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American Ripper (S1) – Devil In The Details

2017.10.25(Wed) 09:00PM

  Jeff Mudgett, great-great-grandson of America's first serial killer, H H Holmes, and ex-CIA operative Amaryllis Fox probe the theory that Holmes was Britain's Jack the Ripper.


Storage Wars

2017.10.24(Tue) 09:00PM

  The Gambler returns to form in Huntington Beach, as Rene gets on everyone's bad side. Mary finds her likeness lucrative, while Ivy's prospects are cloudy at best.


King Bhumibol Of Thailand

2017.10.22(Sun) 08:00PM

Trace the extraordinary life of Thailand's King Bhumibol Adulyadej from his childhood to his unexpected accession to the throne. How has he managed to retain the respect of his people throughout his reign?


President Obama: In His Own Words

2017.10.20(Fri) 09:55PM

  President Barack Obama reflects on his historic presidency; we feature his thoughts on where the country was when he was elected, where it is now, and where he sees it going under his successor's command.


Destination Mars

2017.10.18(Wed) 08:05PM

  Within 20 years, we are expecting to send Astronauts to become the first extraterrestrials visitors to Mars. But why have we always had a strange fascination with this particular planet?


The Pickers

2017.10.17(Tue) 09:55PM

  The guys try to buy from a super-handyman on a unique homestead, but his deal-making could end the pick before it gets going.


Samurai Of Fukushima

2017.10.10(Tue) 08:00PM

  Japan, March 2011: When the explosion of the Fukushima Nuclear Power plant jeopardizes a 700 year old Samurai festival, villagers decide whether to brave toxic radiation levels to keep the tradition alive.


Celebrity Car Wars

2017.10.07(Sat) 07:05PM

  Six celebrities undertake weekly challenges examining their driving skills and are judged by the host. 


Ozzy And Jack’s World Detour

2017.10.04(Wed) 09:55PM

  Ozzy and Jack hit the birthplace of Rock N Roll: Memphis, Tennessee. While Ozzy is excited to see the historic Sun Studios, Jack wants to take his dad on a detour to a more infamous site.