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Animal Superpowers Extreme Hunters

2017.04.24(Mon) 10:30PM

  Patrick Stewart investigates the supersenses of nature's most successful Hunters: the hammerhead shark, python, pit viper, and the mighty sperm whale.


Dr Oakley: Yukon Vet S2 Midnight Madness

2017.04.23(Sun) 10:30PM

  It's summer in the Yukon, land of the midnight sun, and for Doctor Michelle Oakley it seems days are never ending.


Night Stalkers Hyena Gangs

2017.04.22(Sat) 10:30PM

Revolutionary night vision cameras penetrate the darkness to reveal Africa's notorious hyenas hunting in their element.


The Desert Sea Land of The Giants

2017.04.21(Fri) 10:30PM

  The episode focuses on the diverse creatures that have adapted to desert life.


How Human Are You? The Dating Game

2017.04.20(Thr) 10:30PM

  Humans are not that different from animals in sex related behaviors. Play along with our experiments while we break down the science on screen.


Natural Born Monsters Brazilian Wandering Spider

2017.04.19(Wed) 08:40PM

  Sean Duggan travels to Costa Rica to investigate sightings of the Brazilian Wandering Spider.


Man And The Wild Plains

2017.04.18(Tue) 10:30PM

  Humans exploit more and more natural habitats and mammals on the plain are struggling to survive and migrate.


David Attenborough’s Rise of Animals Dawn of ...

2017.04.17(Mon) 10:30PM

  David Attenborough continues his journey in China to chart the rise of the vertebrates that dominate our world today.


Dr Oakley: Yukon Vet S2 Taming of the Wolverine

2017.04.16(Sun) 10:30PM

  Every Spring Dr. Michelle Oakley makes a 500-mile trek to Alaska to help with birthing season, this year her own daughter is old enough to come along.


Africa’s Deadliest S2 Ganglands

2017.04.15(Sat) 10:30PM

  The more attackers, the better their chances and the bigger the prey can be. Watch out for any hungry gang when they have their eyes set on a target!.


The Desert Sea Going To Extremes

2017.04.14(Fri) 10:30PM

We explore why the Sonoran is the wettest and most diverse desert in the Americas.


Dr. K’s Exotic Animal ER S2 H2o No!

2017.04.13(Thr) 10:30PM

  A rabbit presents a large amount of fluid in the abdomen. Dr. K is shocked when she takes the rabbit into exploratory surgery and finds out the cause.


Wild Case Files S2 Kruger Killers

2017.04.12(Wed) 10:30PM

  In South Africa's Kruger National Park, dozens of wild animals are dying for no apparent reason. In North Carolina a bizarre creature is spotted.


Survive the Wild Devious Defenses

2017.04.11(Tue) 10:30PM

  Animals can employ a number of different defenses in order to withstand an attack.


Africa’s Hunters Survivors of The Plains

2017.04.08(Sat) 10:30PM

 This film follows a clan of hyenas through a serious drought as the Queen raised her cubs and supports the whole of the family in the hard times.