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Aaron Needs A Job(S1):Liquid Assets

2019.11.06(Wed) 08:05PM

  Aaron joins the the Army Corps of Engineers, who lay massive concrete mats on the Mississippi River.


Aaron Needs A Job(S1):What’s Old Is New

2019.11.05(Tue) 08:05PM

  In an explosive premiere, Aaron starts his job search by exploring military restoration when he tests a restored Sherman tank.


Aaron Needs A Job(S1):Salvaging Speed

2019.11.04(Mon) 08:05PM

Aaron takes to the skies as he achieves his childhood dream of getting to pilot an F-16 fighter jet.


The Day I Ran China(S1):Episode 7

2019.11.03(Sun) 08:05PM

  The young apprentices undergo intensive training and collaboration with China's leading experts from sunrise sectors so they can all 'Run China for a Day'.


Savage Builds(S1):Nitro Explode-Aganza

2019.11.02(Sat) 08:05PM

  Adam Savage and a demolition expert team up to test one of the most dangerous and explosive substances on the planet, and cutting-edge science.


Fish Or Die(S1):Don’t Lose Your Head

2019.11.01(Fri) 08:05PM

  The Mahseer has been fished almost to extinction. Its last stronghold may be in the jungles of Borneo, an area controlled by the headhunting Dayak people.


Fish Or Die(S1):Lair Of The River Wolf

2019.10.31(Thr) 08:05PM

  On this episode of How It's Made, find out how Stagecoaches, Road Reflectors, Fire Baked Potery, and Custom Motorcycle Tanks are made.


Fish Or Die(S1):The Four Norsemen

2019.10.30(Wed) 08:05PM

  On this episode of How It's Made, find out how Nail Nippers, Jade Putters, Ice Cider, and Water Skis are made.


Fish Or Die(S1):Eye Of The Tigerfish

2019.10.29(Tue) 08:05PM

  How do they make baklava, the favourite sweet of the Ottomans? How do they fly a gyroplane, James Bond’s getaway vehicle of choice?


Fish Or Die(S1):Welcome To The Jungle

2019.10.28(Mon) 08:05PM

  Frontier Borneo is a breath-taking, action-packed journey into the people and wildlife that make Borneo one of the most remarkable places on the planet.


Legends Of The Lost With Megan ...

2019.10.27(Sun) 10:50PM

Harley's launcher snaps at the worst possible moment, and a short circuit cuts power to the Wizard's forward lights.


Gold Rush: Dave Turin’s Lost Mine(S1):Dozer ...

2019.10.26(Sat) 09:00PM

  Dave and Cody tackle a lost hiker scenario in the sweltering jungles of Laos, bushwhacking their way through dense terrain to reach a wide river.


Body Cam(S1):Episode 5

2019.10.25(Fri) 08:05PM

  The world’s favourite pop-science show returns for another globetrotting, fact-packed season. Compelling stories, beautifully crafted shows and addictive viewing.


Body Cam(S1):Disorderly Conduct

2019.10.24(Thr) 08:05PM

  On this episode of How it's Made: Navajo Rugs; Crude Oil; Kaleidoscopes; Titanium Dental Implants


Body Cam(S1):Cover Me

2019.10.23(Wed) 08:05PM

  On this episode of How it's Made: Tasers; Canned Soup; Jaw Harps & Mouth Bows; Diving Boards