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Tesla’s Death Ray: A Murder ...

today 09:00PM

As the team investigates Nikola Tesla's suspicious death, they pursue leads to the CIA and FBI in search of his missing notes. Will the Death Ray prototype work?


Gold Rush: White Water(S4):Fistful Of Nuggets

2022.01.20(thur) 08:05PM

Dustin's gamble of investing his life savings into these claims is pays off after Carlos removes a monster boulder and finds chunky nuggets.


Ninja Sharks 2: Mutants Rising

2022.01.19(wed) 08:05PM

In the icy waters of Alaska, off populated beaches of New York and lurking in ghostly shipwrecks off the coast of North Carolina, scientists have discovered three sharks.


Man Vs. Wild(S6):Red Rock Country

2022.01.18(tue) 08:05PM

Bear Grylls is in red rock country – southern Utah. Armed only with a lasso he descends a rock pinnacle and gets trapped in a narrow gorge.


Gold Rush: White Water(S4):Rookie Mistakes

2022.01.17(mon) 10:50PM

On a gold streak, Dustin dives deeper than ever and uncovers the largest obstacle of his career.


American Chopper(S2):Senior’s Moment

2022.01.16(sun) 09:00PM

Senior goes back to his roots, designing a throwback brand of affordable motorcycles, to sell out of the OCC Showroom.


Expedition Unknown(S5):Ghost Ship Of The Great ...

2022.01.15(sat) 08:05PM

Josh Gates tackles an enduring maritime mystery, the first ship to be lost in the Great Lakes, The Griffon.


Tesla’s Death Ray: A Murder Declassified(S1):In ...

2022.01.14(fri) 09:00PM

  The investigation of Tesla's suspicious death and missing documents continues. The team travels to Serbia and found never before seen documents drawn by Tesla himself.


Gold Rush: White Water(S4):Enter The Mammoth Claw

2022.01.13(thur) 08:05PM

  Dustin's crew is finally down to virgin ground but discovers their equipment is no match for the giant boulders at Rockfall Ravine.


Air Jaws: Going For Gold

2022.01.12(wed) 08:05PM

The Air Jaws team returns to Seal Rock to capture the highest breach ever recorded. Rocket Shark holds the record at a 15-feet.


Man Vs. Wild(S6):Iceland Fire And Ice

2022.01.11(tue) 08:05PM

Bear Grylls is no stranger to extremes–he served in the British Special Forces and successfully climbed Everest .


Deadliest Catch(S17):Russian Dragger

2022.01.10(mon) 06:15PM

When Mandy devises a plan for partnering, Sig must rethink his own hard-won tactics.


American Chopper(S2):Teutel Recall

2022.01.09(sun) 09:00PM

The OCC team builds a vintage military style bike with sidecar to benefit a foundation for wounded veterans.


Expedition Unknown(S5):The Hunt For The Golden Owl

2022.01.08(sat) 08:05PM

  Josh Gates stalks prey that has eluded capture for 25 years, the Golden Owl.


Border Control: Spain(S2):Episode 11

2022.01.07(fri) 08:05PM

    Follows the interventions of the Security and Customs Services at the borders of Spain who are under the constant threat from drugs, weapons, and suspected terrorists.