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Getaway Driver(S1):Rage Against The Machine

2023.01.19(thur) 09:00PM

History is made at the compound when one getaway driver takes the pursuers on the longest run ever.


Global Game Show: Without Borders

2023.01.18(wed) 09:00PM

  Josh Gates channels his inner game show host as he quizzes his fellow travelers across the globe.


Bear Grylls: Escape From Hell(S1):Desert

2023.01.17(tue) 09:00PM

  Bear Grylls heads to Morocco's searing Sahara Desert to explore grippling survival stories in this hostile, unforgiving terrain.


Rescue My Renovation(S3):Out Of Sight Out Of Mind

2023.01.16(mon) 07:35PM

  John DeSilvia helps a family rediscover dreams of a forgotten basement bathroom.


Mummies Unwrapped(S1):Stolen Fortune Of The Pirate ...

2023.01.15(sun) 09:55PM

  A mummy recovered at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean has led treasure hunters to $120 million in gold and jewels stolen by an infamous pirate.


Building Off The Grid(S3):Building Off The Grid: ...

2023.01.14(sat) 11:45PM

  A couple of pro builders construct an upcycled off-grid homestead with catamaran style and a luxury yacht aesthetic deep in the sprawling South Carolina islands.


Expedition Unknown(S3)

2023.01.13(fri) 10:50PM

Josh Gates travels to Hungary to join three separate archaeological teams looking for the lost tomb of Attila the Hun.


Wheeler Dealers: Dream Car(S2):Aarons AUDI Q7

2023.01.12(thur) 09:55PM

Car dealer supremo Mike Brewer and mechanic Marc ‘Elvis’ Priestley help petrolheads trade up their unwanted vehicles to get them the car of their dreams.


Pool Kings(S3):Champagne Spa Wishes And ...

2023.01.11(wed) 11:45PM

  Grandparents Joe and Beth want to add a dream pool to their forever home so they can host more family events.


Ed Stafford: First Man Out(S3):Amazon

2023.01.10(tue) 09:55PM

  Former US Marine intelligence officer and primitive skills expert, Donny Dust, joins Ed Stafford in a race across the wild and unforgiving Amazon jungle.


Gold Rush: Dave Turin’s Lost Mine(S4)

2023.01.09(mon) 09:55PM

Dave brings his high-tech wash plant The Roach into the fight to increase production. But the crew faces two new dangerous foes: flood and mud.


Mummies Unwrapped(S1):Human Sacrifice In The Sky

2023.01.08(sun) 09:55PM

  Ramy Romany runs down leads to find out why these children trekked more than 1,000 miles to their tragic demise.


Expedition Unknown: Megalodon(S1):Expedition ...

2023.01.07(sat) 09:00PM

  Josh Gates, along with fellow palaeontologists and shark experts, dives into the shark-infested waters of Mexico and South Africa to unravel the mystery of the megalodon.


Expedition Unknown(S7):America’s Titanic

1970.01.01(thur) 12:00AM

  Josh dives the Atlantic in search of millions in lost coins sunk with America's Titanic.


Gold Rush: White Water(S5):Boiling Point

2023.01.05(thur) 08:05PM

  Fred celebrates his 78th birthday by diving for gold. Kayla's crew is on a hot streak, but their luck runs out as tensions between crew members reach a boiling point.