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Abalone Wars(S5):The Final Frontier

2020.06.01(mon) 09:00PM

  Wild abalone stocks are extinct in some parts of the world and the South Australian Coast is one of the final frontiers of this sought after delicacy.?


Dual Survival(S6):Bulgarian Blizzard

2020.05.31(sun) 09:00PM

  On the punishing slopes of Bulgaria’s Rila Mountains, Grady and Josh face a whiteout blizzard, freezing temps and a run-in with a deadly predator.


Reclaimed(S1):Poor Mans Mine

2020.05.30(sat) 09:00PM

  A third-generation miner has big dreams of re-opening his father's silver mine, but unsafe conditions call for backup.


Body Bizarre(S6):The Teen Who Wants A Voice

2020.05.29(fir) 09:00PM

  Rebecca, 30, from the UK, vomits up to 12 times an hour and has been admitted to hospital 100 times in the last year.


Wheeler Dealers: Dream Car(S1):Toms Dream Delorean

2020.05.28(thr) 09:00PM

  Supremo car dealer Mike Brewer pairs up with a multi-skilled mechanic to take on his toughest mission yet.


Houdini’s Last Secrets(S1):To Catch A Bullet

2020.05.27(wed) 09:00PM

A team of experts re-create the famed trick to uncover how Houdini could have pulled off the feat that killed many of his peers.


Ed Stafford: First Man Out(S2):Ed Vs Hakim Isler

2020.05.26(tue) 09:00PM

Ed goes head to head with ex-PSYOPS marine and real-life ninja, Hakim Isler, in the notorious Zoige Marshes of Sichuan Province.


Abalone Wars(S5):Proving Grounds

2020.05.25(mon) 09:00PM

Twenty eight year old Amanda Bichard has bought her first home but it means she now has a mortgage that needs repaying and if she can't work she makes no money.


Dual Survival(S6):Mosquito Coast

2020.05.24(sun) 09:00PM

Grady and Josh slash their way through the Nicaraguan jungle battling snakes, mosquitoes and dehydration.


Reclaimed(S1):Paydirt Or Bust

2020.05.23(sat) 09:00PM

Alex and Kevin are called to renovate a mine's machine shop for mining to begin generating income.


Body Bizarre(S6):Dad With No Limbs

2020.05.22(fir) 09:00PM

  Alex from England was 33 when he suffered cold symptoms that rapidly led to septicaemia and the amputation of all four limbs and the loss of his lips.


Wheeler Dealers: Dream Car(S1):Jesss Dream Vw Golf ...

2020.05.21(thr) 09:00PM

  Supremo car dealer Mike Brewer pairs up with a multi-skilled mechanic to take on his toughest mission yet.


Houdini’s Last Secrets(S1):The Torture ...

2020.05.20(wed) 09:00PM

  No one knows how Harry Houdini pulled off his death-defying escapes, but a team of experts investigate his water torture illusion to reveal the secrets.


Ed Stafford: First Man Out(S2):Ed Vs Josh James

2020.05.19(tue) 09:00PM

  Ed takes on Josh James, the 'Kiwi bushman', in the Three Parallel Rivers plateau of Yunnan Province. Josh draws on his Maori-heritage to make fire in the mountains.


Abalone Wars(S5):Best Laid Plans

2020.05.18(mon) 09:00PM

  It's a horrendous start to the season for Amanda & Darryl as Amanda damages the boats engine mounts causing thousands of dollars of damage.