FYI - Hot Programs


Legendary Restaurants

2017.10.05(Thr) 09:00PM

  Michael goes to restaurants that have revolutionised the food world. His first stop is Peter Luger, an NYC steakhouse that has used a true recipe for its meat for over 100 years.


Flipping Vegas

2017.10.04(Wed) 09:50PM

  Scott buys a house that was home to over a dozen tenants who kept the house in such poor condition that some of its peskier inhabitants still remain.


Masterchef New Zealand

2017.10.02(Mon) 07:00PM

The Top 11 MasterChef contestants visit Kauri Cliffs resort in Northland for a MasterClass with executive chef Dale Gartland and MasterChef judges Josh Emett and Simon Gault.


Tiny House Nation

2017.10.01(Sun) 07:00PM

Zack and John help a couple, Mark and Nicole, build a tiny home in Texas that brings them closer to their kith and kin and delights their beloved dog Oliver too.


Seven Year Switch Australia

2017.09.30(Sat) 09:55PM

  Couples in Australia whose marriages are crumbling due to myriad reasons endeavour to restore their unions by residing with a stranger for two weeks as part of an experimental marriage.


Fit To Fat To Fit

2017.09.29(Fri) 08:55PM

  Trainer Katie's obsession with health and fitness contrasts Chef Mateo's love for food. He wants to lose weight so he can have the energy to keep up with his restaurant and his younger bride to be.



2017.09.21(Thr) 09:30PM

  Chef Joel partners up with Mark Bitterman, an author, in Portland, Oregon. They cook up a delicious feast using spent coffee, an entire leek, mushroom stems and rejected pears.