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Dual Survival(S4):End Of The Road

2021.08.03(tue) 09:00PM

  Stranded deep in the jungle of Vietnam, Joe and Matt take on a real world survival scenario in untamed terrain.


Deadliest Catch(S16):Rogue Wave Juggernaut

2021.08.02(mon) 07:10PM

  A rare weather event churns up rogue waves as supermoon tides collide with a cyclonic snowstorm.


The Day I Ran China(S2):Episode 7

2021.08.01(sun) 08:05PM

In this series, in every episode, the young apprentices undergo intensive training and collaboration with China's leading experts from sunrise sectors.


Undercover Billionaire(S1):Take The Bull By The ...

2021.07.31(sat) 09:00PM

  To fund his new company, Glenn gambles all the money he's earned so far on his biggest money-making scheme yet, but a major roadblock threatens to shut it all down.


Finding Escobar’s Millions(S2):Bring In The ...

2021.07.30(fri) 08:05PM

  Exploring creative opportunities for investigative series following Doug & Ben as they use their unique skills set to investigate a new story in a new location.


Wheeler Dealers(S16):This Horse Needs To Be Put ...

2021.07.29(thur) 09:00PM

  Mike decides to pay it forward and help out a young member of the team by fixing up his 4-liter V6 2007 Mustang.


Cooper’s Treasure(S1):Secrets Of The Hunt

2021.07.28(wed) 08:05PM

  Columbus' anchor. A treasure map from space. Dive below the surface and learn the secrets behind the hunt.


Dual Survival(S4):On The Edge

2021.07.27(tue) 09:00PM

  Lost on a perilous ridgeline at 15,000 feet above sea level, Joe and Matt are forced to descend slippery cliffs through extreme weather conditions.


Gold Rush(S11):Growing Pains

2021.07.26(mon) 10:50PM

  When mechanic Carl is forced to leave the claim for an emergency surgery, Rick's team bands together to stay on the gold.


The Day I Ran China(S2):Battle Of The Guitar Bands

2021.07.25(sun) 08:05PM

In their 6th week on the road, the remaining 6 apprentices have followed their ears to "Guitar City", in Guizhou's Zheng'an County.


Undercover Billionaire(S1):Start Up Or Die Trying

2021.07.24(sat) 09:00PM

  Glenn Stearns hits a breaking point that sends him to the hospital and threatens to shut down his mission to identify a new business.


NASA’s Unexplained Files(S1):Mystery Space ...

2021.07.23(fri) 08:05PM

  Using the testimony of astronauts and real NASA mission footage, we discover the genuine mysteries raised by cutting edge space missions.


Wheeler Dealers(S16):Datsun Is Shining

2021.07.22(thur) 09:00PM

  Mike and Ant finally get their hands on the greatest British sports cars never to have been built in Britain, a 1969 Datsun Roadster.


Cooper’s Treasure(S2):Striking Gold

2021.07.21(wed) 08:05PM

  Leading to one of the richest finds in Darrell's career, the team discovers ornate artifacts that indicate the location of a 16th century captain's quarters.


Dual Survival(S4):Mayan Mayhem

2021.07.20(tue) 09:00PM

  Trapped in a labyrinth of underground tunnels, Joe and Matt facedown darkness and risk drowning only to emerge on surface and find an inhospitable jungle.