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Street Outlaws: Race Night In America(S1):The ...

2023.08.31(thur) 07:10PM

Summer Street racing heats up in Tennessee, Oklahoma and the Northeast.


Cleopatra: Mysteries At The Museum

2023.08.30(wed) 10:50PM

Don Wildman travels to Alexandria, Egypt, in search of the lost tomb of Cleopatra.


Dirty Jobs(S9):Combat Surgeon Iguana Hunter

2023.08.29(tue) 09:55PM

  Mike Rowe trains as a trauma surgeon using hyper-realistic scenarios and specialized equipment to learn under simulated battlefield conditions.


Expedition Unknown(S7):Escaping The Rock

2023.08.28(mon) 09:00PM

  Josh retraces the 1962 Alcatraz escape. New leads take him from San Francisco to Brazil where he finds evidence that re-writes the FBI's version of the story.


Renovation Realities(S16):The Goodman Job

2023.08.27(sun) 04:50PM

  Mary and Greg Goodman just bought their California dream home, but they have run into problems along the way. 


Pool Kings(S4):Canyon Country Playground

2023.08.26(sat) 05:20PM

  A big family on a large property in Santa Clarita, CA, wants to replace their old brick patio and pool with an updated design that is fun for everyone.


House Of Hammer(S1):Love Bomb

2023.08.25(fri) 10:50PM

  Armie Hammer’s lurid DMs prompt several women to make shocking allegations of rape. Those who intimately know the disgraced actor detail his dark behaviour.


Buried Alive In Pompeii: A Mysteries At The Museum ...

2023.08.24(thur) 10:50PM

  Don Wildman travels to Italy to uncover the mysteries surrounding the ancient city of Pompeii.


Expedition Bigfoot(S2):Creepy Hollows

2023.08.23(wed) 10:50PM

  Deep in a Kentucky hollow, Mireya and Ronny encounter several unidentified creatures responding to Bryce's recording of a Bigfoot howl.


Dirty Jobs(S9):Tugboat Fitter / Water Tower ...

2023.08.22(tue) 01:40PM

Mike visits a ship-building community in Coden, Alabama, to learn the ins-and-outs of building a tugboat, from tight spaces to complex algebra.


Secrets Of The Inca

2023.08.21(mon) 03:30PM

Josh Gates treks up the Andes in search of a mythical city of gold and a long-lost mummy.


The Challenger: Battleground(S1):Back From The ...

2023.08.20(sun) 01:40PM

Will the Thor-like muscle man dominate as he did against the biggest name of the competition or will the dangerous KO machine strike again?


Rescue My Renovation(S3):Pain In The Deck

2023.08.19(sat) 03:30PM

  JD rescues a balcony that leaks into the front entrance of a home destroyed by Hurricane Sandy.


Airport 24/7: Miami(S2):Ticking Bag Plot

2023.08.18(fri) 01:40PM

  A bomb-sniffing dog triggers evacuation of the terminal.


Diesel Brothers(S3):Van Damn

2023.08.17(thur) 01:40PM

  In the world of diesel vehicles, Heavy D, Diesel Dave and their crew at DieselSellerz builds the biggest, baddest trucks around.