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Murder By Numbers(S2):Rampage

2019.07.05(fir) 10:50PM

  A series of murders in California bear eerie similarities, but police have trouble connecting them — that is until unique ballistics and mysterious surveillance.


How It’s Made(S16):Table Tennis Tables, ...

2019.07.04(thr) 01:15PM

  Find out how table tennis tables, plastic model kits, and light microscopes are made.


Expedition Unknown(S5):Legend Of The Crystal Skull

2019.07.03(wed) 02:05PM

  Josh Gates takes on Central America's jungles to investigate the legendary crystal skull discovered by a renowned adventurer who was the inspiration for Indiana Jones.


Gold Rush: White Water(S2):The Dakotas Strike Back

2019.07.02(tue) 01:15PM

  The Dakota Boys double down on everything including crew, locations, and equipment, while the remote Alaska conditions punish their efforts like never before.


American Chopper(S2):Road Warrior

2019.07.01(mon) 08:05PM

Senior takes a risk by starting a Spartan Race-inspired build before meeting the client, then has to change course to accommodate his requests.


Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown(S11):Uruguay

2019.06.30(sun) 09:55PM

  Bourdain returns to Uruguay and finds a progressive nation in the midst of social change, but with evident fragments, most notably in its local cuisine.


Survive That!(S1):Episode 4

2019.06.29(sat) 07:10PM

  Jake is ambushed and dumped atop a volcano in Iceland. Jake could lose more than the game when he makes a near-fatal error in the land of fire and ice.


Bangkok Hooker(S1):Episode 1

2019.06.28(fir) 08:05PM

  Follow our funky charismatic proactive Thai fishing host Oz and explore the world of fishing.


Worst Vacation Ever(S1):Thailand

2019.06.27(thr) 08:05PM

  KC and Troy challenge Oz, aka the Bangkok Hooker, in a Muay Thai boxing match, and prepare for it by drinking snake venom. 


You Have Been Warned Asia(S1):Asia’s Got ...

2019.06.26(wed) 08:30PM

  If talent is God given, these people are all atheists. Watch these "skilled" individuals try to wow and impress with their audition tapes.


River Monsters(S8):Deep Sea Demon

2019.06.25(tue) 09:55PM

  Extreme angler and underwater detective Jeremy Wade goes in search of the real creature behind the enduring legend of the sea serpent?


Pacific Warriors(S1):Episode 4

2019.06.24(mon) 09:55PM

Adam and Jason brave Kauai's rough seas to reach 40 Fathom Hook. Over on Oahu's West Side the competition heats up. Isaac teams up with Kimi to hunt Mahi Mahi.


River Monsters(S8):Devil Of The Deep

2019.06.23(sun) 07:10PM

When badly beaten corpses wash up on a Mexican beach the usual suspects are under suspicion.


Legend Of Croc Gold(S1):Man Down

2019.06.22(sat) 09:55PM

  Tension among the crew grows after a rash move by Farley leaves him broken and bedridden.


Kindig Customs(S5):The Hummer Of The Future

2019.06.21(fir) 08:05PM

  A new client asks Dave to envision a future where the Hummer H2 continued to be produced and to build what he thinks that car might look like 20 years into the future.