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History’s Greatest Mysteries

today 09:30PM

  On 20th July 1973, martial arts superstar Bruce Lee died under mysterious circumstances in Hong Kong. Bruce's brother was never satisfied with the official cause of death – a fatal reaction to aspirin.


Pawn Stars

2023.10.02(mon) 09:30PM

  The shop travels back in time when a map comes in from the late 1800s. Will Rick be able to navigate these negotiations, or will the seller take a hike? Plus, Corey spots a killer Mustang for sale.


The Food That Built Asia

2023.10.01(sun) 09:30PM

In this series, we hunt the history behind some of the key people and moments behind Asia’s greatest foods. Unlike in the US, food in Asia is more localised and individualised, emphasising fresh produce.


Forged In Fire

2023.09.30(sat) 08:05PM

  In the fourth episode of a five-part event, it's back to the Forged in Fire Gladiator Arena for two more sudden death battles. Our defending champion currently has four wins under his belt.


The Machines That Built The World

2023.09.29(fri) 08:05PM

  In 1910, airplanes are fragile wooden concoctions that float in the air – and crash. But that doesn't stop two young dreamers from imagining a future in which planes carry passengers across the country.


History’s Greatest Of All Time With Peyton ...

2023.09.28(thur) 08:05PM

From the lightbulb to the automobile, these innovations changed the world. Host Peyton Manning unveils the top ten inventions of all time, as voted on by a panel of experts.


Swamp People

2023.09.27(wed) 08:05PM

  Troy and Pickles' tag out hangs in the balance, Don and Jacob make a big mistake, Willie and Little Willie battle to the end, Ronnie and Ashley take it down to the wire.


The Secret Of Skinwalker Ranch

2023.09.26(tue) 08:05PM

While uncovering evidence of a massive underground cave system said to exist beneath the ranch's mysterious mesa, the Skinwalker team broadcast a strange signal.


Storage Wars

2023.09.25(mon) 08:30PM

In West Covina, Lisa is so busy looking back that she makes the worst auction mistake. Rene finds a bargain and makes the most of it. Ivy unfolds his way to a profit and unloads some stuff onto Lisa.


The UnXplained With William Shatner

2023.09.24(sun) 10:00PM

There are some events that are so destructive, so astounding, or truly miraculous, that for the faithful, they must be directed by the hand of the Almighty. The Great Flood. The Plagues of Egypt.


Swamp People

2023.09.23(sat) 09:55PM

  Liz and Destin resort to old tricks, Frenchy and Gee put their partnership to the test, Bruce uses secret knowledge to try to tag out, and Dorien has a big surprise for Mr Daniel.


The Food That Built The World

2023.09.22(fri) 09:00PM

  In the late 1800s, German immigrants Joseph Schlitz and Captain Frederick Pabst find themselves in a battle for beer dominance. Competing, they will help create the most popular alcoholic beverage.


Alone: The Skills Challenge

2023.09.21(thur) 09:55PM

  Callie North (Season 3), Amos Rodriguez (Season 7), and Lucas Miller (Season 1) are challenged by Joel van der Loon (Season 7) to create two projectiles capable of taking down large game.


The Curse Of Oak Island

2023.09.20(wed) 09:55PM

  The discovery of mysterious ship logs provides more evidence suggesting a 1746 French armada led by the Duc D'Anville landed on Oak Island.


Swamp People

2023.09.19(tue) 09:55PM

  An investigation into the unshakable claims of Roger Miklos, one of the United States' most eccentric, controversial and accomplished treasure hunters.