but also to release them back into the wild. In this episode the couple arrives at a suburban home and faces a deadly forest cobra that is hiding out in a tree, before they are called by a terrified citizen who has spotted a…


Ultimate Predator S2 Jaws of Death

Program Highlights 2023.06.01(thur) 09:30PM

An exciting wildlife encounter can turn into a horrific nightmare or even a tragedy when animals go on the rampage. A couple is enjoying a macoro ride before a massive hippo explodes out of the water, and two defenseless girls are trapped between a vicious polar bear and a thousand-foot drop. Something has triggered the…