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Deadliest Catch(S15):Hell Hath No Fury

2022.04.02(sat) 04:35PM

The wrath of Arctic Storm Elsa hits the Cornelia hardest as a breakaway pot thrashes Josh and Casey's crew.


Super Systems(S2):The Subway Of The Future

2022.04.01(fri) 04:35PM

  Everyday in Seoul, South Korea, 7 million people travel on the world’s most advanced underground rail networks.


Iron Resurrection(S2):Silver Stallion

2022.03.31(thur) 09:50PM

  MBCs' latest client loves her trucks, particularly the 1950 Chevy. But with a list of cusomizations the size of Texas, this build is going to seriously test Joe.


American Chopper(S2):Yanks For The Memories

2022.03.30(wed) 07:20PM

  Senior and the OCC guys build a military-themed bike to be auctioned off to benefit families of fallen soldiers. Senior and Junior complete assembly of the Yankees bike.


How It’s Made: Dream Cars(S3):Rolls-Royce ...

2022.03.29(tue) 09:25PM

  Picture your dream car: it probably looks like a Audi S8. Have you ever wondered just how that machine was made?


Garage Squad(S7):Rocking The Suburb

2022.03.28(mon) 09:00PM

  A rough-and-tumble gig car gets a second act.


Speed Is The New Black(S1):Who’s The Boss?

2022.03.27(sun) 04:00PM

Noah has his hands full modifying a 1957 Chevy Bel Air for a married couple with two separate visions. And a mystery client that they've never met has high demands.


Garage Squad(S2):A Camaro Fit For A Wedding

2022.03.26(sat) 06:55PM

  It's crunch time for the crew as they struggle to transform a 1972 Camaro into a wedding dream carriage.


Iron Resurrection(S1):Triple Black Cadillac

2022.03.25(fri) 03:10PM

  A black Cadillac, ‘64 Coupe De Ville Convertible fires up Joe’s imagination. New stance, wide wheels and a killer paint job could bring customers running.


Garage Squad(S2):Corvette Calamity

2022.03.24(thur) 06:55PM

  A 1969 Corvette causes new headaches with every turn of the wrench.


Garage Squad(S2):Hot Rod Ford

2022.03.23(wed) 06:55PM

  A 1934 Ford gets a drag race makeover.


How It’s Made: Dream Cars(S3):Ariel Atom 3s

2022.03.22(tue) 09:25PM

  Picture your dream car: it probably looks like a Ariel Atom 3S. Have you ever wondered just how that machine was made?


Unique Rides(S2):Khaled’s Key Edition

2022.03.21(mon) 10:40PM

  When DJ Khaled asks to meet Will on a corner in New York City, Will knows it's gotta be big. He wants to take a brand new Jeep Wrangler & make it the most unique ride!


Iron Resurrection(S3):Flaming ’56

2022.03.20(sun) 09:50PM

Return customer, Lee Farris comes to Martin Bros with a real gem, a 1956 Chevy Bel Air. This was Lee's first car and he wants to bring it back to life.


Fast N’ Loud: Demolition Theater(S1):The ...

2022.03.19(sat) 02:20PM

  A backyard stunt artist goes through a wall of fire. It’s the worst day ever for unicyclist on a spiked fence and a bull turns his trainer into a rag doll.