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Game Of Stones(S1):Landmines

2021.10.28(thur) 08:05PM

  Rare stone hunter Don Kogen and team race to the most dangerous and lawless places in the world in attempt to beat rival buyers to newly uncovered treasures.


Expedition Unknown(S6):The Secret Solved

2021.10.27(wed) 09:55PM

  Breaking news forces Josh Gates to race across the globe.One of the wickedly hard puzzles of The Secret, a case Josh has been chasing for years, might have been solved.


Car Vs Wild(S2):Lava Crater Climb

2021.10.26(tue) 09:55PM

  Join Gary Humphrey and Bill Wu as they attempt to drive their way out of the world's most hostile environments.


Supercar Superbuild(S2):Mini

2021.10.25(mon) 06:15PM

  The Mini Cooper is a British icon, born out of an oil crisis in 1956. Originally designed to be fuel efficient with a maximum length of 10ft, it’s an everyman supercar.


Jonbenet Ramsey: What Really Happened?

2021.10.24(sun) 10:50PM

  For the first time, never before heard audio diaries of legendary detective Lou Smit will reveal captivating insight into America's most notorious cold cases.


Dual Survival(S4):Glacial Downfall

2021.10.23(sat) 11:45PM

  On a glacier and clinging to opposite ends of a rope, Joe and Cody face their most challenging rescue scenario ever.


Expedition Unknown(S6):Chasing The Snake Kings

2021.10.22(fri) 07:10PM

  With a potential new breakthrough in the search for a Snake King tomb, Josh returns to the jungles of Guatemala.


Supercar Superbuild(S2):Porsche 911

2021.10.21(thur) 06:15PM

The legendary 911 has been a source of fascination for generations. The new 911 is a beautiful as it was on day one, but with more power, and less consumption.


Expedition Unknown(S6)

2021.10.20(wed) 07:10PM

Josh Gates sets sail for Florida chasing the long-lost treasure of Jose Gaspar.


Expedition Unknown(S6):Lost Tomb Of The Mummy

2021.10.19(tue) 07:10PM

Josh Gates heads to an active dig site in Egypt, where he joins famous archaeologist Dr. Zahi Hawass on the cusp of an incredible discovery.


Expedition Unknown(S6):The Warrior Queen’s ...

2021.10.18(mon) 07:10PM

Searching across England, Josh Gates unearths a cache of ancient treasure as he chases the legend of Queen Boudica.


Man, Woman, Wild(S1):Mexico

2021.10.17(sun) 07:10PM

  The Hawke’s survival adventure turns deadly serious when Ruth collapses from the broiling heat in the merciless, bone dry Mexican desert.


Border Control: Spain(S1):Episode 2

2021.10.16(sat) 06:40PM

  Ten thousand pineapples arrive at the port of Algeciras. Contraband fails to cross the border. Illegal cargo from Ecuador turns the stomachs of the Civil Guard.


Castro: World’s Most Watched Man

2021.10.15(fri) 09:00PM

  With exclusive access to those who worked for and against him, we uncover the inner workings of the vast spy network that allowed Fidel Castro to remain in power.


Ed Stafford: First Man Out(S1):Palau

2021.10.14(thur) 04:35PM

  Ed Stafford goes up against primitive skills expert Cat Bigney in a race across the stunning but deadly island paradise of Palau in the South Pacific.