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Frontier Borneo(S1):Mazlan And The Killer Croc

2019.05.05(sun) 07:10PM

When a local fisherman goes missing, the prime suspect is a giant crocodile seen prowling the local waters. But with no proof his family are in limbo.



2019.04.11(thur) 09:00PM

  When John Connor, leader of the human resistance, sends Sgt. Kyle Reese back to 1984 to protect Sarah Connor, an unexpected turn of events creates a fractured timeline. 


Battle of The Swamp Dragons

2019.03.31(sun) 09:30PM

  South Florida is the only place on Earth that is home to both the American alligator and croc.


Philly Undercover Chasing The Top Dog

2019.03.30(sat) 09:30PM

The undercover team strikes at the heart of dog fighting when they investigate a breeder who offers his champion dogs for stud services.


費城追緝令 幕後黑手

2019.03.30(sat) 09:30PM



Snakes in the City S2 Snakes On A Train

2019.03.29(fri) 09:30PM

  Snake-catching team Simon and Siouxsie have their first call come in an hour before sunrise, and it’s their most unusual job yet: snake on a train!


China’s Wild Side Magical Beasts

2019.03.26(tue) 09:30PM

  This is China's kingdom of wildlife, stretching from precipitous snowy peaks to dense tropical rainforests, it is home to the country's greatest number of animal species.


World’s Weirdest S2 Freaky All-Stars

2019.03.25(mon) 09:30PM

  We discover fishes laying eggs on the leaves, parasitoid wasp inserting eggs in a host, and the liger – the offspring of a male lion and female tiger.


Botswana Battle For The Pride

2019.03.24(sun) 09:30PM

Lion cubs start their vulnerable life and face threats coming from all sides in Bot-swana. It takes years for them to learn and adapt for survival.


Philly Undercover Stash House Stakeout

2019.03.23(sat) 09:30PM

  Chief Investigator George Bengal sends his team out to investigate a possible stash house, an empty property with only a fight dog left.


How to Win at Everything Ep 1

2019.03.22(fri) 08:00PM

  Learn about the science behind high-speed parallel parking and how to perform the legendary table cloth without smashing your crockery.


Snake City Compilations Venomous Encounters

2019.03.22(fri) 09:30PM

  The phone doesn't stop ringing with callers desperate for Simon and Siouxsie's help.


Amur: Asia’s Amazon Khan’s King-dom

2019.03.19(tue) 09:30PM

Follow the trails of nomadic herdsmen through wilderness regions and witness the flow of a mighty river meandering back to the ocean.


Animal Underworld Wild Hunger

2019.03.18(mon) 09:30PM

Henry Rollins examines the role of animals in food, medicine, and narcotics around the world, asking why some cultures ingest and inject as they do.


Wolf vs Bear

2019.03.17(sun) 09:30PM

In Finland’s swamp, frozen carcasses are revealed in spring. It's brown bear terri-tory, but to survive, a mother grey wolf is moving in on bear turf.