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Bering Sea Gold(S11):Winds Of Misfortune

2023.09.30(sat) 10:50PM

  A series of questionable calls by Kris brings the Mistress to her breaking point. Mr. Gold takes a huge gamble by mining Cooper Gulch.


The Price Of Glee(S1):When The Music Stops

2023.09.29(fri) 10:50PM

    Misfortune plagues the legacy of Glee, leaving cast and crew wondering whether their hit show is cursed or if misery is the cost of success.


How It’s Made: Dream Cars(S2):Tesla Model S

2023.09.28(thur) 10:20PM

Your dream car probably looks like a Tesla Model S. Join the How It's Made crew as they go to its birthplace, revealing the inner workings and gorgeous exterior.


Expedition Bigfoot(S2):The Quest Out West

2023.09.27(wed) 10:50PM

  The team's algorithm takes them to Washington state, the Bigfoot capital of the world.


Dirty Jobs(S9):Baghouse Cleanerbiochar Maker

2023.09.26(tue) 06:15PM

Mike cleans an asphalt filtration system in North Carolina. In Colorado, he gets his dirtiest yet, as he pyrolyzes wood into fertiliser.


Dirty Jobs(S9):Caviar Harvesterspice Maker

2023.09.25(mon) 06:15PM

Mike Rowe shows us where our food comes from, harvesting caviar from the muddy Mississippi River. Later, Mike brings his parents to work.


Bering Sea Gold(S11):This Means War

2023.09.24(sun) 06:15PM

Two monster dredges duke it out on the Bering Sea as a war brews between Shawn and Kris. Vernon's diver bleeds on his ascent. Emily deals with mechanical difficulties.


Building Off The Grid(S5):Most Epic

2023.09.23(sat) 05:20PM

  Brave builders refuse to set limits on their inventive off-the-grid builds. The epic results include a sustainable bamboo oasis and an underground retreat.


Gold Rush: White Water(S4):Swallowed Up

2023.09.22(fri) 05:20PM

  Carlos, Dustin and James battle the fastest and most violent rapids they've ever dove in.


Diesel Brothers(S3):Diesel Domination

2023.09.21(thur) 05:20PM

  In the world of diesel vehicles, Heavy D, Diesel Dave and their crew at DieselSellerz builds the biggest, baddest trucks around.


Treehouse Masters(S6):A Treehouse Fit For A Viking

2023.09.20(wed) 04:25PM

  Pete takes on his first international treehouse in breathtaking Norway.


Man Vs Wild With Bear Grylls and PM Modi

2023.09.19(tue) 04:25PM

  Bear Grylls goes into the Indian Jungles to learn more about what India is doing to protect its vast natural resources and to share some tips on surviving in the wild.


Deadliest Catch: The Viking Returns(S1):Kings Vs ...

2023.09.18(mon) 08:05PM

  Whilst fishing for crab, Sig discovers a surprise in his gear. Later, he entrusts the 193-foot Stalbas to Jake while he and Mandy pursue a new species.


Gold Rush (S7):Mega Barge & Kid Commando

2023.09.17(sun) 11:45PM

Todd Hoffman digs deeper than ever in a desperate search for gold.


Bering Sea Gold(S11):The Empires Strike Back

2023.09.16(sat) 10:50PM

  Mining empires expand and clash in an epic battle to dominate Nome. Mr. Gold has a plan to yield 3000 ounces.